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Welcome to Class 2D

Welcome to our class page. Your class teacher is Mrs. Dowker. Miss Brier and Mrs Harrison also work in Class 2D supporting the children with their learning. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Senora Pitcher teaches in 2D.


Welcome back after the half term holiday and we hope everyone is feeling refreshed and ready for your child's final half term in year 2. This half term our topic is 'Magical Journeys.' We are planning to learn about the history of transport and significant individuals. We will investigate floating and sinking and use this knowledge to build a boat which we will test. We will consider the future of transport and design a type of transport for the future. We will be using fabric to create different pieces of 3D art work and practice our sewing skills. We are going to learn how to dip dye to create our own art work on a t-shirt. In literacy we will be writing our own adventure stories for travelling to magical lands and using magical forms of transport. In numeracy we will be practicing our mathematical skills and knowledge by solving problems. 

KS 1 sports day will be in July and we will let you know the exact date as soon as possible.






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Autumn Term 2 Topic letter 'Ice and Snow.'

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2 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

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10 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

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The Anchor Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives song

Statement, Command, Question, Exclamation song

All greased up and getting ready for our Alice in Wonderland tea party!

We love our t-shirts that we have created by tie dying.

We have been learning to sew using a running stitch. We have made an animal puppet and added features using different materials. We are very proud of our puppets.


We investigated different objects to find out whether they would float or sink. We made a hypothesis and tested our predictions.We decided that even though the orange and the banana floated , it would be better to make a boat out of wood or plastic! 

Year 2 cakes sale. We have been learning to recognise different ways people can pay for a cake that is 20p and giving the correct change when they gave us more than 20p. We also raised lots of money for guide dogs for the blind and the owl man. Thank you to everyone. See our school facebook page for the amount raised.

We have been using co-ordinates on a map of the school field. We had to go to that place and pick up a part of a calculation. When we had collected all the pieces we had to put it together so each calculation was correct.

Year 2 have been learning about owls. We had a visitor who brought in a snowy owl and a Canadian horned owl.

We have had a special visitor today, Caesar the guide dog and his owner, Jane.

3D Habitat models.

We have been researching how animals are adapted to their habitats. We made 3D shoe box models of the habitat of either the ocean, the desert, the arctic or a tropical rainforest. 

Year 2 homework challenge. The children have been given some ideas of learning activities for our topic, 'amazing animals' that they can work on at home. These are some of the examples so far. We look forward to seeing lots more.

We have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We have used art straws to make 2D shapes and the skeleton on a 3D shape using cocktail sticks and marshmallows.

We made catapults . We tested how far they could fling a marshmallow! We looked at how the catapult works with a pull down and a push.

Year 2 have been practising their archery skills following a visit from Northern Archery. We learned about long bows and how far they could shoot an arrow. We learned how to hold the bow and arrow correctly and fired our arrows at the target. We had lots of fun.

Our grand finale to History week was a medieval banquet with all of the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at Torrisholme and St. Luke's Primary Schools. The children dressed up and took part in various activities. Lunch took place in our hall that had been transformed into a medieval castle. These are pictures of 2D dressed up. To see more photos from our banquet please visit the latest news section found in children on the signpost.

During history week, Year 2 visited Clitheroe Castle. We learned about what a motte and bailey castle is, why the castle was built in that position and how hard it was to attack the keep. We made armour out of junk items to protect our egg which we then threw off the curtain wall to see if it survived. We become experts in the protection of dragons and learned sword skills to protect them.

Chinese New Year dragon dance.

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We made our dragons dance!

Super electrical engineers!

We investigated how to make a bulb light up in an electrical circuit. 


This half term we are learning about the religion of Islam. Today we learned how Muslims need to prepare for prayer. We learned about the special way Muslims wash before prayer, this is called Wudu. We acted out some of the steps and sequenced the pictures.

Thank you to everyone who came to the year 2 curriculum evening. These are the documents that were requested.

This half term we are learning to use clay. We have been practising the skill of rolling the clay to make a long, thin sausage shape. We then used this to create a coiled pot.

As part of Torrisholme Book week, Year 2 have designed and made a moving picture based on a Roald Dahl book and character. We made the background and character using different materials and collage. We then made a sliding mechanism to make the character move on the page. We are very proud of our finished pictures.

