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The home of Mrs Baker.

We are very lucky to be supported by Mrs Cambidge, Miss Davies and Mrs Hunter.


Welcome back to the Summer term! Our new topic is The Rainforest.

We will be learning about the four layers: Emergent, Canopy, Understorey and Forest Floor. We will create an information text in the form of a flap booklet in Literacy explaining what tropical wildlife each layer contains. We will explore where Rainforests are found using an atlas. We will also have lots of fabulous artwork, as always!

Take a look below at all the exciting things we have been up to so far! 



Year 3 Spelling Challenge

Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter

This week was our last week of tag rugby. We played games involving throwing and catching the ball, running with the ball and trying to dodge people who were stealing our tags.

Tag rugby action shots!

Tag Rugby

We have been learning skills in tag rugby.We learned to catch the ball using a w shape with our hands.We are learning how to pass the ball to each other and how to steal each other's tags.Look at our photos!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit Year 3 at the Christmas Fair! We hope you enjoy your handmade decorations that have been sewn by the children! We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We are now coming to the end of a wonderful half-term! The children have used lots of skills and put lots of hard work into creating a fantastic afternoon of...

'Food Glorious Food'

The children designed their own invitations; created their own poem and used this to decorate placemats for their guests; performed a poem; performed the 'Food Glorious Food' song (from Oliver) and a Spanish fruit song (Pica-Pica- El baile del la fruta); they baked scones and prepared a fruit punch using their slicing and chopping skills!

WELL DONE 3B! You're awesome frown


Throughout the whole topic we have done lots of exploring, analysing, preparing, cooking and tasting.cheeky

Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy an afternoon of 'Food Glorious Food'! We loved using our baking, chopping and slicing skills to feed our guests. We also enjoyed performing our songs and poems.

We have enjoyed learning about the skeleton!

We have been estimating weights in maths and then measuring accurately in g and kg.

We had fun hula-hooping!

We enjoyed our Literacy lesson today! We tasted fruit and used adjectives to describe our senses and created vocabulary banks :)

We have enjoyed an experiment today exploring the process of the digestive system!

What a delightful afternoon. We have been learning about where our food comes from and we got to taste lots of new foods from around the world. There were lots of clean plates!

Today we have tasted lots of foods from around the world! frown 

Foods we tasted: Physalis fruit from Colombia; Coconut from India; Clementines from South Africa; Salami and smoked cheese from Germany; Feta cheese from Greece; Chorizo from Spain; Plums from Italy; Gouda from the Netherlands and some good old Lancashire cheese!


Here are some of the comments from class 3B...

Ronnie - "I enjoyed tasting the Physalis fruit!"

Oscar and Erin "We enjoyed tasting the oranges."

Henry - "I LOVED the coconut and I have never tasted it before!"

George - "I really liked the croissant as it tasted like bread and I have never tried one before."


We have been following and writing our own instructions. we loved tasting our jam sandwiches!

We have really enjoyed following our chocolate crispy cake recipe and instructing Mrs Allison this morning... yummy!

We have been thinking about who our role mode is in RE. The children have been very thoughtful.

The children have been having fun in PE working as a team and building their learning power. We have used our bodies to create letters. Can you read the word we have made?

We have been looking at place value in maths and ordering numbers.Well done 3B!

We have thought about the fun things we enjoyed in the Summer! Can you guess what we've been up to?

The children have collected objects that have given them special memories with their families!