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Wednesday 3rd June

 Please find new work in the large folder above.

We would love to make a year group video to put on the class web pages. We hope that this video will feature all of us! 

Below is how we would like it to be filmed:

1. Children will catch/pick up a pen from their left.

2. They will write a message(or pretend to - having one already written will be much easier) on a piece of paper or whiteboard in front of them.

3. They will then pass/throw their pen to their right.

4.  They will hold up their message (this could be very simple such as, 'Miss You All', 'Stay Safe', 'Keep Smiling') to the camera.

Please film your clip in portrait and send to: year4@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

We would really appreciate if you could send your clips to the above email address by Friday 12th June.

Here is an example:

Example of video clip

Still image for this video



Hello 4AH! Here is a message from some people who have been missing you! 


Hello Year 4! I hope you are all well. Mrs Marriott here. I've been busy in the garden this week and have decided to plant some GIANT sunflowers! I am going to send the rest of the seeds to Mrs Hunter so she can grow some too!
We don't get to see your happy smiley faces each morning so we're going to bring a bit of sunshine into the garden and brighten up our garden walls.
It says on the packet that these 'Titan' sunflowers can grow up to 300cm (3 metres) high!

1) How tall do you think they will grow? Have a guess and email Mr Harding or Mrs Haine. Let's see whose guess is the nearest. We'll have to be patient!

2) During lockdown, I have enjoyed watching the Harry Potter films with my son. So, I have tried to cast a magical growing spell on my sunflower seeds to help them along but I'm afraid I'm not a very good wizard. Can you think of some super words for a magical growing spell? Email your ideas to Mr Harding or Mrs Haine and they will let us know. We will definitely use your spells every day - and some water too! 

I hope you like the photos!
Don't forget to email with your guesses and spells!

Take care Year 4, oh and happy reading too!
Bye for now 

Mrs Marriott and Mrs Hunter

VE Day music


Tomorrow (Friday) is VE (Victory in Europe) Day. Tomorrow will mark 75 years since the first which celebrated the end of fighting in Europe in World War Two. Big gatherings and celebrations have been cancelled this year because of coronavirus but people are still doing things to mark the historic occasion. As some of you know, I am a member of a brass band back in Northern Ireland. They have put together a music video to mark this special occasion. My Mum is playing the cymbals, my Dad and sister are playing the trombone and my brother is playing the tuba. 


Click on the link below and enjoy!



Lockdown challenge


As some of you will remember, I set myself the challenge of learning how to do a cartwheel. Initially I couldn't even start one, but I have been working hard on building some strength in my arms so I can at least get my legs in the air! Yesterday, I managed to get this far....



It may not look like much, and I know I have still got work to do but I had started to doubt I could get to this stage. So, whatever your challenge is...keep going! 

Cowdance 🐄

Still image for this video
It was a very special day on my Dad’s farm last week. His dairy cows got to go into the field for the first time of 2020. They have been keeping warm and dry inside in the shed during the winter months, but now the ground is ready for them to go outside again. People in Holland call this event the Cowdance, in Dutch called koeiendans. This is the frolic jumping, twirling and running of cows let out in the meadows for the first time in spring. Can you see how excited they are?

A large paddling of ducklings...

Still image for this video
I have been watching this little family on my daily walks and runs. I thought you’d like to see them too!

Some animal news...


Good evening 4AH, 


I hope you've had a good start to the weekend. I've just seen this news article on Newsround and I just had to share it with you. I love Asian small-clawed otters, they are one of my favourite animals! I have actually 'adopted' one. Don't worry it doesn't live with me, it still lives at the zoo! 


Anyway, enjoy! 




Good evening 4AH, 


I've set you all a challenge! Pop over to Torrisholme TV or follow the link to watch the video



I can't wait to hear some of your answers! 




Bye for now!


Mrs Haine smiley

Good afternoon 4AH! 


I hope you have had a great start to the week. I hope you're staying safe, healthy and having fun at homesmiley


I just thought I'd update you on my challenge! As you will have heard, I have taken on the challenge to learn how to do a cartwheel. When I was at school, I was always jealous of all the other children who could do them and I managed to get it right. This week, I have been doing lots of exercises to make my arm and upper body muscles stronger - apparently this is my first step! 


Another challenge I've wanted to take on for a while is baking a loaf of bread from scratch. I'm really pleased to say that (with the help of a very patient Mr Haine and Paul Hollywood) I succeeded! Here are some pictures I took along the way.




If you have taken on any cooking or baking related challenges I'd love to hear about them! The 'PhunkyFoods' website has lots of recipes and ideas that you could try at home.


