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Welcome to Class 2S.


Your class teacher is Miss Shepherd and also helping us in class is Mrs Davies. On a Tuesday morning Class 2S will be taught by Mrs Green and again on a Thursday afternoon alongside Senora Pitcher.


Welcome back after the half term holiday and we hope everyone is feeling refreshed and ready for your child's final half term in year 2. This half term our topic is 'Magical Journeys.' We are planning to learn about the history of transport and significant individuals. We will investigate floating and sinking and use this knowledge to build a boat which we will test. We will consider the future of transport and design a type of transport for the future. We will be using fabric to create different pieces of 3D art work and practice our sewing skills. We are going to learn how to dip dye to create our own art work on a t-shirt. In literacy we will be writing our own adventure stories for travelling to magical lands and using magical forms of transport. In numeracy we will be practicing our mathematical skills and knowledge by solving problems. We are planning to host a 'Alice in Wonderland' tea party to finish our topic at the end of the year. 



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As part of our magical journeys topic, we have created our own hot air balloons to go on a magical adventure with. We used a range of materials to make the hot air balloons. It was great fun and now we can't wait to go on our own magical adventure!

The Magic Bed


We have listened to the story of The Magic Bed. After we learnt the story, we thought about the places that Georgie travelled to on his magic bed. We imagined the place and decided what types of sound we would hear there. We found musical instruments to represent these sounds and practised playing these. We then composed our own music in a group and preformed this to the rest of the class. 

We have really enjoyed making our own hand puppets this week. First, we designed our puppets and then we sewed the material together. We decorated our hand puppets using a range of materials.

We have been learning how to use a compass this week. We identified where North, East, South and West is and we marked these on the school playground. We then followed simple directions. 

We had a special visitor in school today, Caesar the guide dog and his owner, Jane.

We had great fun making shoe box habitats this week! Firstly, we researched different habitats and wrote information about them. We then looked at the different animals that live in different habitats. We decided to focus on the rainforest, ocean, desert and arctic. We used lots of different materials to create our own habitats.

We have been recording our own composition by using symbols. We had great fun using different instruments to represent a animal.

We have had a great time sharing our homework challenges so far! The children in Class 2S are putting in lots of hard work to explore their topic at home.

Creating a Buddhist shrine! Last week we enjoyed finding out about the symbolism of a Buddhist shrine.

Blackpool Zoo

We had a fantastic time at Blackpool Zoo. We learned about lots of different habitats and homes for animals. We enjoyed looking round the zoo and seeing lots of animals!

We made catapults and investigated how far we could fling a marshmallow.Some of them travelled really far!

Magnificent castles! 

Look at our castles. We made a drawbridge with a winding mechanism. 


History Week


We have had a fantastic week learning about Castles. We started our week off by finding out who lived in a castle. Then we went on a trip to Clitheroe Castle where looked at the different parts of a castle, trained to be a knight, made a Motte and Bailey castle and learnt lots about different types of dragons. Throughout the rest of the week, we designed our own shields and wrote fact files. On Friday we finished the week off with an amazing Medieval banquet with the children from St Luke's School. The day was filled with lots of fun activities including: jam tart making, castle construction, medieval dancing and drawing a medieval scene. We then went into our very own castle in the afternoon to enjoy lots of entertainment. Have a look at our photographs from History week. 

Let's go to China!

This week we have been learning the Chinese characters and we have practised writing these. We also used our modelling skills to make a dragon's head out of clay. We used a thumb pot technique to begin with, then we pinched the clay to make the facial features. 


In 2S we have identified how an electric circuit works. We found the materials needed for an electric circuit, then discussed how the electricity flows. We know that the material has to be a conductor to allow the electricity to flow through and the circuit must always be complete.  

This half term we are learning about the religion Islam. We discussed how Muslims need to prepare for prayer. We learned about Wudu, this is where Muslims wash their body before they prayer. We acted out the process and sequenced the order of washing.

We have been learning how to use clay. We practiced rolling the clay to make a long, thin line. Then we rolled the clay to make a coiled pot.

The fire brigade came in to teach us how to stay safe and what to do if there was a fire in our home. We are now going to teach our grown ups at home and make a fire plan.

Today we enjoyed learning some basketball skills.

Book Week


During book week we have been concentrating on Roald Dahl stories and the heroes and villains. We are using our Design and Technology skills to make a moving pictures from a scene in one of his stories.

Penguin Pete


We have really enjoyed preforming our Christmas production to our family and friends this week. The children in Year 2 have worked extremely hard to create the production Penguin Pete, they are all fantastic actors and actresses. 







What time is it Mr Wolf?


This week we have been learning to tell the time. We have made our own clocks to help us, we concentrated on o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour. 



2 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

We love singing along to this song to help us remember our 2 times tables!

5 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

We have been listening to this song to help us learn our 5 times tables.

10 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

This song is very helpful for us when we are practicing our 10 times tables.

Fair testing!!!


We planned a fair test, we wanted to test different materials to see which one was the most waterproof. We decided if we were to inform the Inuits which clothes to wear, we had best check if they were waterproof first. 


As it was a fair test, we decided to keep everything the same apart from one thing. We changed the type of material, but kept the size and amount of water the same. 


We found out that fur soaked up all the water and that the plastic bag was the most waterproof.

Arctic and Antarctica!


We have been learning about where different animals live. We organised these polar animals into categories: lives in Antarctic, lives in Antarctica and lives in both. 

Money, Money, Money!!!

We have been using money this week to make different values.


We began by identifying coins and ordering them from the smallest to largest value.

2S's Ice and Snow reading area. We have made our reading area snowy and icy ready for December!

Thank you to everyone who attend the year 2 curriculum evening. These are the documents that were requested.

Our BFG composition

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We have had a great day celebrating our BFG topic and Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. We all dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters. We designed a chocolate bar for Willy Wonka, made Mr Twits beard and designed a Fantastic Mr Fox mask.

We have made up a gymnastics sequence with, jumps, rolls and balances.

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Look at our sequences.

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Olympics here we come!

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Gymnastic sequences.

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We can balance!

We have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We can identify the faces, sides and corners of a 2D shape and the faces, edges and vertices of a 3D shape.

We used geo-boards to create various 2D shapes.
We described the properties of 3D shapes!
We identified and described properties of shapes.
We made guess the shape booklets!

This afternoon we made Frobscottle! It tasted AMAZING!! We are now going to write persuasive posters to help the BFG sell his Frobscottle.

We have been making dream catchers this morning. We learnt about native American culture and used lots of skills to make these. They look great!

We had an intruder over the weekend. This morning 2S became investigators to find out who had been in our classroom. After studying all the clues very carefully, we decided the BFG had visited Torrisholme School, when he was catching dreams in the area! We had great fun being detectives for the morning.

We can teach you how to be safe online!

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We can teach you how to be safe online!

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Making music

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We really enjoyed using lots of different instruments today in Music. We made a vibration on the instruments to make lots of different sounds. We did this as quietly as we could for the BFG's sensitive ears!

We have been learning how to measure in centimeters and grams this week. It has been fun!

We had great fun today pretending to be giants! We drew our own aerial maps of a pretend village, and acted as giants walking through the village.

We have enjoyed learning new things in Maths this week!

We have been practicing using the greater than and less than signs.

Our Reading Corner!

The children in 2S have spent some time this week reading for pleasure in our new reading corner, they have read a wide range of story books!