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Autumn 1 Newsletter - The Terrible Tudors

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Spring 2 - Clever Cavemen Newsletter 2016

Summer 1 - Earth-shattering earthquakes and sly tsunamis

Summer 2 The Great Outdoors


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This half term, we have enjoyed singing and playing the glockenspiels to Bill Withers song Lean on Me. We even had a go at playing the melody. Check us out...


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Cave Paintings

Take a look at our super cave paintings! In class, we have been researching cave paintings from the stone age. We had a go at making some of our own by using chalk and charcoal on stones, and 'painting' our classroom walls. (Miss Devey covered the wall with paper first, don't worry!) What do you think?

Sport Relief 2016

On Friday, we ran to Birmingham in aid of Sport Relief! Well, we could have run to Birmingham, however we ran around our school yard enough times to accumulate 130 miles, which is roughly the distance to Birmingham via walking.

Every pupil and year 4 teacher ran a total of 2 miles throughout the day! We were exhausted by the end, but very proud ourselves. Overall, our school raised £417.27 for Sport Relief! Thank you for all your donations! Take a look at our cool runners, below...

Ingleborough Caves

Another successful trip! Thank you year 4 for being delightful, as always! We've had a spectacular day investigating caves and showing off our knowledge of flows tones, stalactites, stalagmites and columns. We followed cave streams and looked at the beautiful reflections they gave off. We even experienced what it would have been like finding this cave as an explorer when it was in complete darkness! We couldn't see our hands in front of our faces!

After a lovely walk around the cave, we came outside to do draw some karst topography! Take a look...



Bringing the Stone Age to Life


In Literacy, we have begun reading a story called the Stone Age Boy. A boy has accidentally fallen down a deep forest hole into the Stone Age! He meets a girl called Om and she looks after him, bringing to meet her family. He is amazed when he sees their camp and how differently things are done. We talked about how we would feel and what we might smell or hear there. Using a range of musical instruments, we tried to bring the setting to life by creating the sounds we might have heard back then. Take a look....

Stone Age Boy by Bethany, Lily, Phoebe, Eva, Ella and Joseph

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Stone Age Boy by Katie, Amara, Elise and Cavan

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Stone Age Boy by Holly, Hannah, Elliott and Kyle

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Clever Cavemen!


Today, we fell back into the Stone Age! It was ever so strange! We had to hide out in our caves and make hunting tools because fearsome animals were trying to attack us! We had to make sickles, axes and spears! The mammoths, woolley rhinos and sabre-toothed cats were sniffing about our caves, sniffing out their supper! Luckily, our amazing weaponary scared them away! Take a look....


We can't wait to see what our next Stone Age day will bring! We'll be in touch soon,


Love 4D x

Electrical Board Games - Playing with our Parents


To finish off our 'Electrifying' topic, the children have applied their knowledge of circuits to create their own working board games. Using light bulbs and batteries, the class created a quiz style game in which all the questions and answers were linked up with wiring. If you got the question correct, the light bulb lit, if you did not, the light bulb stayed off. We loved them and so did our parents ....


Investigating Electricity!


On Thursday, we took a walk to our local high school to join their year 7's at Science Club! We had a fantastic time using their equipment to further investigate electricity, voltage, static electricity, solar energy and so much more!

Thanks for a great afternoon Morecambe High! We'll be back soon! A special thanks to Dr David Heath for organising it for us.

Morecambe High School Science Club Trip

It's a bit breezy!

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Wire Wool and High Voltage...Oh no!

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Hair Raising!

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Check out our display work...


Take a look at our diary entries of a day in the life of a Mayan child and our creation story comic strips! What do you think?

We also created our own power points about the fabulous facts we found out!



We found out about Ancient Mayan chocolate.Cocoa beans were more valuable than gold! They used to drink ground cocoa beans mixed with spices.We mixed cocoa powder with chili and cinnamon.We added hot milk and tasted it, it was very bitter! The Spanish took cocoa beans back to Europe in the 16 th century and later on added milk and sugar to make the drink we know today. After tasting it we followed the Spanish idea and added some sugar! 