During Torrisholme Book week, parents were invited into our class to enjoy sharing and talking about books. We had a lovely time.

The Storyteller visited us!

Today we enjoyed learning some basketball skills.

Firefighters visited 2D. We learned about staying safe in our homes and what to do if there is a fire in our home. We have all taken a fire plan home to share with our grown-ups. We learned lots and had fun.

Well done to everyone in 2D on their fantastic performances of Penguin Pete.

Class 2D have been very busy making Christmas bows and gift tags ready for the Christmas fair on Friday. We have been very busy being Christmas elves.

Our elf is getting very cheeky. He has been pretending to be a monkey in our classroom and has added his name to the Superstar Role model. We think he wants to be Star of the Week.

On Friday we had a lovely surprise. We came into our classroom to find that we had a Christmas tree, lights and an elf! During the night, the elf and golden bear had been very busy decorating the Christmas tree and put the lights up. We found the elf on our reading canopy. Later, we came back from our rehearsal to find the elf asleep on Mrs Dowker's chair. We put him in the reading area and he slept all morning. After lunch, we found the elf relaxing and reading a book. I wonder what he will get up to this weekend!

We have been learning to plan and carry out a fair test. We used our knowledge of fair tests to investigate which material is waterproof. We made sure that we only changed one thing, the material and we kept the amount of water and the size of the material the same. We carefully measured the water we used and how much was left after the material had been placed in the water. We recorded our results and discussed which materials were waterproof.

One of the children brought a book into school to share. She enjoyed reading it to the class and being the teacher!

We enjoyed playing a range of instruments

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The finale to our Giant topic was a Roald Dahl theme day in Year 2. We dressed up as different characters, created a portrait of Mr Twit using mixed media and designed a chocolate bar. We had a great day.

We have been learning about 3D shapes and using mathematical language to describe them. We made guess the shape books and took them to share with 1M.

We have been learning about how sound is created and how different types of musical instruments produce sound. We made our own instruments that were string, percussion or wind instruments. We looked at a variety of instruments and had a go at trying to produce a sound from them. Lots of us could make a sound on the trumpet but not Mrs Dowker.

We have been tasting frobscottle, a drink that the giants have in The BFG. We thought about its taste, smell and appearance. We used this information in our advertising posters.

We have been learning to hoola hoop. We learned lots of skills using hoola hoops. We learned to roll, spin and create shapes with a hoola hoop.

Olympics here we come!

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We have created sequences with jumps, rolls and balances!

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Budding gymnasts!

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We can balance.

We have been learning about the Native North American belief about dreams and that dream catchers let the good dreams enter your room whilst preventing the bad dreams from entering. We made our own dreamcatcher using a paper plate, wool, beads and feathers.

The BFG visited our classroom on Sunday night. When we arrived at school Mrs Penney told us that there had been a disturbance in our classroom on Sunday night and would like us to investigate. We found lots of clue. These included a snozzcumber, a net, a long, black cape, footprints and missing items from our birthday display. We decided that the BFG had been in our classroom. Finally we found a letter from him that informed us that he had been at Torrisholme School catching dreams.

Top tips for staying safe online

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We have been learning how to stay safe online. We found four top tips for this. We made these into informative video clips. We hope you enjoy watching and find them informative.

Top tips for staying safe online.

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Top tips for staying safe online.

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Top tips for staying safe online.

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Top tips for staying safe online.

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In our topic we have been learning that we hear sounds with our ears and that sound is made by vibration. We explored different musical instruments and how they vibrated to make a sound. We played these instruments to create quiet and loud sounds.

We have been learning to measure using standard units. We drew a line and our partner measured it using a metre stick. We measured in centimetres. We know that 100 cm is 1 metre.

We drew aerial views of an imaginary town and pretended to be giants!

In RE today we tasted apples and honey to celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah.We thought about a new school year resolution for ourselves.

We have all worked together to create this display that celebrates how we work together as a team.

In numeracy we have been learning to count in 3s. We played a game. We rolled a dice and got that amount of straws. These were made into triangles. We each rolled the dice three times and then counted how many straws we had by counting in 3s. The winner had the most straws. It was lots of fun.

Our topic is Giants. We read the description of the B. F. G and created two pictures of him using this description. We used pastels and charcoal for our pictures.