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Your class teacher is Miss Shepherd and also helping us in class is Mrs Cambidge. On a Thursday afternoon Class 2S will be taught by Mrs Green and Senora Pitcher.


Welcome to the final half term in Class 2S! This half term our topic is 'Amazing Animals'. We will be focusing on the story 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett and we will look at non-fiction texts about animals. We are going to be learning about the different groups of animals and what an animal needs to survive. We are going on a trip to Blackpool Zoo where we will be focusing on habitats. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting topic!


Amazing Animals!


Amazing Animals newsletter - Summer 2


We had a fabulous time at Blackpool Zoo! We loved seeing lots of different animals. We were lucky enough to have an education session with a zookeeper. During this, we found out lots of information about the Rainforest and the animals that live there. Ask us questions about animals habitat and we should know the answer!

This week we are throwing it back to the 60s, when Torrisholme School was built. Do you like our fantastic outfits?

We have been to the park to have a look round and decide how we could make it better! We have come up with lots of fantastic ideas and hopefully you might see some changes soon at Torrisholme park. Keep your eye out!

Dungeons and Dragons


Summer 1 - Dungeons and Dragons newsletter

What a fabulous day! We spent the day training to be a knight. We now know how to us even a bow and arrow and would be great at attacking and defending a Castle.

At our medieval banquet, we made muffins, fruit kebabs and a chicken salad. In the afternoon we ate it all and had lots of fun!

Today we have spent the day developing our design and technology skills. We have made our own keep with a winding drawbridge. It took lots of resilience as certain parts were really tricky. Look at how fantastic they have turned out! 

What a fantastic afternoon! We made armour for Sir Eggburt. First we learnt about the purpose of armour and then we put our creative heads on and decided what would be the best materials to protect our eggs. We then went outside and tested our eggs to see who survived.

Clitheroe Castle


What a fantastic day at Clitheroe Castle! We kickstarted the day by learning how to slay a dragon and learning about the different types of dragons, even the Morecambe Bay dragon - ask us about these, we know lots! After that we looked insid the keep of the Castle and created our very own Motte and Bailey Castle out of sand. 

Dragon slaying!

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What an exciting week at Torrisholme! Mr Dodd found this video on our CCTV. We have written a set of instructions for him to follow to help him catch the dragon.

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Incredible India!


Spring 2 newsletter - Incredible India!

India Topic Day!


Today we have had a fantastic day! In  the morning we started off by learning about the Hindu festival of Holi and we created a piece of art to represent the festival of colour. Prags Birk came to visit us and brought lots of exciting activities! She talked to us about the festival of Diwali and Hinduism. After that, made our own symmetrical rangoli patterns and practised Indian dancing. We then had a henna design on our hands! 

Indian dance

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Indian dance

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We compared India and the U.K. We looked at farming , food , population and landscape . 

Comparing the geography of India and the UK.

World Book Day! Can you guess who we all are?

Science Week

Bubble fun! 💦

We learnt how to make a catapult. We became aliens and launched our planet using pushes and pull forces. 
We learnt how to launch a planet using air force!
Science Boffin, Joel came into Torrisholme Primary School and we had lots of fun observing and participating in experiments. 

Let's Have a Ball!


Let's have a ball! - Spring 1

Today we have made our own moving vehicles. We worked out how to stop our wheels from falling off and showed lots of resilience when making them. We have had a great afternoon making our moving vehicles look like Cinderella's carriage. 

We enjoyed a match during our last basketball 🏀 session⛹️

Sikh Temple, Preston


Today, Class 2S went to the Sikh Temple in Preston. We had a fantastic time! We learnt about the 5K's, what a Gurudwara is like and what it is like in the daily life of a Sikh. We enjoyed trying the turbans on and learning lots of new things



We had a fantastic afternoon at our ball! All the children preformed their dance and music that they had composed. Well done to all the children in Year 2

Year 2 ball!

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Year 2 ball

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We're all ready for our ball this afternoon!!

We have been learning how to divide this week. We have used concrete apparatus to help us group objects. We worked in pairs to solve some problems - we now know it is possible to put 20 objects into groups of 4!

Moving pictures!

This week we have had a D&T Day. We began by looking at moving pictures and how the levers worked and were connected. We designed our moving pictures and made a list of the materials we would use. We made our Cinderella and Yeh Shen backgrounds using lots of different materials. Next we cut the slit in the background ready for the lever. We worked really had to put our moving pictures together! Take a look - they look great!

Look at our basketball skills



Yesterday Yeh Shen came to Torrisholme School. We had written questions to ask her. When she arrived we interviewed her to find out lots of information. We had great fun!


We are in the process of composing our own music for Cinderella's ball. We know that sound is created by a vibration. We have looked at the different types of instruments and their types of families. We know how an orchestra works and have enjoyed listening to them. We have made our own musical instruments and played them using a different pitch. 

