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smiley 3T are ready to 'Bring More Sunshine' this half term as we complete our topic on Morecambe Bay.


'Bring me Sunshine'.

We will continue to explore the physical and human features of our local landscape, and developing our art skills through sketching, drawing and painting, using the Bay as our stimulus. We will also use technology to take lots of photographs of the landscape, in different lights and at different tidal times so we can observe and compare how the colours of the landscape change in differing conditions.


We are also lucky enough to welcome 'Chas Jacobs' into school to work with the children on Thursday 2nd July. Bright colours, hot air balloons and local features will be brought to life with paint and pastels.


Feel like becoming a photographer yourself?

Send us some of your own photographs of the Bay for us to explore.

So get snap happy!


Now all together now... 

"Bring me sunshine, in your smile,
Bring me Laughter, all the while,
In this world where we live, there should be more happiness,
So much joy you can give, to each brand new bright tomorrow...."



Year 3 Bring me Sunshine Newsletter Summer 2 2015

Chas Jacobs a la 3T

A lovely afternoon sketching plants in Brooke's garden. Thank you Mrs Hill!

Outdoor afternoon with Mrs Green and Mrs Hunter

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Lily and Ella News Recording

A news broadcast recorded and edited using Audacity about the earthquakes in Nepal

News broadcast Zach and Eva

Nepal earthquake news bulletin recorded and edited using Audacity

Our Trip to the Promenade

Walk like an Egyptian Newsletter Spring 2

Djembe drumming with Rick from More Music Morecambe Wednesday 25th March 2015

Still image for this video
What a great time we had, although our hands were tingling for a while afterwards!

Ancient Egyptian Worlds @ Manchester Museum. What a great day!

Vivarium @ Manchester Museum

Marvellous Models! Check out our fab 3D junk models of a rainforest. We've had such fun being creative with different materials.

Making speedy bird cakes for our Big School Birdwatch

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Empanadas de atun - they were scrumptious!

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Volcanic Eruptions in 3T!

Enterprise Week

Year 3 have created their own company 'Trash Kids' and have developed two products using recycled materials, both of which will be on sale at Friday's Christmas Fair.

They will be selling Tick Tock clocks, which can be ordered to hang or stand, with your choice of design, including personalised photographs. They are also selling a range of gift bows made from recycled magazines.

Trash Kidz Advert

Still image for this video

Trash Kidz Advert

Still image for this video

Trash Kidz WOW Tick Tock Clocks

Clock Designs - choose your favourite to order!



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