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Spring 2 Newsletter

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Battle of Bosworth Field

On 22nd August 1485, a battle took place that would change the course of British history and began the start of the Tudor Dynasty. We re-enacted this battle, along with the events that led up to this conflict.

Local Study Week Day 2

On Wednesday 6th June 2018, Year 4 went of a fantastic trip along Morecambe Promenade. We looked at how the building use has changed over time and the type of buildings there are along the promenade. We also undertook fieldsketching of land use. 

After lunch, we asked visitors to Morecambe a number of questions such as, 'Where do you come from?', 'How did you travel?' and 'What is the purpose of your visit?' 

We had some very surprising responses!! Who knew that Morecambe had such a large area of influence?

Local Study Week

To begin this week we have been looking at the history of our local area with a focus on Morecambe. The children looked great in their 1960's style clothes.

Visit from Rob Foster (Abbeystead Estate)

We had a visit from Rob Foster who works on Abbeystead Estate. He came in to talk about the types of plants that grow in the area and the historical uses of these plants. He also talked about what you would need to survive in the wild! 

Rob then showed how we could strip reeds to make wicks- we loved doing this!

Outdoor Adventure Activities

We spent a wonderful morning with our parents and grandparents undertaking activities including; filtering water, building stable free-standing shelters, a treasure hunt and orienteering.

Investigating 2-D shape

Mr. Harding set the children a challenge of using a limited number of straws that the children could not bend or break. The children had to investigate the maximum number of squares they could construct using the materials available.


A lovely day was had by all when we went kayaking. All the photos below were taken from the side as I did not want to expose the ipad to the risk of becoming wet!

Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

We have been looking at the work of the landscape artist, Andy Goldsworthy and have tried to create some pieces in his style. We had to think quickly and work together in small groups effectively.


As a bonus, on Friday 27th April, we had a visit from the ukulele teacher. We loved the songs and games that he brought to the session. Our song can be found in the Torrisholme TV section of this website.

Daily running

We have been inspired by our efforts from Sports Relief so we aim to run for about 10 minutes every day.

Sports Relief

We all dressed up in our sports gear today, Friday 23rd March 2018, in support of Sports Relief. After the weather improved, in the afternoon, we ran for 10 minutes around the field. Ten minutes is a long time when you are running!

Learning about the Easter Story at Torrisholme Methodist Church

On Tuesday 20th March, 4H went to Torrisholme Methodist Church to learn more about the Easter Story and how this is relevant to Christians today.


Experiment to show how the digestive system works

We looked at how the human digestive system works by undertaking a rather messy experiment! Using bananas, crackers, orange juice and water, we first crushed these in a bag. Secondly, we pushed them through tights to show what happens as food goes through the small and large intestine. Lastly, we forced what was left through a plastic cup.

Trip to Ingleborough Cave

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, Year 4 went on a trip to Ingleborough Cave in Yorkshire. We walked along the nature trail from Clapham village to access the cave. We undertook fieldsketching as well as having an hour long tour inside the cave. See how many cave features you can spot from the images below.

World Book Day

We had a great time on World Book Day. The children made a real effort with their costumes. 

The following day, with the reading challenge, we received the book four times!

Describing position on a grid as co-ordinates

We used the game of 'Battleship' to enhance our knowledge of co-ordinates in the first quadrant.

Science Week

Wow! What a start to this week. We have been undertaking a number of experiments with the help of Science Boffins. The children have even made their own slime and learned about Newton's third law of motion - it is only Day 1!

Science Week

Day 2- We have made batteries from lemons, undertaken chromatography and tested Newton's third law of motion. Videos of this can be seen in the Torrisholme TV section of the school website.

Today 4 H made a battery from a lemon 🍋 

We managed to generate 0.8 vaults.

Science Week Day 3

We made a vehicle powered by air. This reinforced the idea of Newton's third law of motion. We also learned about the effects of friction and air resistance.

We tried sticking pencils into zip lock bags full of water ! Look at the results! 

Science Week 

Day 4- A number of challenges undertaken today.

Can you blow a piece of paper into a bottle?

Can you stab a straw through a potato or an apple?

We investigated non-newtonian liquids.


In the afternoon we worked with different year groups.

Science Week

Day 5 - STEM Challenge Day (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

The children were grouped into mixed age groups and set the task of, 'Who can build the tallest tower that can hold the weight of a tennis ball?'

They were given a limited selection of resources in which to construct their towers.

Making our board games

This week we have been using our knowledge of electricity and electrical circuits to make our own games.

It's Snowing!!

The children had a great time this breaktime constructing a snowman!

Wheelchair basketball with the Bulldogs

On Thursday afternoon, we all played a game of wheelchair basketball with the help of the Lancaster Bulldogs! A great time was had by all!

Investigating circuits

The children were given a limited amount of resources and they had to make a bulb light and investigate a variety of circuits. The children identified what happened in a series and parallel circuit.

Maths with chocolate!

The children have been learning that when you increase the denominator, the amount decreases. We demonstrated this with the help of bars of chocolate.

Trip to Heysham Power Station

On Monday 22nd January 2018, 4H went on a trip to Heysham 2 Power Station. The children learned how electricity is generated and distributed on a massive scale.

In the morning, we spent the time in the Visitors' Centre doing a number of experiments. After an early lunch, we had a tour of the site. 

