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Yesterday, we were very lucky to have local artist Chas Jacobs in school to spend a day working and inspiring Year 3. Here we are at work and play!

Year 3 Bring me Sunshine Newsletter Summer 2 2015

A lovely afternoon sketching plants in Brooke's garden. Thank you Mrs Hill!
See Class 3T's page for our outdoor afternoon with Mrs Green and Mrs Hunter!

'Bring me Sunshine'.

laughA warm welcome back  from Ms Williams, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Allison. laugh


This half term, our new topic, Bring Me Sunshine, will see us exploring Morecambe Bay, looking at the  physical and human features of our local landscape. The children will have the opportunity to develop their art skills through sketching, drawing and painting, using the Bay as a stimulus. They will also use technology to take lots of photographs of the landscape, in different lights and at different tidal times so they can observe and compare how the colours of the landscape change in differing conditions.


Please make sure you hunt through your child's bag each evening to check when we are planning a visit  to the Bay. If the weather is good, we hope to do this on a regular basis!

Please remember to ensure your child has a sunhat, sun cream and a bottle of water in school. laugh

Bring me Sunshine Newsletter Summer 1 2015

Jack and Robert Nepal news broadcast

An Audacity project about the earthquakes in Nepal.

Daisy and Nell Nepal Broadcast

A news bulletin recorded and edited using Audacity about the earthquakes in Nepal

Walk like an Egyptian Spring 2 newsletter

Amazing Amazon Rainforest Newsletter Spring 1 2015

Autumn 2 Newsletter 2014

Autumn 2014 Newsletter 'MasterChef'

3w with their finished Egyptian Amulets and their completed Mummification information texts! Don't they look lovely?! Well Done everyone :)

African Drumming! 3W had lots of fun following the rhythm and improvising their own rhythms!

African Drumming!

Still image for this video
More Music in Morecambe visited our school and arranged small workshops with the year 3 classes. We had lots of fun learning an African song!

Sorting 3D shapes in Numeracy! CHALLENGE: How many edges, vertices and faces does a square-based pyramid have?

Class 3W experiencing the rare event of the Solar Eclipse with their super safe solar glasses!! Date: 20.03.15

Red Nose Day 2015

We have been learning about Mummification... 3W have had lots of fun using the mummification process on tomatoes!!

We have enjoyed using clay to make our Egyptian Amulets!! We have designed the 'Eye of Horus' which the Ancient Egyptians believed was a symbol of protection.

Class 3W having fun in Numeracy! We were throwing beanbags and measuring the distance thrown in metres! :)

The Manchester Museum 5th March 2015

smiley Welcome to 3W smiley

Ms Williams, Mrs Allison and Mrs Harrison are pleased to announce that this term we will be joined by student teacher, Ms Latcham.


Spring 2 will see us 'Walk Like An Egyptian', as we delve back 5,000 year and explore Ancient Egypt. In addition to our trip to the wonderful Manchester Museum,  Ms Latcham has planned some fabulous activities  from using hieroglyphics  to practising our mummification skills - only on tomatoes! 

Don't forget to read our newsletter for more details.




Welcome Back. Look what Flat Stanley got up to over half term. Didn't he do some great things?

Have a great half term holiday from everyone in 3W. Don't forget to have your photograph taken with Flat Stanley and bring him back after the holiday.

3W working hard making their amazing Amazon models!

3W getting blown about while putting up feeders and doing a bit of bird watching! It wasn't the best day for twitching.

smiley Welcome to 3W!smiley

Ms Williams, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Allison wish you a very

 Happy New Year.

Check out our Spring Newsletter to find out about our exciting work this term including our new topic  -

The Amazing Amazon Rainforest


We have two super enhancements already planned for this topic -

  • A special samba drumming day, complete with some foodie treats inspired by the Amazon and made by your children!. All Year 3 parents and carers are invited to come along. 
  • We will also be paying a visit to The Manchester Museum and their vivarium which is one of the most popular and distinctive of all the Museum’s galleries. The Vivarium is dedicated to the conservation of reptiles and amphibians and is home to many species of frogs, reptiles and lizards from South America, Australia and Madagascar. The children will experience the thrill of a first-hand encounter with some of the rarest creatures on the planet!

Enterprise Week

Year 3 have created their own company 'Trash Kids' and have developed two products using recycled materials, both of which will be on sale at Friday's Christmas Fair.

They will be selling Tick Tock clocks, which can be ordered to hang or stand, with your choice of design, including personalised photographs. They are also selling a range of gift bows made from recycled magazines.

Follow the link below to 3T's page to see photographs of our products and the selection of designs available.

Trash Kidz

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

smileyWelcome to 3W!smiley


The second half of Autumn term sees us continue with our exciting tummy-tastic topic 'MasterChef'. Yum yum!cheeky

We have some fun learning experiences planned for later in the month as well as more delicious cooking opportunities.  


In Literacy, we will begin the half term learning all about hedgehogs before we focus on the lovely story 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith. We will also use this unit to address Road Safety.


CHRISTMAS.... the countdown begins to our exciting Christmas production. Let the auditions begin! smiley



Listen to our greetings songs and see what Year 3 have been learning on the Spanish page!