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We are excited and can't wait to welcome all of your children into 2MD. The teachers in 2MD are Miss Metcalfe and Mrs Dowker. Miss Metcalfe will teach you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Mrs. Dowker will teach you on a Thursday and Friday. Wednesday afternoon is when all of the year 2 teachers have their planning and preparation time. On a Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Green will be teaching in 2MD.We have the awesome Mrs Allison joining us in 2MD as our teaching assistant. We are also very lucky to have Mrs. Urquhart and Mrs. Woodhouse in our class, supporting children's learning. We will all be working together to make your child's time in 2MD the best we can.

At this time, our priority is to welcome the children back into school, get to know them and their families and help them become settled and confident members of year 2. Please be patient with us whilst we learn all of the children's names and which families they belong to, particularly at home time as it does take a little bit longer to send children out to their families whilst we don't know you.

We have got lots of exciting learning planned for the year ahead. We will share the learning taking place on this page as well as uploading letter and resources so keep an eye out.

From all of the 2MD team.