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​Hello and welcome to Year One and the Class page for 1S. I am Mrs Scholey and I am thrilled to be introducing myself as your class teacher for this year; ably assisted by the fantastic Mrs Thistlethwaite. 
On Thursday mornings Class 1S will be taught by Señora Pitcher.
We have lots of interesting topics and learning activities planned for the coming year and we are very much looking forward to getting to know you and your families, as we learn and have fun together.

Beside the Seaside - Summer 2 Newsletter

Goodbye 1S

It's our final week together in 1S - time certainly flies when you're having fun!

Here's a round up of the half term for you to enjoy.


Design and create a boat that floats!

Jurassic World - Summer 1 Newsletter

Use a simple running stitch to create a felt finger puppet.

Give directions - forwards, backwards, left and right.

A day at the seaside

The blindfolded challenge - use positional and directional language to guide a team member safely around a course.

Our topic this half term is ‘Jurassic World.’ Subjects are taught in the topic using a cross curricular approach. We are going to be learning about dinosaurs from different periods. We will learn different dinosaur characteristics and sort them into different categories. We will learn what dinosaurs ate and to use the correct terms to describe their diets e.g. herbivore and carnivore. The children will create their own dinosaurs and create descriptions to describe their appearance. In art we are going to paint our own dinosaurs and create 3D dinosaur habitats. We will have a whole year excavation looking for dinosaur bones and fossils and will create our own clay fossils.

Dinosaur Dig

Yesterday we made an amazing discovery!

After receiving a very interesting letter from our friend Archie the Archaeologist about the possibility of dinosaurs having roamed the grounds where our school now sits, we were set the task of excavating the area under the trees in Bramble Corner.

We unearthed a large collection of dinosaur bones and fossilised dinosaur eggs! It was such an exciting afternoon.


This week in topic we have been investigating different habitats and finding out about the plants and animals that live there.

Dinosaur Habitats

On Wednesday, we took a step back in time and used our fact finding skills to research different habitats in the time of the dinosaurs. We then went on to create our own dinosaur habitats. We used a whole range of design and technology skills; cutting, folding, tearing, joining, making hinges and combining natural and man-made materials. We also incorporated 3D shapes into our habitats - using pyramids and cones for volcanoes and mountains and cylinders for trees.

Measuring Volume

We have been using standard units (millilitres) to measure given amounts of liquid. We worked hard to pour carefully and measure accurately, using the scales on the measuring cups. Some of us were able to use our knowledge of counting in tens, fives, twos and even twenties to help us interpret and read different measuring scales. 

Fossil Art

Today we have created the most amazing line drawings of fossils. We used our close observational skills to investigate the different shapes and patterns on the fossils. We then used different thicknesses of pencils and charcoal to create strong lines, shadows and shading to bring our pencil drawings to life.

Volume & Capacity

Our focus in Maths this week is volume and capacity. Today we have been showing our understanding of volume by labelling bottles of water with the words; full, empty, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and less than half full. We have also been investigating the volume and capacity of different containers using non-standard and standard units. We now know that litres and millimetres are used to measure volume and capacity.


In Maths this week we have been creating and interpreting block graphs. On Monday we worked as a class to create a large scale block graph from sticky labels and on Tuesday we used unifix to create smaller graphs about dinosaurs. We have been using mathematical language when asking and answering questions i.e. fewest, most, least, equal to and we have been using block graphs to help us solve problems.  

Dinosaur, Dinosaur

In Literacy this week we have been reading, writing and reciting dinosaur poems. Today, the children worked hard to learn a poem by heart and put together a performance.

Spring Has Sprung Newsletter - Spring 2

Spring has Sprung


Well, Spring has certainly sprung in class 1S. The children have been enjoying lots of opportunities to get out and about; exploring the school grounds, hunting for mini-beasts, searching for signs of Spring and identifying evergreen and deciduous trees.

The children have learnt how to identify the different parts of a plant and they have investigated germination. The children have also sown cress seeds - observing and recording their growth overtime.

In art the children have used water colours to create observational paintings of daffodils.

Position and Direction

This week in Maths we have been learning and using positional and directional language. Here we are practising making full, half, quarter and three-quarter turns.

Mini-beast Hunting

We're going on a Tree Hunt!

Welcome to History Week

Class 1S started our castle themed history week in style with a visit to Hoghton Tower. Although not officially a castle, this fortified mansion house has many castle features and holds a rich history full of Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies. The children enjoyed exploring the house, learning about some of its history and listening to stories about the people who lived and worked there. All of the children (and adults!) braved a trip down into the dungeons and some of the children were also lucky enough to be knighted! What a great day!

Knights and Ladies

The Knighting Cermony in the Great Hall

To Infinity and Beyond - Spring 1 Newsletter

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...it's time to blast off into space!