We have enjoyed learning the story of Cinderella using actions. In Literacy, we then wrote sentences using co-ordinating conjunctions.  We can't wait to write our own stories next week!

We have planted our own seeds this week. We are going to keep a plant diary and monitor how our bulbs grow.

Poetry Week


We have been learning how to write riddles and practising saying tongue twisters this week. Can you say the tongue twisters as quick as we can? Our class poem is the Ning Nang Nong! We know the poem off by heart and have produced some art work for this.  

We learnt a new skill today by making 3D paper sculptures. Look at our Ning Nang Nong worlds!

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.MOV

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Red lorry, yellow lorry.MOV

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Chop shops sells chop.MOV

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Giants Newsletter Autumn 2



Today is Roald Dahl Day! We have been learning about Roald Dahl and his life. We made our own dream catchers from the BFG; lots of children showed resilience when they found it tricky! We also made our own dream bottles using different liquids. We designed our own chocolate bar wrappers for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had lots of fun today! 

Today our new books arrived! We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Bake Off! The £131 has managed to re-stock our class reading area. We have poetry, non-fiction, fairy tales any many other exciting genres.


This morning we all arrived at Torrisholme Primary School to find out that an intruder had been into the Year 2 classrooms. We weren't allowed into the classrooms until Mrs Penney had spoken to us. Mrs Penney asked if we could become detectives to find out who had been here. We found lots of interesting items, including: snozzcumber, dream net, frobscottle and many more. We discovered it was the BFG, he has been in Torrisholme catching dreams. Have you seen him?

Money, money, money!


This week we have been learning about money. We can order coins from the smallest to largest value and we have began to use coins to make an amount. 

The BFG sent his suitcase via the Royal Mail to our school. He asked if we could use expanded noun phrases to describe the items in his suitcase. Do you like the noun phrases we came up with?

We used the description from the BFG to draw a portrait of him. 


'Sophie caught a glimpse of an enormous long, pale wrinkly face with the most enormouse ears. The nose was as sharp as a knife, and above the nose there were two bright flashing eyes, and the eyes were staring straight at Sophie.'


We used charcoal and oil pastels on our portraits

Jack and the Beanstalk


Today, we have been planning our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have changed our characters and our magical item. We have used expanded noun phrases to describe these. We then planned our own story using pictures, ready to write tomorrow! 

2S and 6S book buddies!


We have teamed up with Class 6S to become book buddies. We have had a lovely time this afternoon, sharing our favourite books and discussing them! 

This week the fire brigade visited class 2S to talk about fire safety. We learnt how it is important to have a smoke alarm and a fire safety plan at home. We now know what to do in the event of a fire at home.

Christianity Day


To begin our new half term, we started with Christianity Day. In Year 2, we focused on hope and the story where Jesus Calms the Storm. We discussed the meaning of hope and the children identified their own examples of this. We learnt the story and rehearsed it. We then made 'happy and sad' puppets and used these to identify how we would feel in the situation Jesus and his disciples were in during the storm. Finally, we used different materials to make our own boats. 

Fire! Fire!

Autumn 1 - Fire! Fire! newsletter

Torrisholme Times!

We have been broadcasting the news about The Great Fire of London. Have a look at our videos to learn some facts. 


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

WOW!! What an amazing bake off. Well done to everyone who entered. The winners are pictured below with their prizes.

This afternoon we have made our own Wattle and Daub. We followed a recipe to make this. It felt very sticky and slimy!


We also created our own pictures of The Great Fire of London with a silhouette. We used oil pastels to create the fire background then we made the silhouette houses out of black paper. 

The Great Fire of London Day!


Today we have been learning about the history of the fire brigade. We started our day by recapping the events of The Great Fire of London and created a time line to show the chronological order of events. We then began to think about fire fighters. We found out that in 1666 there were no fire fighters and the Londoners had to fight the fire themselves with leather buckets, fire hooks and a wooden ladder. The Fire Office started in 1667 where people had to pay an insurance for The Fire Office otherwise they would not attend a fire. We then learnt that the London fire brigade began in 1866. In the afternoon, we pretended to put a fire out using the correct equipment. After that, we had a visit from the local fire brigade. They talked about their equipment and showed us the fire engine. It was fantastic!


We now know lots of information about the fire service and engines, feel free to ask us questions!

We have used a range of materials including: lollypop sticks, felt, tissue paper and ribbon to make a Tudor house. First, we drew our house with pencil then we used to materials to show what the 17th century houses looked like. 

In Class 2S we are......artists!


We created our own drawings of London during The Great Fire of London. We focused on the detail of the Tudor houses. We used pencil and charcoal to draw our houses then we added tissue paper on to represent the fire. 

The Great Fire of London

This afternoon we have learnt about the events within The Great Fire of London. We know that the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane and that it lasted for 5 days. We have working with our partners to put the events onto a timeline. We have also put years into chronological order. We know that The Great Fire of London happened in 1666. 

We worked as a team to collect a range of materials that we could use to make a face.