The Ancient Mayans


We are travelling back in time this week to visit the ancient Mayans where we will be looking at what it would have been like to be a child in the time of the Maya. We will also investigate their beliefs of how the world was created, writing our own versions of their creation story and learning about the different Gods. We are very excited to try the famous Mayan hot chocolate recipe too! Stay tuned to see what we get up to! no 

Meet Fog


This morning, we had question time in 4D when one of our pupils brought in his pet corn snake, Fog.

We had a fantastic time meeting her! The children were very intrigued and brave, unlike Miss Devey, who stayed on the other side of the classroom while Fog was around. 

We asked some very interesting questions and we found out some amazing facts which none of us knew before! What a great start to the morning!

Bumping in to Darren Campbell at Salt Ayre Sports Centre

What a day! After our weekly swimming lessons at Salt Ayre, we just happened to bump into Olympic gold medallist Darren Campbell! What an absolute star he was! He stopped to chat to the, very excited, children and shared his gold medal with them, after I made sure I got a picture with him that is!no

The children have decided that we are never going to wash our hands again after touching the gold medal because it might help us to run as fast as Darren!


When we arrived back at school, we went straight to computers to research Darren's sporting career. We then wrote some fantastic letters to him telling him about our favourite sports and bombarding him with questions!


Thank you for making our day Darren!

Heysham Power Station


What an electrifying day! We have had a wonderful time at the power station finding out all about how we make electricity from nuclear power. We have been very lucky to have had a sneak peak into the eyes of a power station worker and were shocked at the different roles people can have. The children seemed to know everyone who worked there! Parents, uncles, grandparents, I was amazed! 


We enjoyed our our time in the visitor centre where we were able to investigate all of the science experiments they had going on and trying to create enough of our own energy to make Miss Devey some toast and a coffee! 


After lunch, we were taken on a tour of the station, visiting places such as the turbine hall (which was very noisy but we enjoyed laughing at each other in our ear defenders), the boiler room, the control room and the viewing room near the reactor hall where we learned all about Uranium and how it gives us nuclear power to generate electricity for our homes. We are now pro's! 

The Torrisholme Detectives are on the Case...


On Thursday 7th January, class 4D walked into a crime scene! My lovely birthday cake had been left, ready to share with the staff the next day, in our classroom but a greedy teacher had crept into 4D and eaten some! Unfortunately for them, they had left clues lying around the room, empty crisp packets, muddy footprints, table tennis racket and ping pong ball, a calculator and a fork stating 'Property of Year 5'. Hmmmm..... I wonder who it could be?!

Thankfully, my awesome class jumped straight on the case to find the mischievous culprit. Investigating with their spy glasses and detective notepads, 4D came to the very serious conclusion, after poor Mrs Price had been accused for loving cake, that it must be Mr Gittins! Who else loves crisps, has large feet, plays table tennis, loves maths and works in Year 5!

From then on, things went from bad to worse for Mr Gittins. The children wrote up detective reports in our Literacy lesson, making sure they organised the events accurately using fronted adverbials for 'when' and 'where' the crime had taken place. We sent a squad of detectives into Mr Gittins assembly, along with Mrs Penney, to accuse him of the crime and although he denied it, the children knew they were on to him. They promptly came back to class to draw up their theory of the events and put together a case ready to put Mr Gittins on trial for his heinous crime.

The time came and Mr Gittins arrived in 4D looking very sorry for himself, but the judge and jury in 4D were not wobbled by his sad face, they remained objective and serious through the entire trial. After asking the appropriate questions and tying Mr Gittins' answers up in knots, he finally broke. Sobbing his apologies, Mr Gittins accepted his punishment like a man, to run around school dressed up wearing a sign saying 'I will not pinch cake!' (Photos to follow! He he!)


Well done Detective Team, you cracked the case! Take a look at their fantastic work, the accusation and the trial below.

