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Summer 2 - Potty About Potter

We enjoyed taking a closer look at rocks. Look at the crystals we could see!

What a beautiful afternoon for the children to showcase all their hard work. They have worked so hard on their Beatrix Potter style stories and are very proud of them. Their teddies are now very well dressed with their own Peter Rabbit style jacket with a very well sewn on button. Thank you for coming and dabbling in some watercolour painting. There are definitely some talented artists among you!

Summer 2

What a fabulous way to start the term, with a whole school local study week!

We have investigated what Morecambe and Torrisholme was like in the past, had a walk round Torrisholme to see what it is like now and also brushed up on our map skills by orienteering round Happy Mount Park. To finish  the week, we have designed and made a regeneration project for the derelict area where Frontierland used to be. We have all have really enjoyed it!

1960's Day

Happy Mount Park: orienteering, playing team games and riding the train

For designing and making our regeneration projects, we worked in mixed groups within KS2.

The finished designs

Summer 1

Hurray! It's the beginning of the Summer Term.

We're looking forward to enjoying some sunshine!


This term our topic is 'On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!'

In literacy,we have already started dreaming about going on holiday to Cyprus, the destination we are 'running to', and have begun learning about the benefits of a balanced diet.

As the Commonwealth Games come to an end, we are moving on to the function of our skeleton and muscles.



During the topic, the children created fabulous artwork about the Commonwealth Games, wrote postcards from Cyprus, created persuasive posters and wrote a travel guide for Cyprus.

Well done everyone, we managed to run 2,100 miles to Cyprus! We have been really impressed with the determination and stamina the children have shown over the term to improve their personal bests. Now we just have to run back!

The children thoroughly enjoyed reading Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox. They wrote wanted posters as if they were Boggis, Bunce and Bean and created a delicious menu for Mrs Fox's celebration feast.

Today we have found out about and investigated the journey our food takes in the Digestive System.

We had a special visitor. Today Sophie and her mum introduced us to her Chameleon.

Spring 2 Newsletter - Wacky Races


Today was the day for our year 3 school trip. We had a great day at the Lakeland Motor Museum looking at lots of different vehicles from the first cars to the very special Bluebird water car. Then we had a fantastic journey across the lake from Lakeside pier to Bowness. It was great fun and we learned lots. Thank you to all of our volunteers and of coure to our children who were a credit to the school!

Introducing the next generation of Wacky Racer cars .....

Getting down to the serious business of designing and making our very own Wacky Race cars.

We investigated the amount of friction created by different surfaces and found out that the carpet created the most friction for the toy car and the shiny wood created the least friction.

World Book Day!

The children looked fabulous! Thank you for all your effort.

We have enjoyed writing character descriptions of our characters and also painting our characters onto pebbles.



Science Week


STEM Day Challenge:

Build the tallest and strongest structure to hold a tennis ball.

Exploring Magnets

Changes of state . Chocolate!

Investigation time. What will affect the rate at which ice melts?

The Power of air... This afternoon, we made balloon powered racing cars.

Science Boffin Workshop- Plasma Balls and Playful Polymers.

Goo! We found out that goo (cornflour and water) can act like a solid and a liquid. Cornflour is made of lots of long, stringly particles. When the goo is rolled quickly or punched, the paricles push back so the goo feels solid. If the goo is dribbled, the particles slide over each other so it feels like a liquid.

Spring 1

The Amazing Amazon

What is not to like about the tropical rainforests? Except maybe the deadly animals. And the scarily, high trees. The constant humidity.

You get the idea!


Through our topic, we will explore life in the rainforest, both animal and human.

We shall consider how they survive in the difficult conditions and lerarn about the threats faced by the world's rainforests.


Snow day- Let's play!

Torrisholme Tribal Preparations...

What great fun we had today playing wheelchair basketball!

We love the Topical Rainforest! Look at all this extra work we have produced at home...

We've been looking at the artist Henri Rousseau and having a go at sketching a jungle scene inspired by him. Everyone has made a fabulous start. We're looking forward to painting them next week.

What better way could we begin our topic? Today, we enjoyed sampling the foods that originated in the world's tropical rainforests.


Poetry Week



Our week began writing poems inspired by our visiting poet, Andy Tooze. We muddled up with 3M to complete a rhyming family word hunt. Next, we enjoyed listening to a variety of Roald Dahl's Dirty Beast poems before creating our own with words and clay. We are also looking at Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and learning how to draw like Quentin Blake.

Creating and Combining Shapes and Adding Textures.

It's Rhyme Time!

Our' Twenty Words About...' poems inspired by Andy Tooze.


Twenty words about a Marshmallow



Fluffly lump,

Yum scrum,

Yum in my tum,

In hot chocolate it's a treat,

It makes it super sweet.


Alex McDade


Twenty words about a Marshmallow


Water Melon,

It's a treat,

Yum scrum,

It's happy it's red,

But you can't get it from Greggs,

Yum scrum.