Learning about electricity

On the afternoon of Thursday 18th January 2018, Mr. Whyte from Northwest Electricity came in to talk about a number of topics. He explained what electricity is and how it is generated and distributed. We had a great time experimenting with conductors and insulators as well as acting like electrons!

Enterprising Children

Well done to the enterprising children in 4H who raised a fabulous total of £64.90 to buy new reading books. There were a number of activities going on including a cake sale and guessing how many sweets were in a jar.

The books have arrived!

Poetry Week

We began the week with a visit from the poet, Andy Tooze. He worked with us to create some poems about friendship. We then learned a poem entitled, ' The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. Following this, we have been tasting food to create a poem called, 'The Taste Collector'. The video of 'The Sound Collector' can be found in the Torrisholme TV section of this website.

The class then researched - and wrote their own- kennings.

A great day was had on Thursday when we came dressed as characters or items from Nursery Rhymes. We had a lovely time in the afternoon working with the children from Reception.

Friday saw the finals of the Poetry Slam competition and well done to the twelve competitors from this class who entered this competition. William Graham being a worthy winner with his brilliant recital of 'Strict' by Roger McGough.

Welcome back!

I hope you all had an eventful Christmas break and are ready for some more exciting learning opportunities this half term. We kick-off with Poetry Week and then begin our topic for the half term- Electrifying!!

Investigating factors affecting shadows

As part of our Lights, Camera, Action topic, we have been investigating the factors that affect the size and position of shadows.

Sharing our mini movies

On Friday 15th December 2017, we invited parents in to watch the movies that the children had made during their ICT sessions. I have put the movies in the 'Torrisholme TV' section of the school website. I have also renamed the movie clips.

Enjoy watching them!!

School Christmas Fair

This year we are selling Jingle Jars filled with sweets. The cost of these jars is £1.50. Thank you to all who supplied the jars and sweets. See you tomorrow afternoon!

Book Swap

The children loved swapping their books just before break today!

Learning about sound in Literacy

We undertook some experiments in Literacy to demonstrate how sound travels.


Each Monday, for the next six weeks, our PE sessions will be taken by an outside coach - Nick. Despite the cold, the children have been enjoying these sessions.

Reading with Reception

We have linked with one of the Reception classes to undertake some shared reading activities. Everyone enjoyed this activity. We hope to do this on a weekly basis.

Welcome Back!

I trust that you all had a restful half term and are ready to begin our next topic: Lights, Camera, Action!

We have a number of exciting learning opportunities for you to experience and our main focus for this topic is Science - particularly Light and Sound.

We will be performing a School Production on the evenings of Tuesday 19th December and Wednesday 20th December- more details to follow.

RE Day

The focus for our day was how art and literature are displayed in different churches.

We had a visitor to start our day - Sarah Dodd from NISCU - and she talked about how language is used to convey different moods and feelings with her example of Sailing through the storm.

After this, we visited Torrisholme Methodist Church and Church of the Ascension to see the similarities and differences in the way art and literature are displayed and the meanings of these.

Designing models of products that will transport us across the North Sea

Over the last two days, we have been designing and constructing products that could transport us across the North Sea. We restricted the children to a limited number of materials. The children went through the design process of; coming up with initial designs; choosing a final design; planning their stages of making; construction and evaluation.

In Literacy, we have been assuming roles to understand how characters felt at Lindisfarne after it had been attacked by Vikings in 793.

Re-enacting the Battle of Ragnarok

On Friday 13th October, Year 4 re-enacted parts of the Battle of Ragnarok. The Vikings believed that this battle would end the known world.

See if you can spot:

Vali (the God of Revenge) killing the Fenris Wolf;

Thor smiting the Midgard Serpent, Jormungand;

Odin rushing toward the Fenris Wolf only to be swallowed whole!;

Baldur surviving the battle;

Two gods and two humans sheltering under the Tree of Life.


On Tuesday 4th October, members of 4H went climbing at Morecambe High School. We had lots of fun.

In The News

The children have been doing a great job of bringing in news items and talking about them in front of their peers. I have learned so much! There have been a huge variety of topics. We have learned about the effects of various tropical storms, satellites crashing into gas giants, new dinosaurs being discovered, facts about the International Space Station and a new biometric way of paying for goods! Keep up the good work! Each child will be presenting In The News once every five weeks.

Sequences in gymnastics

During gymnastics sessions, we have been working on sequences involving turns, balances, jumps and travels.

Visit from Adrian Warrell - Viking Man

On Tuesday 19th September 2017, Year 4 had a visit from a Viking!

We did many activities and learned many things. For instance, did you know that Viking bread contained tree-bark? Or that many place names around here are actually Viking?

In the afternoon, we undertook a number of activities such as milling corn, playing Viking games, making a Viking coin and weaving cloth.

A great day was had by all.

Constructing our human timeline

In order to place the Viking Period in the context of the history of Britain, we constructed a timeline with 1cm representing 1 year.

Teambuilding Activities

During the first week of the new school year, Year 4 have been undertaking a number of team-building challenges. These activities included; Building the tallest tower with limited materials, problem solving activities and a trip around the local area to answer as many questions as possible using our observational skills.

Welcome to 4H

I hope that you all had a fabulous summer and are looking forward to some exciting topics and activities that we have planned for you.

Staffing this year consists of myself, Mr. Harding, and Mrs. Marriott.

Our first topic for this year is going to be all about the Vikings so look out for the newsletter that will outline the experiences in more detail.

Year 4 - Mrs Price's Spelling Challenge