The Accusation Part 1

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The Accusation Part 2

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The Accusation Part 3

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Guest Speaker from Electricity North West

We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Whyte for coming in to our class yesterday!


The class were intrigued to find out and see pictures of the recent flood damage and what needed to be done to restore power to so many homes. We learned all about electrons and how they move. The children investigated conductors and insulators using specialised equipment and were shocked at the types of cables found under the ground. Some children used their own energy to power a fan and a light bulb by peddling a bike! We were very glad we didn't have to power our own TV's, I don't think we would have been able to watch a full episode of Coronation Street! We had a fantastic afternoon!

Pupil power!

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One of our pupils trying to power a light bulb and fan by pedal power!


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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and are ready and raring to start 2016 with a bang! You are about to be electrified!

Our new topic this half term is 'Electrifying!' where we will be exploring electrical circuits,  insulators and conductors, making an electrical board game, investigating the importance of the power station by taking a trip to our local one and having a guest speaker from Electricity North West.


It's shockingly good! Ha ha!

Lets Fly a Broomstick!


On Thursday, we had two visitors from Morecambe High who came to show us how to use a skill known as green screening to make mini movies. We had a fantastic time! We had to work in teams to stand in front of a green screen and pretend we were flying on a broom stick. Mrs Russell, from Morecambe High, showed us how to use an app on the iPad called Veescope. This allowed us to drop in our own backgrounds over the green screen which really made it look like we were flying! Below are some of the mini videos we created. Next, we worked with Miss Devey to use iMovie. We added backgrounds and music over the videos to create 'Breaking News' reports. Enjoy!

Flying children!

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Flying Broomsticks

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A Bunch of Hocus Pocus


Our new topic is upon us! This half term, we will be taking on a magical role in school. Our children have re-named their class 'Spells and Spooks Academy for young witches and wizards'. We have set up our classroom to feel like a potions room. Each week we will have a witch and wizard of the week, a child who has worked particularly hard in an area of their learning.

We will be creating our own wands in woodwork class, using a range of tools to shape and cut  our wands. We will also be looking at running stitch, overlap stitch and back stitch in sewing class to create a mini cloak. The class will also design their own familiar and create magical spells.

In our history class, the children will learn about some famous witches of the past...The Pendle Witches. We will be learning all about them and looking at maps to show their journey from Pendle Hill to Lancaster Castle. Ending with a trip to the Lancaster Castle! What fun!


Year 4 Tudor Dancing with Parents

Thank you to everyone who came to our Tudor Exhibition and Dancing event. The children loved sharing their Tudor Monarch projects and dancing with you!


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Art Week

What a fantastic week we have been having! So much art happening around the school. This week we have looked at the artist Mondrian. We had a fun maths lesson using coordinates to create random Mondrian inspired art work, before moving on to creating out own canvas'. Take a look!

Let's Paint!

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Class 4D working hard on their Mondrian inspired art work.

Mondrian Canvas'

Year 4 Curriculum Evening

Thank you to all who came to our curriculum evening, it was lovely to see you! If you couldn't make it and would like to see what was discussed, please click the above link.

Year 4 had a lovely day out at Samlesbury Hall! We were greeted by famous Tudors and found out all about their lives and how different our lives are to the lives of Tudors. Mistress Margery told us all about Henry VIII's rule and the changes he made to their lives. She showed around her beautiful Tudor home and we learned about the uses of the rooms and the terrible tales of the occurrences there. She even told us to watch out for the Samlesbury ghosts! Eeek!


After lunch, we met King Henry VIII himself. He of course denied the terrible tales Mistress Margery told about him! He told us all about the Battle of Bosworth which his father fought in and his many wives!


The children, as always, were very well behaved and were a credit to the school. What a great day out!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school year 4! My name is Miss Devey and I will be your teacher. We will also have the wonderful Mrs Shaw in class with us too! We have lots of exciting topics and activities planned you and we can't wait to get started! Bring on the fun and hard work! smiley

Year 4 Spelling Challenge