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Sooooo, here we are in the second half of our final term at school.  Time really has flown...

To help maintain your Year 3 skills and keep some structure to the days, you will find new and updated Home Learning activities in our link below. Go take a peek and get involved! 

If screen time is becoming a concern or you'd simply like to mix it up a little, a paper learning pack can be requested - ping us an email and we will get one sorted for you.


So far, such fun... our virtual class meets have been an absolute delight. More are in the pipeline so remember to remind your adults to check their junk email box - what we send you is NOT spam! wink 

We cannot wait for our weekly online gatherings!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to NIALL, who turned 8 on Monday and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB who turns 8 on Father’s Day.


Enjoy superb cake and laughter filled celebrations! 🎂🥛🍫🍨


Stay safe, stay smiley, STAY AWESOME! laugh

Scroll further down for Spike updates. 


3T Weekly stats

Total points scored: 59,547  (27,054 more than last week!) 

Total number of sign-ins: 122 (50 more than last week!)

Total time online: 56 hours 11 minutes (a rise of 26 hours 43 minutes from last week!)

Number of activities attempted: 276 (an increase of 136)

Number of activities completed >85% success: 249 (up 128 from last week! Yippeee!!)


Medal Mathletes

Gold - Lucas G. 59 completed activities

Silver - Erin Mc. 44 completed activities

Bronze - Jack 37 completed activities


What can we all achieve this week?

On your math marks, get set, GO!!! 



The ongoing antics of Fernella, the Year 3 kitchen fairy!

Fernella's 🧚‍♀️ Party Quiz

🗣Quote of the Day💫

enlightened Daily Brain Bender yes

Go on, you know you want to give it a whirl!

Friyay from my poshest socks

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Friyay 1

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A little message from me to you... part 1. It was so long I had to snip the video into smaller chunks. You know how I like to talk to you all 😀

Friyay part 2

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Friyay sign out

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And here’s the blooper!

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Just so you can roll your eyeballs at me!😂
To all those David Walliams fans, he is reading stories LIVE every morning at 11am. Click on this link to take you to his site and then click on 'Elevenses'. Enjoy smiley 

Year 3 Home Learning Newsletter. This is the letter that was sent home on 20.3.2020 with ideas of activities for whilst your child is at home. Have fun and we are thinking of all of you.

Collins Big Cat have given us online access to their reading scheme books. There are reading books to support those of you reading book band colours up to Lime. Also read the books under the 'progress books' tab for further reading material in your colour band.

If you are reading Grey books, please choose wisely from other online and paper book selections you can access. Keep up the reading miles! 


Details to access the website:

Go to https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/Portal.aspx

Click on the Teacher portal and enter

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

Click Login

Collins Big Cat online reading books

The Handwashing Song

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Composed by 3T

Once Upon a Story Time Week

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the children for making this week so enjoyable. We have heard a whopping 19 traditional tales and have expressed opinions on them. We’ve identified themes and conventions and considered the magical number and repetitive elements of many of the tales. We have explored traditional tale language and written our own versions of the classic Rumplestiltskin.

I’m genuinely sad the week is over...


‘Step Up to the Mic’ Parent Share. Adults and children worked together to roll story cubes to create on-the-spot traditional tales. Once written, who was brave enough to orally retell the story by stepping up to the mic? Some fabulously imaginative tales were created. What a talented bunch of authors we have in Year 3.

The Gift of a Book. A gift from me to you. 3T and 3H paired up to ‘speed friend’ one another before going to the library to select a book for their partner based on what they’d learned about them and their likes/dislikes. The children wrapped up the book and ‘gifted’ it to their new friend during our reading week. Watching the children's faces as they revealed their books and hearing their chatter about the choices was a gift to us adults.

The children should know their 3 times tables facts by now. Please support their knowledge by encouraging them to practise regularly.

It has been 49 days since we submerged Malcolm the Mackerel in a salt/bicarbonate of soda mix as part of our mummification experiment. Today (wearing my trusty 'Gary Gloves') we were brave enough to uncover him!

After a good few eughs and eeks, we were staring like wide-eyed frogs at Malcolm's corpse. We decided that the covering of salt has worked really well and most of the moisture has been absorbed by the salt mix, however, we thought he still needed a little more time to be fully mummified - we are obviously not given a helping hand by the Egyptian sun!

Welcome to Torrisholme’s Valley of the Queens. Here you will find tombs of princes and princesses and maybe a wayward pharaoh or two.

Making flat bread, ancient Egyptian style.

Ramp investigation. We tested ramps to find out which one would be the best to move a heavy object on.

Fantastic friction! Today we investigated friction in wet and dry sand. We found out from our research that the Egyptians used to wet the sand to help them move heavy rocks. When we tested the wet sand tray the block moved more easily as there was less friction.

Super successful shadufs? There is still a lot for us to learn before we can rival the designs of the ancient Egyptians. We are not quite ready to irrigate the school field!

Graffiti maths! Well there’s one way to motivate the children with written multiplication... let them write their calculations on the tables! What friyay fun!

As we have been learning about the process of mummification, Mrs Taylor had Year 3 riveted watching her mummify ‘Malcolm the Mackerel’, this afternoon! He is now totally immersed in salt and bicarbonate of soda to replicate the process of drying out. We will check on him at the end of this term.

Tackling division with remainders in a practical way. Sadly straws aren’t as delicious as eating any ‘left over’ chocolates!

Creating Christmas Characters-can you guess who is who?

The Big Move with Joe Wicks for Children in Need. Jumping, running, punching and twisting to raise money for those who need something a little extra to help make their lives a little brighter.

The Big Move 1

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The Big Move 2

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The Big Move 3

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The MOST fun event of the year is approaching...

Year 3's Christmas Production. 

Parts will be given out in due course and songs will be learned in Music sessions. Dust off those dancing shoes and dig out your disco flares - we can't wait to bring the sparkle to your festive season!


See the source image

At Torrisholme, we are continuously striving to develop ways to encourage our children to read for pleasure. We have created a ‘HOT BOOKS’ list of 30 up-to-date, age-appropriate texts, compiled from a range of suggested reading lists. This is not an exhaustive list of fabulous year group appropriate books but is more a fun challenge list for our children to explore texts written in a wide range of styles by a selection of current and popular children’s authors.


How many can your child read or share with you?


On your marks…

          get set…

                                and READ!

Super scientists sorting animals into 2 groups

Then we sorted them into reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, insects and amphibians

Hockey skills. We had a great time trying to control our hockey balls today and dribble around obstacles.

Performance poetry. The Bug Chant by Tony Mitten

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Performance video 2

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Performance video 3

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Volcano and Folk Tale Parent Share. Thank you so much for your support - the children absolutely LOVED sharing their work with you.

Problem solving in maths

Master artists! Using watercolours to create a background before adding detail to create explosive volcano paintings.

How Camel got his Hump - freeze framing in action. Can you retell the story using these tableaux prompts?

Vivid volcanoes! We have created striking oil pastel pictures using differing pressures to create different colour effects, smudging and blending. See our final masterpieces on our classroom windows - you’ll be amazed!

Rock Detectives