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Welcome back to school after what I hope has been a lovely summer break!

We are so excited to have you back and we have a very interesting half term ahead, starting with 'Walk Like An Egyptian'.

Be ready for some mummifying magic, feisty Pharoahs and gracious Gods.


SpiderGirl in action!

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Recorder Practise!

Recorder Practise! 1
Recorder Practise! 2
Recorder Practise! 3
Recorder Practise! 4
We have been learning how to hold our recorders and play the note 'b'. We have also been learning to play Biker Ben - a tuneful song about a very adventurous boy who loves to pull wheelies on his bike. Take a look at the video below.

Biker Ben....

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Mummifying - the gruesome truth

Mummifying - the gruesome truth 1
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 2
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 3
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 4
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 5
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 6
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 7
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 8
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 9
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 10
Mummifying - the gruesome truth 11

Well, mumification was a hit! The children loved the gruesome tales of the famous Egyptians being mummified. We had some fun acting out the mummification process with our very own 'mummy' and 'embalmers'. 

From washing the body with wine and Nile water to removing 'useless' organs, saving precious organs, packing the body with natron salt and spices, plants and rags to mummifying in bandages. Can you identify the stages the children have acted out?

Baby Shark - comparing numbers

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Compaing numbers with the baby shark dance - what fun! We used the actions to say whether the numbers were more or less than their buddy.

Street dance

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Check out our KB bounce, KB hop and freestyle moves. Flawless!!

Place Value

Place Value 1
Place Value 2
Place Value 3
Place Value 4
Place Value 5
Place Value 6
Place Value 7
Place Value 8
Place Value 9
Place Value 10
Place Value 11
Place Value 12
Place Value 13
Place Value 14
Today, we worked in teams to identify the place value of 3 digit numbers. Look at those concentration faces!

Maths fun!

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Place value is great fun! We've been practising adding 10 and 100 by playing a game. We had 2 minutes to try and make a bigger number than our partners.

Egyptian Dancing

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In P.E. we have been having fun experimenting with movements in the style of the Ancient Egyptians. This is now our warm up dance to get us grooving at the start of our lessons. What do you think?

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Year 3 Spelling Challenge