This half term the children will be learning about space and our solar system.  We will be squeezing as much as we can into the next 4 weeks including; creating solar system mobiles, writing mnemonics (to help us remember the order of the planets), developing tongue twisters and rhyming couplets and researching the history of space travel.

This week we have been creating our own space fact files and learning how to use grams to measure the mass of moon rocks and space dust.

Paper Space Rockets

This week in Science we have been learning about forces. We made paper space rockets so that we could investigate 'push' force. First, we had to follow the step-by-step instructions for making a rocket, which meant we had to be super listeners! We then tweaked the designs of our rockets and investigated the amount of 'push' needed to make them fly. Finally we took our finished rockets outside and used metre sticks to measure the distance of their flights.


1. Fold paper in half.
2. Fold the top corners into the centre.
3. Fold the paper in half again.
4. Fold one of  the wings down.
5. Fold the other wing down.
6. Unfold the wings.
7. Your space rocket is ready to fly!

Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

Still image for this video
An original re-tell by Class 1S.

Measuring mass in Maths!

Book week

What a fantastic week! We chose George's Marvellous Medicine as our focus Roald Dahl text and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Gorge's exploits. We have been using drama techniques such as, 'role on the wall' and 'conscience alley' to help us think about the characters of George and his grouchy old grunion of a Grandma and we have enjoyed role playing scenes from the story.

We created our own 'Marvellous Medicine' bottles and really enjoyed stirring up our own marvellous brews!

During circle-time we discussed medicine safety and I'm pleased to say all the children displayed a very mature and sensible understanding of this important safety theme.

We also enjoyed a story snack where we were told about the tale of 'The Enormous Crocodile' and we loved sharing our reading books with our buddies in class 5S.  

Wish You Were Here - Autumn 2

Our topic for this half term is 'Wish you were here'. Our class teddy, Gold Bear, has embarked on a whistle stop 'around the world' tour. He is planning to visit all seven continents and will be crossing five oceans. Gold Bear has promised to send us a postcard from each destination and each week we will be using these as a starting point for our learning.

As part of this topic we have organised a visit to the Runway visitor centre at Manchester Airport.

He's back!!

Gold Bear is back from his around the world adventures. Here he is spending time with Father Christmas in the North Pole.


Around the World Market

​A huge thank you to all the family and friends who were able to join us at our 'Around the World' market this morning. It was fantastic for the children to have an opportunity to share their learning with others; they were all really proud of their achievements.

We enjoyed trying out our Bee Bot worlds and using the Bee Bot App on the iPads.

Coming to a Christmas Fair near you...

​...the Penguin 'hot chocolate' cup!

​These cute little treats have been lovingly created by 1S and will be looking for a home this Christmas. Be sure to visit class 1S early so that you can take one of these sweet treats home.

How to make a Penguin hot chocolate cup.

Year 1 visit to the Runway Visitor Centre, Manchester

What a fantastic experience! We visited the cabin and flight deck of a real aeroplane, stood on the mound and observed lots of different aircraft taking off and landing in the airport and saw Concorde!

Where in the world is Gold Bear?

Hello from Antarctica.
Hello from China.
Hello from America
Hello from Australia

Aboriginal style art

This week Gold Bear has been visiting Australia. As well as learning lots of facts about the history, geography and culture of this continent we have also been inspired to create our own pieces of Aboriginal art. Using paint and cotton buds we were able to re-create some amazing geometric designs and will be going on to use these in the creation of our very own didgeridoos!!!


This week in Maths we have been looking at fractions. We have been investigating fractions of shapes and we have been making paper pizzas in our quest to understand how to half different amounts.

Money, money, money!

This week in Maths we are learning all about money. We will start the week by learning how to recognise and know the value of different coins and notes before moving onto solving money based problems. Today we have been matching coins to their values as well as sequencing different combinations of coins according to their values.

How to make a Jam Sandwich

In Literacy this week we are learning how to follow and write instructions. Yesterday we spent some time identifying the features used in instruction writing i.e. time connectives and bossy verbs and had fun giving instructions in a bossy way!

Today we have been following the instructions for 'How to make a jam sandwich'. We did a great job and all agreed that the best instruction was the final one which told us to - Eat and enjoy our sandwiches!

Tomorrow we will be writing our own instructions for 'How to make a jam sandwich'.

Totally Terrific Toys Newsletter - Autumn 1

Sikhism Topic

We have been learning that Sikhs share and help to please God. We are very lucky to have Ruby's family who have helped us to learn about Sikhism this term. Ruby's mum cooked us some  Kara Prashad and some chapatis.


We tasted some prashad.

Sikhs eat this sweet at the end of worship.It is blessed as it is cooked by saying a special prayer.

Sharing prashad means everyone belongs and everyone is the same or equal. We had to cover our heads out of respect because it is a special food. It is a sweet pudding made from flour sugar and butter. It is sweet because everything is sweet in life that comes from the Guru.

