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🥳It's Carnival Time! 🎉

It's time to celebrate getting through this year!

Prepare to be whisked away to Brazil to be immersed in the exciting buzz of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. Experience samba sounds, Brazilian art and carnival crafts.

We'll end our year with a BANG!


Summer 2 Newsletter

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Red Nose Day

Santa Dash 2020

We had a great time doing our Santa Dash this morning. The class enjoyed doing the warm-up that had a Christmas theme to it! Examples of tasks included - turkeys flapping, bells ringing, skaters skating and star jumps. Luckily, the weather was kind to us!

To finish our Ancient Egyptian topic, the children turned themselves into Pharaohs and wrote their names in hieroglyphics.
The Ancient Egyptians used a shaduf to irrigate their crops. The children collected sticks from Bramble Corner and very successfully designed and made their own. 

In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 3 and 4.

Thank you for all your Children in Need donations

The children wrote desert animal chants inspired by ‘Bug Chant’ by Tony Mitton. Having watched Michael Rosen perform some of his poems, they had a go themselves and what a fabulous job they did! Enjoy watching a selection.

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3H History Detectives

As the children were handling the Ancient Egyptian artefacts, they were encouraged to ask questions such as:

Who might it have belonged to?

What does it tell us about?

What do you think it was used for?

Investigating Forces

We have been investigating how effective magnets are at attracting metal. We also conducted an experiment to see how 'strong' different magnets were.

Shape Investigation 2

This week, the children have been using their mathematical language to construct 2-D shapes.

Investigating Shape

The children have been investigating shape this week. Using mathematical language, the children had to identify shapes which were slowly revealed to them.

We thought about what we were proud of this half term, why we enjoyed belonging to 3H and when we feel great and attached them to our finished heads.

Our heads are beginning to look more lifelike.

Our paper mache heads are coming on well. Today, we started moulding our facial features.

What fun! Mrs Hunter let us write our column addition maths on the tables.... Shhhhh...... don’t tell Mrs Penney!

The term is whizzing past! The children are settling into the routine of school life once again. We are really focusing on ourselves this half term, learning how to be reflective and making sure our brains are ready to learn. For a bit of fun, we planted some cress seeds above thinking faces to represent our brains growing and learning. I hope you enjoyed eating the cress in a tasty egg sandwich!


Hello to my New Year 3 Superstars!

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Hello from Mrs Rogers

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Hello from Miss Thomas, who will be supporting us in the classroom this year too!

Who else do we have?

Here are the newest members of our team.. the meerkats that we have adopted for the year