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Welcome to the School Council 2021-2022 page


We have now elected our new and fabulous School Council members. Congratulations to everyone. Each class in Years 2-6 has a representative out of their class and an additional 2 children from Year 5 will represent for Year 1. This year we are hoping to involve our school children in lots of decision making and funding. 

As part of the local pupil parliament meetings, we are continuing to work alongside the Eden Project team. We will also be focussing on how we can be more sustainable to benefit the environment around us. We’re very excited. Keep an eye on this page for our latest updates! 

MacMillan Coffee Morning - at the moment, we have raised £700! Thank you to everyone who came and donated.

Pupil Parliament March 2022 - Part 3

We have had our final Pupil Parliament Day for this half term today. Alongside the other schools, we have come up with our own charter of things we pledge to do to combat climate change. Take a look! 

We have been focusing on recycling in school recently. We have created posters for each classroom to remind staff and children of the importance of recycling. 
In school we can recycle:

* paper

* plastic 

* cardboard 

* pens and whiteboard pens


We have recycling bins in each classroom and around the school. We are also encouraging everyone to bring a reusable water bottle each day and to avoid using single use plastics. 


The school council have led an assembly to inform everyone on how we can reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Pupil Parliament March 2022 - Part 2 

We have been back at the Lancaster University again today with the Pupil Parliament team. We continued to focus on the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle. This week we have been identifying the impact we can have on recycling within school and the community around us.

We have thought of lots of different ways we can be committed to the change. We can: give clothes to others when they no longer fit us, have a plastic free week at school, try meat free Mondays, use less paper, reduce energy use. We decided we are going to ask someone (may be one person, a group of people,  teachers, cooks, parents) and ask them to change one thing! 

Our school council decided to ask our local McDonalds to ask them to reconsider using plastic toys in their happy meals. We also want to ask our school cook to add a meat free day to our next menu. Watch this space, we will let you know how we get on. 

We organised a cake sale to raise money for the Red Cross Ukraine appeal. So far we have raised £538. Thank you for your support.

Pupil Parliament Day - March 2022

We are working with all of the other schools in the local area to focus on climate change and how we can help recycle and have a positive impact on our environment. 

We have focussed on ways that our school can reduce waste and promote recycling. We took part in dicsussions with professors from Lancaster University about climate change and designed our own eco friendly school. 

In our eco friendly designed school we had: solar panels, wind turbines, lots of trees, whiteboards, compost heaps, allotment, eco monitors, recycling posters and signs, large windows and lots more. We hope to implement some of these ideas at Torrisholme too! 

Pupil Parliament Day - November 2021. We have been focussing on how our nation needs to be more sustainable! We virtually met with people from The Eden Project and then discussed how we can help our environment become more sustainable. We are going to feed this back to our school, watch this space for changes soon!