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Summer Term 2 Newsletter

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun 1 Working together
Fun in the Sun 2 I'm not sure about this
Fun in the Sun 3 Daisy hunt
Fun in the Sun 4 Steady now
Fun in the Sun 5 Collecting
Fun in the Sun 6 How long is our line?
Fun in the Sun 7 Making a football pitch
Fun in the Sun 8 Team work
Fun in the Sun 9 Colour bingo
Fun in the Sun 10 Looking carefully
Fun in the Sun 11 What can we find?
Fun in the Sun 12 Don't fall off!
Fun in the Sun 13 Drawing each other
Fun in the Sun 14 Collecting daisies
Fun in the Sun 15 Look at us
Fun in the Sun 16 Getting some shade
Fun in the Sun 17 Team work
Fun in the Sun 18 Cooperation
Fun in the Sun 19 Picking out our qualities
Fun in the Sun 20 Very proud!
Fun in the Sun 21 Balancing
Fun in the Sun 22 Listening to each other
Fun in the Sun 23 Relaxing
Fun in the Sun 24 Marvellous me
Fun in the Sun 25 Colour bingo
Fun in the Sun 26 What can I find?
Fun in the Sun 27 Working together
Fun in the Sun 28 Team work
Fun in the Sun 29 Balance
Fun in the Sun 30 Sharing the work load
Fun in the Sun 31 Having fun!
Fun in the Sun 32 Colour bingo!
Fun in the Sun 33 Team work
Fun in the Sun 34 Being creative!
Fun in the Sun 35 Look at us!
Fun in the Sun 36 Having fun!
Fun in the Sun 37 A super pitch
Exploring the Great Outdoors!

Jack and the Beanstalk animations using 2Animate

Hi and welcome back.  I hope you have had a lovely holiday. 

In this half-term our topic is all about plants.  We will be going on a school trip to a place called 'Bring Yer Wellies.' Take a look at their web-site.  We will be writing Traditional Tales and looking in depth at the story, Jack and The Beanstalk.

Our newsletter will be uploaded next week and you will be able to read more about what we will be doing in our new topic.

Hi there.  Here is our newsletter for this half term. 

The children are really enjoying all the Roald Dahl stories.

Our Spring Term Newsletter.

Dinosaur Rumpus!

Still image for this video

Dinosaur Rumpus

Still image for this video

Dinosaur Rumpus

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Year 2 Kidsafe Sessions


After half term, Year 2 will be taking part in weekly 'Kidsafe' sessions, which are delivered by Mrs Winder, our Learning Mentor.


Kidsafe is a specialised Child Protection Programme which builds children's self confidence and self esteem, equipping them to deal with unsafe situations.


Mrs Winder will be running Parent/Carer Information Sessions, for parents/carers of children in Year 2, to discuss the content of these sessions. These will take place on Monday 23rd February at 9.00am or 2.30pm, in the staff room at school.

Doing the dinosaur...

Still image for this video
As part of our 'Dinosaur Day', the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were treated to a session with our music and dance dream team, Mrs Marriott and Mrs Hunter! The children learned their very own, especially written and choreographed, dinosaur song and dance! Each dinosaur group had their very own moves! Here is the 'Brontosaurus' group shaking their tails!!!

2B do the Dinosaur Stomp!

Still image for this video

2B do the Dinosaur Stomp

Still image for this video
The children made wreckages out of Lego.  The scenes show how extreme weather types can affect where people live.

Wreckage after Extreme Weather!!

Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 1
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 2
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 3
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 4
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 5
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 6
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 7
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 8
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 9
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 10
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 11
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 12
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 13
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 14
Wreckage after Extreme Weather!! 15

Enterprise Week

Year 2 have been busy running a snowman factory this week, creating amazing, handcrafted 'Olaf's. You can pick up your very own Olaf at the Christmas Fair for £1.50 from 2L. Watch our advert by following the link to 2L's page below!

Here is Dasher. We have sponsored Dasher the Guide Dog. We will keep you updated on his progress.

Year 2 have been learning about pets in their topic this half term. They decided that a class pet would be a great idea! After much consideration, they decided guinea pigs would make the best pet and they set about writing to Mrs Penney, to persuade her this was a good idea! Watch this space...


Click on the link below to read some of 2B's letters:

2B's letters to Mrs Penney