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Miss Latcham, Ms Allison and Mrs Rogers would like to welcome you back to our final half-term in 3L! Our new topic is going to be based on our beautiful Morecambe Bay. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming events.



Bring Me Sunshine Y3 Summer 2 Newsletter

Brilliant fundraising events! 3L have gone above and beyond raising money from cake sales and designing bookmarks to sell! VERY proud.

We have been baking scones and printing our own bunting today ready for the Afternoon Tea fundraiser!

Show and Share! It is always great to see so many special items which the children are really proud of.

Welcome back!

Miss Latcham, Ms Allison and Mrs Rogers hope you have all had a fantastic and well deserved rest. We have lots of exciting things planned for you all during our new Rainforest topic...


The Amazing Amazon!



The Amazing Amazon newsletter summer 1

Listen to our Samba song! We have been learning how to play an accompaniment, using chords, on the chime bars.


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Welcome back to a new half-term!

Miss Latcham, Mrs Allison and Mrs Rogers hope you have all had a lovely break. frown


Our new themed topic is based on Folk, Fable and Fairytales. We are making hand-puppets as part of a DT project and we have been exploring the traditional tale of 'Rumpelstiltskin' so that we could create our own story following this style!



A fantastic performance of 'Hoodwinked' by all of year 3! You really were fabulous!!

We've been having a go at some performance poetry. It was great fun!

Have a listen to our versions of 'Louder' by Roger Stevens and 'Surrounded by Noise!' By Ian Soulter.



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I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my lovely class this morning after our Hoodwinked rehearsal :) from Miss Latcham!

Sports Relief!! We had lots of fabulous sporting awards brought in on Friday - well done Year 3!

A memorable day today in class 3L! A HUGE CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to three of our class members for their super timestable knowledge! You now have your super cool calculator off Mrs Penney!! =D

Welcome back! Take a look at our newsletter!

Happy New Year frown

Welcome back!

Class 3L are delighted to be joined by Mrs Allison and Mrs Rogers!

We have lots of exciting activities planned for our new topic...

Walk Like an Egyptian!




Check out our Magnificent, Maya Mosaic Masks!!

We enjoyed cake today!! =) All for a good cause! Thank you for your contributions towards the MacMillan Coffee morning!

We've been having great fun in our music lessons this term learning Mamma Mia. We've also managed to play an accompaniment on tuned percussion!

We loved singing Mamma Mia. Have a listen and feel free to join in!

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We have been looking at fractions and today we compared bags of skittles to see what fraction of each colour there was in each! We LOVED this! We had to count the denominator first...

Class 3L love to show their special items! They have brought lots of things in including this beautiful Pyramid picture on Papyrus!

Walk like an Egyptian Newsletter Spring 1 2016

We have enjoyed designing and creating our Egyptian amulets today out of clay! Horus became an Egyptian ruler after he won a battle. During this battle he lost his eye, so the 'Eye of Horus' became a symbol of protection.

Here is a freeze frame of the Mummification process!

This morning, class 3L became embalmers! We mummified tomatoes by removing all the insides and then covered them with salt! This is so that we can see how the mummification process was used to preserve the bodies!

We have been busy creating our own Pyramid paintings using watercolors! They look fabulous, well done 3L!!

Miss Latcham and all of the Year 3 team wish you a Merry Christmas!

Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all again soon for our next topic!



P.S. Don't forget to bring a shoe box in before Friday 8th January 2016


Welcome back Year 3! smiley


Miss Latcham, Mrs Allison and Mrs Macdonald are excited about beginning a new topic with you this half-term...



We shall be learning all about our cute, little hedgehog friends. We will research their physical features and characteristics, their diet, habitat and their winter hibernation. We will also consider why their numbers have been reduced to dangerous levels and what we can do to try and help encourage hedgehog survival in our local area.
We will also use the clichéd 'Why did the hedgehog cross the road?' jokes to focus on road safety. We will role play crossing the road safely, design posters with road safety messages and share our learning with a younger year group.
After our successful Afternoon Tea, we will put our baking skills to the test again and bake something hedgehoggy! 




