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Design and make an on-the-go lunch for a school trip. What a morning of creativity! The children made their lunches with enthusiasm and assembled their packaging with success. Brilliant belly busters ready to go!

Perfect banana pancakes - we have mashed, sifted, cracked, mixed and stirred light and fluffy pancakes using oat milk. The almost unanimous verdict was that they were Delicious!😋

Fabulous 🍇 fruit 🍈 🍉-we enjoyed strengthening, cutting, scoring and fastening paper to create 3D fruit


the happy home of Mrs Taylor,

Ms Allison and Mrs Shaw

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It is the final half term of the school year already. The time has flown by!


We have a delicious topic ahead:

Heaven's Kitchen.

We will be looking at the skeltons and muscles of humans and other animals before looking at the nutrition they need for healthy growth and survival.

We will design and create healthy meals in healthy portion sizes and explore food packaging for our nutritious creations.

We also plan to go outside every day to develop our long distance running stamina to improve our general fitness, promote positive well-being and focus our minds.


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Lots of fun today investigating shadows🔦🌅

Giuseppe Arcimboldo inspired art. Who’d have thought your 5-a-day could be such fun?!

Dem bones, dem bones, dem funny bones! Gigantic bodies to show how our organs are protected by our skeleton.

Sports Day. What an awesome day! We all really enjoyed ourselves and special mention to our 3 brave females who led the way for the parents’ races - well done and thank you!

Day 4 problem solving and team work! We enjoyed finding pieces for the eat well plate and creating a rainbow with natural and man made resources🌿🌹🌾


To understand how we feel after exercise and how important it is to our wellbeing, we completed 15 stations of different exercises in a circuit. It was exhausting, but we felt great afterwards!

Sugar towers. Can you believe how much sugar is in portions of our favourite foods? At our age, the recommended amount of sugar per day is just 6 cubes (24g). We were shocked at how easy it is for us to consume too much sugar.

HEALTHY WEEK - food prep and tasting with the crudité crew! Yum! Favourites so far are fresh pineapple and dried mango 😋

Fabulous fraction fun making pizzas! A delicious start to our fraction work.

Finding out what plants need to grow properly. Planting on day 1.

Our Iron Man story share was certainly well attended. Thank you to all the adults who made it to the afternoon to hear the children read their story books and show you how to sketch and draw. It was lovely to see how excited and enthusiastic they were about their learning.

Our class visit to Lancaster University to experience their Schools Go Green day. We met some very knowledgeable people who made us consider food miles and how we can eat more seasonably. We also learned that there are so many different types of plastic and that only a tiny percentage of it is currently recycled (less than 20%). We enjoyed wandering around the Ecohub and thought the chickens were funny. We finished the day with some delicious fresh pesto making. Yum!

What fabulous 'trashion' we had for our show. These were our finalists. Congratulations to Freya, our overall winner.

Trashion on the catwalk 1

Still image for this video

Trashion on the catwalk 2

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Have you been wondering why we wanted you to help us collect so many bottle tops? Well look at the fabulous mosaic mural Years 3&4 have created today. Plastic fantastic!