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For our final half term, we shall delve in to...

The Amazing Amazon!

What is not to like about the rainforest? Except maybe the deadly animals. And the scarily, high trees. The constant humidity.

You get the idea!

We will explore life in the rainforest, both animal and human.

We shall consider how they survive in the difficult conditions and learn about the threats faced by the world's rainforests.



Today we enjoyed exploring our shadows.

A big thank you to 'Hands on Animals' for coming in today for a 'Rainforest Ramble' with her animals. We really enjoyed holding and stroking the various animals, including, an African Giant Land Snail, a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, a Giant African Millipede, a Royal Python, a Boa Constrictor and a Chile Rose Tarantula, while learning fascinating facts about them. As a treat, we were also able to stroke her beautiful Barn Owl.


Thank you to Darcey-jo and Cassius, who showed us their Giant African Snail at the end of the day, who was called Taffybogel!

Capacity fun. Reading scales and making rainforest cocktails.

Some of our talented artists at work.

Our finished tribal masks.

We have explored the lifestyles and cultures of the indigenous people that live in the Amazon rainforest.

We have had a great time recreating jungle pictures inspired by Henri Rousseau.


Parents/ Guardians

Thank you for all of your support on completing the Morecambe Bay photograph task. The shots we have received are super and they are perfect for our art work.

Thank you!

Welcome back to the Summer Term! smiley

Our new topic is 'Walk Like an Egyptian'. We have lots of exciting things planned including, hieroglyphics, mummification, researching facts about the River Nile, water colour pyramid paintings and making a sarcophagus and an amulet using clay and mod-rock.


Image result for egyptians

We have enjoyed using modroc to create a sarcophagus. We have designed a sarcophagus too. Watch this space for our finished products.

We enjoyed exploring the characters and the plot of the story 'The Egyptian Cinderella.'

Making our own Maps

Land of Make Believe


This half term, our topic will be connected to fables and fairy tales, especially those  less familiar. We will make glove puppets and use them to retell the stories. 

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales," Albert Einstein.

Congratulations Year 3! An absolutely fantastic performance of Hansel and Gretel. We are so proud of you.

Wow! Look what we have made!

Look at this! A house made of gingerbread! Yes, that was what we said, A house made of gingerbread! Quality with quantity unlimited! No one's keeping tabs! Feast your eyes on all you could ever want...

Today, we have created our very own 'gingerbread' style houses. We flexed plenty of 'BLP muscles' to do so. We were all super and resisted temptation!

We are making good progress with our puppets...

We have carefully planned our puppets. Here we are, making our pattern templates.

Next, we carried out a focus practical task, making a paper puppet. This helped us understand the process we will follow to make our hand puppets. It also enabled us to understand the need for a seam allowance.

We began our design and make project by exploring existing products.

Take a peek  at our learning in History Week...


What a fabulous trip into Roman times we had today! First, we met Marcus, the Roman soldier who was able to speak Latin. He told us lots of fantastic facts about the Roman army and taught us how to march. In the museum, we were even able to touch Roman artefacts!

In maths, we had fun learning Roman numerals up to 12.

We began the week finding out how Rome was founded through the Legend of Romulus and Remus. Take a look at our freeze frames which retell the story.

This term we are going 'Potty about Potter'.

We will study the life of Beatrix Potter and enjoy reading and analysing a selection of her fabulous children's books. We shall delve into the Victorian era, looking at a variety of artefacts and compare the life for a child now and then. Also, We shall explore drawing and water colour techniques. By the end of the term, children will have produced their own tale in the style of Beatrix Potter.

What a great half term we've had writing our own Beatrix Potter tale and learning how to use watercolour paints.

We shared our own stories with 3B.

We made clay models of our characters.

This half term, we have enjoyed developing our skills in Tag Rugby. We really enjoyed playing the game. We have been flexing our 'BLP' muscles and improving our relationships and communication skills.

This afternoon, we have used clay to create our characters that will debut in our Beatrix Potter inspired stories. We have focused on ways of joining clay and used a variety of tools to mould and create textures.

We have enjoyed using water colours and seeing the different effects we can create.

Guess Who? We began our topic by looking at clues. We asked lots of questions and finally revealed who would have used objects like this... The one and only Beatrix Potter.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a fantastic break.

We begin this term with a fun filled, 'Dahlicious' book week.

