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This half term, our work will be based upon the famous, local children’s author, Beatrix Potter.

We will immerse ourselves in her fabulous stories and beautiful artwork.

Take a look at the newsletter below to find out the fantastic linked activities we will be doing this term.



Please check the page for updates on activities we have been doing, pictures, newsletters and important information.

Summer 2 - Potty About Potter

Summer 1 - On Your Marks, Get Set, Go

Spring 2 Newsletter - Wacky Races

The regeneration of Morecambe

In key stage two, we have worked together to plan ideas to bring Morecambe back to life. We created models to show new places people could come to visit. Everyone worked together fantastically and the children used their amazing imaginations to create some phenomenal models. Well done!

Year 3 have been on a trip to Happy Mount Park. At the park, we used maps and clues to orienteer around. We also had a ride on the train and a yummy ice cream. What a fanastic day! Thank you to all the parents that came along to help us :)

60's day! Year 3 have been getting their groove on!

Delightful digestion


Year 3 have been on a gory journey to discover what happens to food after it goes in our mouth. We had great fun doing a hands on experiment!

Today we have been collecting data relating to the lengths of our bones. We have presented it using pictograms and have created our own questions to ask each other.


First we learned how to stand en garde! Then we had to carefully put our protective vests and helmets on . It was so exciting! We practised touching our opponent with the tip of our sword. 

Class 3M worked up a sweat for Sports Relief!

Motor Museum Mania

Today was the day for our year 3 school trip. We had a great day at the Lakeland Motor Museum looking at lots of different vehicles from the first cars to the very special Bluebird water car. Then we had a fantastic journey across the lake from Lakeside pier to Bowness. It was great fun and we learned lots! 😃

In RE, we have been considering the meaning behind the word 'salvation'. We've discussed how it can relate to being rescued. The children then role played a variety of different situations where people may have to be rescued.

In preparation for creating our own wacky race comic stories, we have been looking at and enjoying different comics. We have learned about the different features of comics and have found the features within the comics we looked at.

Our Wacky Races topic in 3M is going down an absolute treat with all the children. We've created our own characters, settings and even our very own vehicles. Look at all our wacky designs!

We love science!

This week is science week and we are becoming scientists, carrying out lots of different experiments and scientific activities.


Marvellous Magnetism! We had a great time investigating how magnets work. We know about the different poles on magnets, how they attract and repel and we have been thinking about magnetic fields.

Year 3 and 4 have been learning all about volcanoes. We have learned about what causes a volcano to erupt, the after effects of volcanoes and we even got to create our own volcanic eruption!


We have carried out an investigation to find the best temperature water to melt ice quickly.

We have been using the power of air to make our balloon cars move.

Science Boffin Joel kick started science week showing us how much fun science can be.

Take a look at the super rainforest tribe inspired masks we have created.

The Amazing Amazon Rainforest

Our topic this half term will focus on the incredible Amazon Rainforest. We will investigate what a rainforest is and where they are found around the world. We will identify the features of the Amazon Rainforest, including some of its amazing flora and fauna. We shall consider how indigenous people live in the Amazon Rainforest and make comparisons to our living styles and community. We will also consider the many threats to the survival of the rainforest, including deforestation.

We have developed our drawing and painting skills by creating rainforest pictures inspired by the artist Henri Rosseau.

Fun in the snow!

We had great fun playing wheelchair basketball!

Hands On Animals


Year 3 have had some very special visitors today. Kelly from Hands On Animals came with a vast amount of knowledge about the rainforest and the animals that live there. She also brought some special guests to help us to get hands on with wildlife. We got to look at and handle: an African rainforest snail, a Madagascan hissing cockroach, a stick insect, a tarantula, a desert leapord gecko, a crested rainforest gecko and a royal python. We had a fantastic time learning lots about the animals and their amazing habitats.

Freeze Frame!

We read Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhyme Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. We had great fun creating freeze frames for the characters and objects in parts of the story . 3M were fantastic actors and everyone could say what their character or object was thinking and feeling.

Can you work out who or what we are? 

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Year 3 Curriculum Evening Powerpoint

Poetry week

We have been focusing on Roald Dahl's poetry collections during poetry week. We began reading and enjoying the 'Dirty Beasts' collection and then created our own dirty beasts and poems.

Have a read of some of our amazing poems:


The Spider


The spider does a crafty trick,

On any person that he'll pick.

Now the spider is the boss,

He wraps them up in candy floss.

Now the spider is ready to eat,

Bit by bit he eats the meat.

Before the spider does a dance,

First he does a little prance.

Now the spider has revenge,

He's going to take over Stonehenge.


By Aimee G

The Spider

The Spider thinks he's the boss,

Just because his teeth get a floss.

If it is a boy he can spy,

He'll make a human pie.

If it is a fly he's seen,

He starts to get really mean.


By Sam O

The Crocodile

On the crocodile's birthday he turns into a snake,

And eats lots of birthday cake.

The crocodile drinks water,

Then goes to visit his daughter.


By Evie 

We came together with 3W to go on a word hunt! We found random words then had to find our rhyming siblings to build a rhyming family.

Year 3 become animators!


Over the past week we have been looking at Morph and how the animations are made. We then planned and made our own animations. Check out our fantastic pieces of work!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

It's time to focus on time🕰


This week, in maths, we have been focusing on time. We have been learning to tell time to 5 minute intervals and to convert analogue to digital and vice versa.

We have all worked really hard this week but please help us to practise at home to help us become really confident at telling the time. 

Year 3 drama work shop

Today, Miss Winters, a drama teacher at Heysham High School, kindly came to visit Year 3. She helped the children to act out different scenarios focusing on characterisation and projection of voice. The class really enjoyed it and hopefully it will make our acting in the Christmas performance even better! smiley

This week, we have been making our own moving images in the form of flick books.

We have been learning all about the history of film and have found out it all began with moving images. We have looked at how thaumatropes create the illusion of a moving image. Look at us making our own amazing designs.

Friday is our 'Share a Story' session in the library. Every Friday at 2.30pm, we welcome parents to come in and share a story with children in 3M. This week, we even had 2 week old Oliver come to join us!

On Monday, it was RE day! Our focus was Jesus. We listened to stories about Jesus and looked at the different ways he has been portrayed. We were very lucky as we got to visit the Methodist Church and the Church of Ascension. The Minister and Priest told us about Jesus and we looked at the differences between the churches. We also had a visitor called Diana who came to tell us stories about Jesus.

To bring our fantastic 'Land of the Pharaohs' topic to an end, we had a fantastic Egyptian day. We designed and made our own Egyptian death masks, necklaces, bangles and a pyramid gift box.

In maths, we are looking at bar charts. We have interpreted data and used it to create bar charts. Our bar charts had titles, labelled axis and scales. We then asked and answered questions using the data.