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Bring me sunshine, in your smile.

Make me happy, for a while.

In this world where we live, there should be more happiness.

So bring me love, bring me sunshine, bring me .....




This final half term of Year 3 will be based around our beautiful local Bay and is aptly called

Bring me sunshine.




Bring Me Sunshine Y3 Summer 2 Newsletter.

Harry & Harry 2beat digital music sequence

We have used digital technology (PurpleMash) to create our own musical sequences using 4 layers of sound. Have a listen to feel like you are at old skool rave!

Chester 2beat musical sequence

Luke 2beat musical sequence

This afternoon we have enjoyed using oil pastels to create our own original and vibrant pictures of Morecambe Bay.

Finished photo collages inspired by David Hockney.

Today, we have created photo collages in the style of David Hockney.

Year 3 Walk to the Promenade to observe and draw Morecambe Bay.

Today we have been investigating shadows. We recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object. We have found patterns in the way that the size of our shadows change throughout the course of the day.

3-D shapes - comparing, sorting and making them with clay. Check out our geometric sculptures!

This half term has an incredible topic for us to get our grubby hands on.... The Amazing Amazon.

What is not to like about the rainforest? Except maybe the deadly animals. And the scarily high trees. The constant humidity.

You get the idea!

We will look at life in the rainforest, both animal and human, consider how they survive in the difficult tropical environment

and learn about the threats faced by the world's rainforests.


We can't wait to get started!

The Amazing Amazon Summer 1 newsletter

Rain forest models in the making...

More fabulous extra homework from Evie R. In her own time, she has researched rain forest animals. Well done!

Amazon River soundscape. We embarked on a journey down the Amazon River and this is what we heard....

Still image for this video
We worked collaboratively as a group to decide what we would hear, who would vocalize the sound and in which order. We performed this alongside a xylophone accompaniment played by another group member.
Can you guess what animals we heard?

Amazon River soundscape 2

Still image for this video
Which creatures can you hear?

Amazon River soundscape 3

Still image for this video
Is this journey any less noisy?

Let the Rain forest model making commence...

We have been busy creating collages for our Flat Stanley Rainforest stories.

Check this out... Whilst reading, Bruce has collected a bank of his favourite words and phrases. Way to go Bruce. Well done!

Samba Drumming Day. We had lots of fun Brazil-style playing different rhythms on a range of instruments. We played our poly-rhythm 'drum n bass' style music with gusto! Ouch, our ears!

Samba rhythms

Still image for this video
We had lots of fun playing rhythms on our different samba band instruments.

Yippee, it's Summer! Apparently!

We hope you've all enjoyed a fun and restful Easter filled with happy times and fuelled by chocolate! Now we are back to school, we are kicking our half term off with a bang. Well, with a rock to be precise, as we embark on a mini unit across 2 days all about rocks, fossils and soils. We have already had fun handling and observing the different rocks and we are ready to conduct some fun tests and use the results to group the rocks. Rocktastic fun lies in store tomorrow!

We have had lots of fun observing, testing, comparing and grouping rocks. Take a look!

Our rocks through the microscope. Can you spot any properties which would indicate the rock type for each example? Look closely and see if you can spot any crystals, ribbon-like layers, gas holes or shiny, glassy speckles. What type of rock are fossils often found in?

Land of Make Believe

Our topic this half term will be connected to fables, folk and fairy tales, especially less familiar tales. We will make glove puppets and use them to tell stories and also animate stories in ICT.


"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales," Albert Einstein.

Land of Make Believe Newsletter Spring 2 2016

And they lived happily ever after! Well done 3T you pesevered and created your very own hand puppet.

Performance Poetry


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Making great progress...

Today, we have been 'whistling while we work' and improving our sewing skills so that we can successfully join materials together. For some, this required a lot of determination and perseverance.

We have researched existing puppets inorder for us to create design criteria to design functional, creative puppets.

Super Science! We have been exploring forces and magnets and observing how forces can act as a result of direct contact and also at a distance. We particularly LOVED the magnet work!

Walk Like An Egyptian...





What a terrific trip we had today to end another tremendous half term!

Thank you to all of our beautifully behaved children and of course all of the fabulous parent volunteers and staff.

An exciting and memorable day had by all.

Enjoy the half term everyone!

Today, we enjoyed finding out about the Chichan Itza Temple. A magnificent pyramid built by the Mayans. We then enjoyed creating our own pyramid structures using various building materials. Once again, we flexed our learning muscles, showing resilience!

Walk like an Egyptian Newsletter Spring 1 2016

Ancient Egyptian Day. First, we arrived at school wearing our lovely kohl eye make-up, which would have helped protect the Ancient Egyptians eyes from the glare of the sun and the dry, dusty air. We decorated our modroc coffins and turned shoe boxes into a sarcophagus. We used nets of cylinders to make canopic jars featuring the heads of Imsety, Hapi, Duamatef and Qebehsenuf, the four sons of Horus.

Another fabulous Friday has come to an end... We have been busy this week completing our very own booklets. They contain an explanation text all about mummification.

Thank you to Abigail from 3L for allowing us to look at the Egyptian Items her family have.

We have made an Eye of Horus Amulet using clay. Horus was the God of the sky. Through our topic we have found out that Ancient Egyptians believed that this symbol would bring protection, royal power and good health. Please watch this space to see them when they have been painted.

We have used modroc to form a sarcophagus. Watch this space to see the finished product...

We have enjoyed becoming embalmers. We have followed the first stage of the mummification process. We shall keep checking on our tomatoes to see if we have managed to preserve them.

We have developed our painting and brush skills by creating some beautiful watercolour paintings of the pyramids.

As the weather reminds us we are well into Autumn, we have a great topic planned to lead us up to December, which we have called...

Helpful Hoglets.​

We shall be learning all about our cute, little hedgehog friends. We will research their physical features and characteristics, their diet, habitat and their winter hibernation. We will also consider why their numbers have been reduced to dangerous levels and what we can do to try and help encourage hedgehog survival in our local area.
We will also use the clichéd 'Why did the hedgehog cross the road?' jokes to focus on road safety. We will role play crossing the road safely, design posters with road safety messages and share our learning with a younger year group.
And of course... we will bake something hedgehoggy! (Don't panic! Edible biscuity ones!)
We welcome any 'hedgehog' jokes; any good ones will be added to this class page! How about this for starters?...
What is a hedgehog's favourite crisp flavour?


Prickled onion!!!!



Thank you to Bruce for our first joke...


Why did the hedgehog cross the road?

Answer: To see his flat mate!


The jokes are coming thick and fast....

What did the grape say when he was stepped on by a hedgehog?

Nothing, he just let out a little wine!!




Two hedgehogs stood at the side of the road. The first one said, "Shall we cross over?" The other one said, "No chance. Have you see what happened to the zebra?"!!!!




What did the two hedgehogs say when they kissed?




Autumn 2 Newsletter Helpful Hoglets

We have explored 3-D shapes. We can name and describe the properties of 3-D shapes and have constructed some too.

Today we have been creating our calendars. Finished products will be coming home soon!

"Measure, Mark, Cut... and voila, you have your very own hedgehog shelter!"

Enterprise Week- Children used their innovation and creativity... they took risks and had the right attitude and drive to make ideas happen! Great work 'Clean Green Shoppers!'

Teeny Weeny Elf Delights

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Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pals

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Baggy-Waggy Pocket Pals

Firework soundscapes

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In Music, we have been composing and performing our own soundscapes to represent our experiences of Bonfire Night. We've considered pitch and tried to perform the different sounds carefully.

Fireworks soundscape

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Crossing the road safely with 3T

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