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Welcome To 2D

Welcome back  for your child's final term in Year 2 and being in the infants.

We all had a great sports day at the end of last half term and we were very pleased and proud of all the children and how they tried their hardest when taking part in all of the events.


We had a great trip to Clitheroe Castle. in our first week back. The children had lots of fun and we are very grateful to all of the volunteers who helped out on the trip.

On Friday 14th June we have booked Northern Archery to come and work with the children in small groups so that everyone gets to experience this sport.


We are going to be starting our new topic the week commencing 17th June. More details to follow shortly. The children will be taking part in the Year 2 production this half term. Times and dates will follow in the topic letter.


Thank you

Mrs Dowker and Mrs Davies smiley




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Once Upon A Time topic letter

Year 2 worked with the coaches from Northern Archery to have a go at firing an arrow at a target. It was lots of fun.

We have made a parrot using felt. We sewed the two pieces together and then added the wings, eyes and feathers. We are very proud of our parrots and our sewing skills!

We have been using our learning about 3D shapes to make them out of cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows.

Today we enjoyed a visit from Debbie Green. Debbie told us all about Pentecost🔥

Can you guess our celebrations? We discussed celebrations in RE🌲💐💥

We have made a model of a castle out of cardboard. We measured and cut the four walls and assembled them together. We made a moving drawing bridge and decorated the base and castle. There was lots of carefully measuring and we had a great time!

Year 2 have visited Clitheroe Castle. We learned about motte and bailey castles, knights and dragons. We had a great time and learned lots.

We have been learning to keep our brains healthy we need to challenge it. We had a challenge to rescue Jack from the Giant's castle because the beanstalk had unexpectedly died and he was trapped. We put our brains together to solve the problem.

Health week- teamwork, problem solving and getting active outdoors🍃🥀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

We have been learning about knights. We have learned how you could become a knight and the armour you would wear during a battle. We made a picture of a knight in armour.

We have been learning how to attack a castle and the different types of medieval weapons that were available. We worked with a partner to make a catapult out of lollipop sticks, elastic bands and a plastic spoon. We then tested them by firing mini marshmallows along the classroom tables. It was lots of fun.

We have had a visitor in Year 2. Prags told us about her childhood and how she felt when she came to this country as a child and had to learn to speak English. We learned about how Hindus worship and some of the stories about the different Gods. We worked as a team to create a piece of Rangoli art work; took part in some Indian dancing and had henna on our hands. We learned lots and had lots of fun.

We have been learning about the Hindu festival of Holi. This is a spring festival and known as the festival of colour. We learned about the Hindu stories that people remember during this festival and how they celebrate it. One way they celebrate is people throwing coloured water and powder paint at each other as part of their celebrations. We drew a self portrait and add hair by blowing paint and flicking paint across it like the celebrations of Holi.

We have made a festival elephant using a plastic milk bottle. We have learned how elephants are decorated for special occasions and some festivals.

During recycling week, one of Lancashire County Council recycling crew visited Year 2. We found out how the truck worked and the importance of reducing, recycling and reusing.

During World Book Day we shared our favourite books with Year 5.

In RE we have been learning how Sikhs' worship. We visited a Sikh temple in Preston to find out more about how they worship. Thank you for welcoming us. We learned lots of new information. We enjoyed sharing a snack in the Langar.

In Year 2, we have had an end of topic project. We used our knowledge of habitats and the animals that live in that habitat to plan and build a model of an enclosure. We used our building learning powers to work in teams, listening to each other and contributing ideas; we made a plan and rose to the challenge whilst reflecting and adapting things as the project progressed. On Friday 1st March parents and carers came into school to see our fabulous enclousres.

Budding basketball stars 🏀 🌟

We have created a display in a day!! We have been learning about printing. We used our knowledge of the African Savannah and the animals that live there to make a display using different printing techniques. We had loads of fun, especially deciding where to put everything on the display. We love our display and hope you do too.

We have been learning about coral reefs. We learned about how animals live in this habitat. We created a piece of wax resistance art by using pastels and wax crayons. We then painted over it using watered down paint.

We are learning about different animals and how they are suited to their habitat. We have been learning about the Arctic and how different animals are adapted to live there. We made an Arctic background using different materials and printed a polar bear on to the background.

We 😍🏀! This half term we’ve enjoyed developing our basketball skills.

We are learning about multiplication. We have shown this by making it with counters and writing it as a repeated addition calculation and a multiplication calculation.

Today we enjoyed a visit from Debbie Green who talked to us about Advent and the Christmas story.🎄

We have been learning about Tudor buildings and the use of wattle and daub. We worked with a partner to make our own wattle and daub square. It was lots of funny and very messy!

We have used different types of paper and collage techniques to make a Great Fire of London scene.

We made Tudor houses using different types of paper and techniques.

We are learning about the Great Fire of London. We found out that the buildings were made from wood and were built very close together. This is why the fire spread so quickly.

We learned about the gunpowder plot and how this is remembered today. We had lots of fun creating fireworks using different techniques.

Future cricket stars ⭐️

These are some of our class displays for you to enjoy.

Fairy tale day

We have learned to tell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff using actions. We made a troll and created a cafe menu for a troll to stop him eating Billy Goats Gruff.

We used 3D paper sculpture techniques to make a 3D world for the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

We have designed and made a moving fairy tale picture. We are very proud of our work.

We have been learning to follow the pulse of the music. We used this when playing percussion instruments to accompany a piece of music.

I wanna be in a band!

Still image for this video

I wanna play in a band

Still image for this video

I wanna play in a band!

Still image for this video

I wanna play in a band

Still image for this video

I wanna play in a band

Still image for this video

In Science this week we helped make a strong bridge for the billy goats to cross! We worked well as teams and earned five pebbles for the pot.

This week we helped Little Red Riding Hood keep her picnic dry.🥪

In Science we helped Cinderella find the best material to mop up water.

We worked in groups to make a face using natural materials. We worked hard to add lots of detail.

A strange item had been left in our playground. We investigated and found out it was Little Red Riding Hood's basket that the wolf had STOLEN!

We have been practising our weaving skills. We used different types of fabrics to weave different mattresses for a bed based on Princess and the Pea.