Here is the link https://www.phunkyfoods.co.uk/recipes/ 


I'd love to hear how you are getting on in general too. Email me on Year4@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and let me know your news! 


Bye for now!

Mrs Hainelaugh


P.S Keep your eyes peeled on Torrisholme TV for a challenge coming your way! 

Good morning 4AH! 


I hope you've all had a great week and enjoyed the lovely sunshine we've had. I have been missing you and look forward to when we can meet together again. 


I know some of you have started finding facts about Stonehenge. I found this website which allows you to virtually explore one of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments. 


Follow this link to explore https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/stonehenge/history-and-stories/stonehenge360

Remember to email me at Year4@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk to let me know of all the super things you're getting up to! 



Mrs Haine

Hello to the lovely 4AH, 


As some of you know, one of my favourite authors is David Walliams. He is very kindly reading a story every day at 11 o'clock so you can all tune in. Follow the link, click on 'elevenses' and let me know what you think!





Year 4 home learning letter. This is the letter that was sent home on Friday 20.3.2020 with ideas and suggestions for home learning during the time your child is not in school. Have fun and we are thinking of all of you.

Times Table fun!


We have been given a great resource for learning our times tables. The cards have the calculations on one side and the answers on the other. Why not test yourself and create two piles - one pile of the facts that you know and the other pile could be the calculations that you need to focus on.

Other games could be- play against someone else; who can answer the most cards accurately in a set time; from the answer, what was the question?

Please ensure your cards are in school each day. 


4AH Sushi construction


During our swimming sessions over the next few weeks, we will be undertaking water safety. As well as their normal swimming kit, children will need pyjamas. A long-sleeved top and jogging bottoms will suffice if they have no pyjamas. Please do not send onesies. Thank you.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We're excited to start a brand new decade in 4B! This term will see us continue to work on our mathematics and writing skills and embark on a brand new topic, 'Japan and Mexico'! We will be exploring all about these fantastic countries from their cuisine to their artwork. There will also be an opportunity for parents to come and join in our learning towards the end of term. 

Disgusting digestion- this week we investigated the small intestine. We predicted which food would digest first.

Christmas collagraphs

Our Christmas cards were the result of a great half term of printing ! We made a collagraph printing plate using different textures; sandpaper, card , wallpaper and masking tape .We then printed from our printing plate and experimented with how to achieve the best effects. 

Wrapping paper for the Christmas fair

We used 2 foil printing plates to print an alternate pattern on brown eco wrapping paper. We also had great fun bubble printing!


This half term our theme is printing.

We are using the theme of the Jabberwocky to create our very own printed monsters. 

We have all done some amazing sketches using our imagination ; inspired from lots of different images of the Jabberwocky.

We have been experimenting with the effects of lines and texture to create a monoprint using foil as a printing plate.

Scroll down to see the masterpieces in action!

Draw a Jabberwocky - This is the clip we practised in class - just for fun! Your Jabberwocky does not have to look like this!

Today on Harptoons we are going to turn the number 732 into a Jabberwocky from the classic tale "Alice in Wonderland."

Investigations into Conductor, Insulators and Switches!


Our topic for the start of this half term is Electrify! We're hoping to have a shocking time looking at electricity and the benefits it brings us. We'll be conducting experiments into how electricity works and thinking about how we can be safe around electrical equipment. We'll be constructing some simple circuits involving light bulbs and buzzers and, towards the end of our topic, will be using what we have learnt to construct a device to protect valuables from thieves! 



At Torrisholme, we are continuously striving to develop ways to encourage our children to read for pleasure. We have created a ‘HOT BOOKS’ list of 30 up-to-date, age-appropriate texts, compiled from a range of suggested reading lists. This is not an exhaustive list of fabulous year group appropriate books but is more a fun challenge list for our children to explore texts written in a wide range of styles by a selection of current and popular children’s authors.


How many can your child read or share with you?


On your marks…

          get set…

                                and READ!

Welcome to 4B!


Hello and welcome to 4B! My name is Mr Burrow and I will be your teacher for the year! I'm new to the school but am excited for all the learning and excitement that will be happening in class 4B in the coming year. 

Firstly, throughout this year we will be focusing on developing our learning skills, through resilience, determination and reflection. Our 'learning power pal' for the year is 'Not-Yet' the Yeti, a friend to all of us who helps us to focus on the positives and that there's nothing we don't know, just things we don't know YET!


Any questions or worries, or if you just fancy a chat, don't hesitate to come in!