3L have had a lovely couple of days and are feeling very festive!

All the Hedgehog Shelters have been sent home ready for Hedgehogs in hibernation!

Goodbye Mrs Bousfield! We brought our bears in to celebrate Mrs Bousfield's time at Torrisholme :)

We have been busy with Christmas Crafts and have made beautiful calendars for the New Year 2016!!

All hand designed Baggy-Waggy Pocket-Pals have gone home today :) Please read the CARE INSTRUCTIONS (attached to the bag- you MUST cover the bag design and iron over for 2 minutes!!) We hope you love them, they are fabulous! Well done to the Clean, Green Shoppers!

Clean, Green Shoppers have been very busy making lots and lots of our fantastic products: Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pals! We are hoping orders will be sent home Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th December at the latest, so we thank you for your patience and we know you will LOVE them!

We have been having lots of fun in Music!

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We have been having lots of fun in music! Can you guess the tune?

Still image for this video

We have had lots of fun in music! Can you guess the tune?

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Lots of concentration needed!

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Still image for this video

Great work!

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Super Musicians!

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Well done!

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Clean, Green Shoppers presents Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pals currently in creation and orders are almost complete! Thank you for your custom if you have purchased one! You will receive orders no later than Friday 18th December 2015 :)

Year 3 Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pals!

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Get your exclusive Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pal at the Christmas Fair tonight after school!
Fabulous offers available :)

Teeny Weeny Elf Delights

Still image for this video
Come along to the Christmas Fair tonight in year 3 classrooms only 50p a bag for your Elf on the shelf!

It is Enterprise Week and Year 3 are back in business! Welcome to the Clean, Green Shoppers! Our product is 'Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pals'... Here is why you MUST purchase one:

We have been getting into the festive spirit! Today we made our very own CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! Don't they look wonderful?!

Today we baked hedgehog biscuits! We had lots of fun and our baking skills are superb after our MasterChef topic :)

Our topic has inspired Beau to make his own hedgehog shelter at home! Well done, it is fabulous!

Class 3L made a super special effort today for Children in Need 2015! Which Superhero would you like to be?!

We enjoyed exploring our local environment today looking at where would be suitable to set up a hedgehog home.

We have made some absolutely wonderful hedgehog collages using natural resources which we collected from outside! Don't they look amazing?!

Autumn Newsletter!

We made edible chocolate sparklers and enjoyed our 'Show and Share' :)

ART WEEK: Henri Matisse

We had an amazing MasterChef topic last half-term and you all worked so hard!

Some of the highlights were: cooking; healthy eating; learning about the body and digestive system; Afternoon Tea and the marvellous visit to our local supermarket finding out about where our food comes from and how it is made!



It has been delightful!

Here are some of the comments from Class 3L about their Afternoon Tea:

"It was a nice time to get together with parents and share food" - Lucas

"Epic!" - George

"Awesome" - Josh

"Fun" - Joshua

"Loved it!" - Dan

"Was lovely" - William

"I felt great" - Sophie

"Afternoon Tea was wonderful" - Beau

"Fantastic and amazing" - Lilian

"I liked this bit because I saw that my parents loved it!" - Ella

"Amazing because it was a change" - Mason


THANK YOU ALL for coming to our Afternoon Tea! We hope you enjoyed all the fabulous food we made.

We had a great day at TowerWood today!! Kayaking, Climbing and lots of team building activities... It was FAB! Take a look at the GALLERY for more photos!

We have used our skills to create our own sandwiches! We are looking forward to our Afternoon Tea scheduled for Friday 16th October and we are going to be cooking up some delicious treats for you all :)

We have been focusing on 2D shapes this week in maths! We have been discussing the properties and vocabulary such as how many sides and vertices...

MasterChef newsletter Autumn 1 2015

Today, class 3L received a letter from Mr Wonka! We have been learning about him in our Literacy work based on the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'! The children were very excited about this delivery!!

Science - we have been looking at the different food groups!

Useful Information

Y3 Spelling Challenge