Bali McGrow


Twenty words about a Big Mac


Big Mac


Made from meat, lettuce and gherkins,

My delight,

Lunch or tea,

One a weekend just for me.


Peter Lewis





On Wednesday morning, we did a drama activity based on the poem ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. We then looked at some pictures from the animated version of this poem and tried to freeze frame some of the scenes.

Welcome back to Autumn Term, Part 2.

We have many exciting things planned for this term.

It's time to sing, dance and shine, ready for our next topic...

It's Showtime!

Image result for film reel

Let's get animating!

Olivia, Bali and Sophie.mov

Still image for this video

Alex M, Jessica and Jamie.mov

Still image for this video

Charlie, Peter and Daniel.mov

Still image for this video

Maisie, Ted & Isabelle.mov

Still image for this video

What a spectacular show! We couldn't be more proud. Well done and thank you to all of our children. Thank you to the parents for your support and for being a great audience. Here we are warming up back stage.

Look at our Christmas cards. We are sending them to our Spanish speaking penfriends in Miami.

Thank you to Mrs Winters and her students for a fabulous drama workshop this afternoon!

This week we made Zoetropes.

We enjoyed sharing our new books from today's book swap with our year 5, reading buddies!

Today we found out how films began. We learnt that it all started over a debate about whether or not all four hooves of a horse left the ground when a horse gallops! We enjoyed using the ipads to take still images and then scrolled through them quickly to make our moving image.

Silent Pictures- Can you guess which story we are miming?

Still image for this video
We have been thinking about how we can improve our performance skills.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Performance Poetry.

Still image for this video
This half term we are focusing on performance. We enjoyed rehearsing and performing the poem, 'Louder' by Roger Stevens.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
R.E Theme Day

Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the world. A candle is often used to remind Christians of this. We have created some fabulous candles using water colours and collage.

Today we have had a Christianity themed day. Our focus was the central figure of the religon, Jesus. Thank you to all of our speakers and helpers. It has been an informative and interesting day for all.

Autumn 1



We hope you have had a fabulous summer and like us, you are ready to get stuck into our first exciting topic...

The Land of the Pharaohs.



We will research the Ancient Egyptian hierarchy, study mummification and find out about the importance of the River Nile.

We have many creative activities planned, including painting landscapes, hieroglyphics and using clay to create Egyptian jewellery.


Please check your child's book bags and home/ school diaries for letters and information. 

3W have P.E on a Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning.




Today, we have turned ourselves into Egyptians!

Preparations have begun! Don't forget, tomorrow is Egyptian day!

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories together. Thank you to all that were able to come.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed making Egyptian bread- 'Eesh baladi'. Many ancient Eyptians would have eaten this daily. We found out that it was bread that caused Ancient Egyptian's teeth to wear down as it had grit and sand in it. However our bread was delicious because we left the sand out!

Monday began with us analysing non-fiction texts. We were challenged to find many things including: headings, subheadings, paragraphs, fact boxes, questions and labelled diagrams.

This afternoon, we have been learning about farming techniques in Ancient Egypt. We focussed particularly on how the farmers were able to transfer the water from the Nile to water their crops. They used a contraption called a 'shaduf'. The children were challenged to build one using newspaper, a ruler, some blutack and cellotape! They had to work as team and we had some successes. Take a look.

Once again, we have been thinking about team work and the skills required to be a team player. Today, an observer noted down the ways that the groups made their decisions.

Here we are locating information in books to answer our research questions.

This afternoon, we have enjoyed exercising our BLP Muscles. In pairs, children created an obstacle course. Then they had to take it in turns to guide each other through the course whilst closing their eyes.

Thankyou, Bali- We enjoyed looking at your statues. We look forward to finding out more about them through our research of the Ancient Egyptians.

We really enjoyed retelling the story of 'The Egyptian Cinderella' through freeze framing.

Here we are busy making our maps of Ancient Egypt.

This week, we generated our own research questions through exploring different artifacts linked to the Ancient Egyptians.

In Maths, We have been recognising the place value of the digits in 3 digit numbers and have been representing them in different ways.

Team building and problem solving was the aim of today! The children had to: build the tallest Jenga tower, build pyramids with Lego and large blocks, use pipes to get water to travel from the tap to the stream and to make a piece of playdoh or paper float!

Finally, they had to wrap toilet paper round one of their team members to mummify them!! The winner was Tilly's team!

Well done, 3W, we're ready to start the year.


Today, 3W took on the 'tallest tower' competition. They were challenged to make a free standing structure using only art straws and tape. The winning tower was 130cm tall. Every group displayed fantastic team work skills- Well done, Team 3!

Our first day has flown by! What a great start to the year, team 3W! Today we have been focusing on being part of a team.

Year 3 - Mrs Price's Spelling Challenge