Our next topic will be revealed very soon so watch this space!


We found the tricks that Mr and Mrs Twit played on each other hilarious, so we had a go at acting out a scene.

These clips are taken from the scene called, 'The Wormy Spaghetti.'


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Mugglewump, the monkeys and The Roly-Poly-Bird taught Mr and Mrs Twit a lesson by making them believe they were upside down in their living room. It made them stand on their heads and become stuck to the floor, eventually shrinking away to nothing! We had lots of fun making Mr and Mrs Twit's upside down living room.

Thank you to Mrs Gudgeon, who came into school this morning to read a selection of stories to groups of children. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!

What a fabulous Dahlicious Dress Up Day we've had. The children's costumes were amazing. Can you guess who everyone is?

We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our buddies in 6J this week.

Check out what Mr Twit has got in his beard! We have enjoyed reading one of Roald Dahl's splendid stories, 'The Twits'. Using the description, we have designed and made our own beards.

Year 3 Spelling Challenge

Autumn 2


Our next exciting topic is...

Helpful Hoglets


​​During this topic, we shall be learning all about our cute, little hedgehog friends. We shall research their physical features and characteristics, their diet, habitat and their winter hibernation.  We shall consider why their numbers have been reduced and learn how we can help and encourage them to survive in our locality.

We will also use the cliché​d 'Why did the hedgehog cross the road?' jokes to focus on the important topic of road safety. We will role play crossing the road safely, design posters and make our own raps, to share the rules of crossing the road safely.


​We welcome any 'hedgehog' jokes; any good ones will be added to this page!


3W Artists at work...

Thanks to all, for visiting Year 3, at the Christmas Fair! We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your handmade decorations we have sewn!

We have made Christmas cards that shall soon be on their way to Miami! We are very excited and looking forward to meeting our new Hispanic penfriends! Look at our writing in Spanish.

We are feeling very proud after making our own hedgehogs. Take a look- it's all of our own work!

We had fun in maths today making 3D shapes out of cocktail sticks and midget gems! We were learning about edges and vertices and we were even allowed to eat the vertices at the end! Yum!

A Fabulous visit to Frankie and Benny's


We began with a brisk walk to the train station, followed by a short but exciting journey on a train and then we were welcomed into restaurant by the Maestro Pizziaolo.

After washing our hands and covering our clothes with a puzzling pinny, we made a bread stick and then designed our very own pizzas. Within minutes, it was cooked in the huge pizza oven. The adults sat back and relaxed whilst the children devoured their delicious pizzas.


Thank you to all of our wonderful helpers .

A fun day at Frankie and Benny's with fabulous children!


We enjoyed creating natural collages.

Year 3 are now on official Hedgehog watch!

If you spot one of our prickly friends and happen to have a camera close by, please photograph/ video the animal in action and email to school for us to see.




Cultural Diversity Week


On Monday, we spent time thinking about and discussing the question  'What makes people feel British?'

We challenged many stereotypes that people have about British people. Following this we considered what being British means to us and learnt about British Values


For the rest of this week, Year 3 focused on the country, South Africa.

​We began again by challenging the stereotypes portrayed in the media. We researched and discussed Nelson Mandela and the important part he played in changing the lives of many in South Africa creating the 'Rainbow Nation' that is today.


We have had lots of fun, found out interesting facts and we have most definitely been challenged.

Some of the other activities we have completed are: djembe drumming,  finding out about the Big Five,  creating a African inspired collage, making and playing our very own rattle drums and having a go at Zulu basket weaving.


Autumn 1


We hope that you have had a fantastic break and like us, you are all ready and raring to go! We have lots of exciting things planned for this first half term. We begin with our first topic named...

'Food Glorious Food'

We shall be exploring, analysing, preparing, cooking and not to forget, tasting.

Keep your eyes peeled for all things delicious on this page.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our 'Food Glorious Food' afternoon. The children were all brilliant and they enjoyed your company.

We have enjoyed preparing our fruit salad, ready for our special guests.

In R.E, we have been finding out about how Sikhism was founded. We explored the story of the first Guru- Guru Nanak.

In literacy, we have been using our senses to describe fruit.

In our topic lesson, we have enjoyed sampling foods from around the world. We were able to locate the continents on a world map and then used atlas' to locate the countries from which the foods came.