We tasted Kara Prashad. We cupped our hands and raised them to our heads.

We shared the chapatis.

Multi-Cultural Week

To kick-start multi-cultural week all of the children in Year 1 came together to perform a special song which shows how music can unite us all and make our world 'A Better Place'. As you will see from the video the children loved singing, dancing and playing music to the beat of the tune.

(Unfortunately the sound disappears towards the end wink but you can still watch the children enjoying their performance.)


Still image for this video

Here are the pictures from our last judo lesson. We learned a new way to get our partner on the floor today!

Welcome to Autumn Week!

Autumn Leaf Addition

We took Maths outside today; using Autumn leaves to support our learning. We used the leaves to make addition number sentences. Some of us were calculating the total number of leaves by counting all of them, most of us were re-ordering our numbers and counting on from the biggest number and a few of us were using our knowledge of place value to find the total of two, 2-digit numbers.

Colours of Autumn - Leaf Circles

​We have been investigating the changing colours of the leaves that fall from deciduous trees in Autumn. We collected many varieties of leaves in many different colours. We used the leaves to create leaf circles which show the changing colours of Autumn. We worked in pairs to create small leaf circles and then came together to make a huge Year1 sized Autumn leaf circle.

Season clocks

Today we have been thinking about the four seasons in our year. We sequenced the seasons and talked about how to identify them. We looked at how the seasons are linked to different months and used this knowledge to work out in which season we would celebrate our Birthdays. We drew pictures to match each of the seasons and worked hard to combine all of our learning to create these fabulous season clocks.

Observational drawing

Today we have been using pastels to create observational drawings of an Autumn tree. We will continue to visit our tree as the seasons change and each time we will document our visit with a new observational drawing. This will help us build up a clearer understanding of the four seasons.

Edible 3-D Shapes

In Maths today we made 3-D shapes from cocktail sticks and marshmallows! The cocktail sticks became the edges of our shapes and the marshmallows were the vertices. If we could describe the properties of our completed 3-d shapes we were allowed to EAT THEM!! We made edible cubes, cylinders, pyramids, prisms and even an octahedron!

Who knew 3-D shapes could be so tasty!

A Palace fit for a Queen

This week in Class 1S we have been developing and improving our Design and Technology skills. We used a range of junk and new materials to create this fantastic royal palace dolls' house.

Whilst creating our royal palace we were developing and improving the following Design and technology skills:

  • How to cut materials safely using the tools provided
  • How to cut, shape and join textiles and materials
  • How to colour and decorate textiles using a range of techniques (adding the finishing touches!)


See if you can spot us using any of these skills in these photographs!

Take a look through the royal palace keyhole at some of the fantastic rooms we designed and created.

The royal kitchen
The royal table tennis room
The royal sitting room
The royal frontroom
The royal throne room
The royal television room
The royal dressing room



We really enjoyed our first Judo session. We learnt how to do a 'chest hold' and a 'break fall'. After practising each move we remembered to show respect to our partners by bowing and shaking hands. At the end of the session we even folded and rolled our Judo clothes so that they were ready for the next session!


We enjoyed practising our judo skills again today!

Hoola Hooping

In PE today we have been learning how to hoola hoop. We had great fun getting to know our hoop and learning how to control it. Hoola hooping is a lot harder than it looks!

Can you find a stick that is longer than a metre, shorter than a metre or exactly 1 metre long?

In Maths this week we are learning about measurement.

On Tuesday we put on our wellies and went stick hunting in Acorn Corner. We used 1 metre lengths of string to measure the sticks we found.

The hunt begins!
Accurate measuring.
Longer or shorter than a metre.
Longer than a metre.
Shorter than a metre.
Team work!
This stick is exactly 1 metre!
Careful measuring.
This one is longer and this one is shorter.
This stick is longer than 1 metre...
...longer than 2 metres...
...longer than 3 metres!

As part of our 'Totally Terrific Toys' topic, we have been looking at toys from the past and present and investigating what different toys are made from.

We then used pipe cleaners to make our very own bendy toys.

We love our bendy toys!

​In Maths this week we have been using Base 10 resources to help us understand the place value of 2-digit numbers. We all visited the 'Tens & Ones Toyshop' and had lots of fun paying for our shopping using Base 10, instead of money!

Shopping at the 'Tens & Ones Toyshop'.

We're going on a Noun Hunt.

This week we have been learning about Nouns. We now know that a Noun is a person, a place or a thing. We went on a Noun hunt in our classroom and labelled all the Nouns we could find.



We are learning about what it is like to be a Sikh child this half term. Ruby brought in some traditional outfits from India. We enjoyed dressing up in the beautiful clothes! We learned that the scarf is called a chunni.

We have learned some new words about Sikhs.