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Autumn 1 Newletter

Electric Board Games

This week, the children have been using their knowledge of electricity and electrical circuits to make their own games. The children worked really hard at this and produced some fantastic board games, well done everyone! smiley

Circuits Investigation

The children were given a limited amount of resources and they had to make a bulb light and investigate a variety of circuits. They identified what happened in a series and parallel circuit and why some of their bulbs were not lighting up.

Trip to Heysham Power Station

On Wednesday 24th January 2018, 4M went on a trip to Heysham Power Station. The children learned how electricity is generated and distributed.

In the morning, we spent the time in the Visitors' Centre doing a number of activities. After an early lunch, we had a tour of Heysham 2. The children were fascinated and all and an excellent time! smiley


On Thursday 18th January 2018, Mr. Whyte from Northwest Electricity came in to talk about a number of topics. He explained what electricity is and how it is generated and distributed. We had a great time experimenting with conductors and insulators as well as acting like electrons!

Poetry Week

To kick-off our Poetry Week, we a had a visit from a poet, Andy Tooze, to get the children all excited about the week ahead. He worked with the children to create their own poems about friendship. Following this, we recited a famous poem called, 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough which can be found in the Torrisholme TV section of the website. We then went on to taste some foods in order to create our own poem called, 'The Taste Collector'. Check out the photos below.

Welcome Back

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and are well rested and ready to go for our exciting new topic this half-term. We are kicking off the half-term with an amazing week of poetry and our new topic is Electrifying! We will be posting some fantastic photos and videos of both Poetry Week and our new topic on this page so you can keep up-to-date with what's going on. smiley  


On Friday 15th December, parents were invited in to watch the mini-movies that the children had made during their ICT sessions. The children's mini-movies have been uploaded to the 'Torrisholme TV' section of the school website for you all to enjoy again. They were all fantastic! smiley

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Christmas Fair

This year we will be selling Jingle Jars filled with sweets. The cost of these hand-decorated jars will be £1.50. Thank you to all who supplied the jars and sweets. See you tomorrow afternoon.

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Reading with Year 1

4M have paired up with class 1B to share their books and reading. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to enjoy their reading together. Everyone loved it and we hope to be doing this on a weekly basis. smiley

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RE Day


On Monday 6th November, we had a whole day dedicated to RE and in particular, Christianity. Year 4's focus was all about how art and literature are displayed in different churches.

To start the day off, we had a fantastic visitor, Sarah Dodd from NISCU, come in to talk about how language is used in stories to show different moods and feelings. She told us the story 'Sailing Through the Storm' and asked the children how the language made them feel.

After this, we went and visited two churches, Torrisholme Methodist Church and the Church of the Ascension, to see what similarities and differences they had in terms of how art and literature are displayed and their meaning. The children had a fascinating day and gave them lots to think about.

We are back!

I hope you have all had a fantastic half-term and are all ready for our next exciting new topic: Lights, Camera, Action!

During this half-term, we will be mainly focusing on Science and in particular, Light and Sound. We have some amazing experiments to carry out and I'm sure the children will love them. We will also have our School Production during this half-term and more details of this will follow soon. Please come and visit this page to have a look at all the fantastic things the children are doing in school. smiley

DT Products

On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th of October, the children of 4M had to design, plan, construct and evaluate a product to be able to transport things across the North Sea. The children came up with their own design and were restricted to a limited number of materials. Each and every product was completely different and all were built to an amazing standard with little input. Well done everyone! smiley

Battle of Ragnarok

On Friday 13th of October, Year 4 re-enacted the Battle of Ragnarok. This was a battle between the Viking gods and the giants which they believed would end the known world. The children really got into character of the various gods and giants and had an epic battle. Have a look at the photos below.

Climbing Wall

On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th of October, 4M went to Morecambe High School and took on their climbing wall as part of our adventure days. It was quite challenging but everyone gave it their best effort to reach the top. Some faced their fears and really challenged themselves and this was great to see. Well done 4M! smiley

Visit from the Viking Man

On Tuesday 19th September 2017, Year 4 had a very special visitor. The Viking Man came to our class and taught the children many facts about the Vikings. Did you know that the Vikings used tree bark to make their bread? He had many artifacts to show the children and brought the whole Viking experience to life.

In the afternoon, the children went to the Scout Hut and took part in many Viking activities such as weaving, making Viking coins and playing Viking games. It really was a fantastic day.

Team-Building Activities 

The children have had an amazing first week back at school. During this time, Year 4 have been taking part in a number of exciting team-building challenges. These activities included; Building the tallest tower using only spaghetti, art straws and sellotape, problem solving activities and a trip around the local area to answer as many questions as possible using our observational skills. All the children worked fantastically as a team and really built up their relationships with each other. 


smileyWelcome to Year 4M!smiley

I hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are all ready and raring to go in Year 4! My name is Mr. McAnespy and I will be your teacher here in Year 4. We also have the wonderful Mrs. Turnbull, Mrs. Marriott, Miss Hall and Miss Thomas working with us as one big team.

We have a fun packed half term ahead of us and our first topic is going to be all about the Vikings. We can't wait to get started!

Year 4 - Mrs Price's Spelling Challenge