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Calling all of 4H...


You are invited to ZOOM BINGO! Join your classmates for some Bingo fun on Friday. There will be virtual prizes and a real life treat for the Bingo winners! Please email the Year 4 email address for the zoom meeting details and your Bingo card! 

Thursday 4th June

I am really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Friday at 3pm for the Zoom Bingo. Email me at year4@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk for the sign in details.

Also, do not forget to send me your video clips.

Wednesday 3rd June

 Please find new work in the large folder above.

We would love to make a year group video to put on the class web pages. We hope that this video will feature all of us! laugh

Below is how we would like it to be filmed:

1. Children will catch/pick up a pen from their left.

2. They will write a message(or pretend to - having one already written will be much easier) on a piece of paper or whiteboard in front of them.

3. They will then pass/throw their pen to their right.

4.  They will hold up their message (this could be very simple such as, 'Miss You All', 'Stay Safe', 'Keep Smiling') to the camera.

Please film your clip in portrait and send to: year4@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

We would really appreciate if you could send your clips to the above email address by Friday 12th June.

Here is an example:


Example of video clip

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd June

Well, the glorious weather continues though this means that I have to continue walking my dog early in the morning before it becomes too hot. For those of you who do not know, Mathletics has now finished and if you try to log on you will get a message saying that you are not allocated to any class.

Today, you could write a short diary saying what you did on a couple of days during the 'half term break'. Remember to write in paragraphs and include some fantastic sentence starters. Also, all of your writing should be in the past tense as the events have happened.

Let me know how you get on.

Mr. Harding smiley

Monday 1st June

Good morning 4H,

Well, this lovely weather continues. I have just come back from taking my dog for a walk before it got too hot for her. I hope that you had a lovely half term break. I managed to do lots of cycling and planted many things in the garden including courgettes and tomatoes. I would be interested as to what you got up to during last week so why not send me a quick email. It would be great if you could attach some pictures as well.


For Maths this week, have a look at the White Rose site for some work on fractions. I remember starting work on fractions this year with the use of chocolate!

Follow this link for the work and email me with your tasks.


If I have not spoken to you, I will catch up with you this week.

Mr. Harding

Here are my efforts with growing tomatoes and courgettes:

As Mrs. Marriott and Mrs. Hunter are growing sunflowers, I thought that I would also give it a try.

Quick update on Mrs. Marriott's sunflower.

Good Afternoon 4H,

I have just come back from a bike ride in Gisburn Forest. We left early before it got too hot. I hope that you are enjoying the warm weather.

If you want a quick challenge could you work out how far Gisburn Forest is away from the school? Also, if I cycled at a speed of 15km an hour- the tracks were quite tricky- how long did it take me to travel 20km?

Mr. Harding

Good evening 4H,

I have been in school this week which has been very strange without you all. Anyway here is a message from someone you may recognise.laugh


Hello from Mrs Marriott and Mrs Hunter!

Hello Year 4! I hope you are all well. Mrs Marriott here. I've been busy in the garden this week and have decided to plant some GIANT sunflowers! I am going to send the rest of the seeds to Mrs Hunter so she can grow some too!
We don't get to see your happy smiley faces each morning so we're going to bring a bit of sunshine into the garden and brighten up our garden walls.
It says on the packet that these 'Titan' sunflowers can grow up to 300cm (3 metres) high!

1) How tall do you think they will grow? Have a guess and email Mr Harding or Mrs Haine. Let's see whose guess is the nearest. We'll have to be patient!

2) During lockdown, I have enjoyed watching the Harry Potter films with my son. So, I have tried to cast a magical growing spell on my sunflower seeds to help them along but I'm afraid I'm not a very good wizard. Can you think of some super words for a magical growing spell? Email your ideas to Mr Harding or Mrs Haine and they will let us know. We will definitely use your spells every day - and some water too! 

I hope you like the photos. Mrs Hunter's will be coming soon.
Don't forget to email with your guesses and spells!

Take care Year 4, oh and happy reading too!
Bye for now 

Mrs Marriott and Mrs Hunter

Good morning 4H,

During these last few weeks I have noticed that there have been a lot less planes flying, not so many cars on the road and less factories operating. That got me thinking about Man's impact on the environment. So, a science based activity for today. Have a look at the link below then think about your own impact on the environment.


Have fun

Good morning 4H,

Hope that you are all well.

Have a look at the start of this story and the questions after it. Could you continue the story?

The Mountain Pass

The mountain of High Hrothgar had stood proudly for thousands of years, casting a solemn shadow for miles around.

Few dared to venture close to its base, let alone scale its heights, fearing what awaited at the summit. For one brave adventurer, the folk lore surrounding the mysteries of High Hrothgar provided an opportunity just too tempting to resist. Some called him courageous, others foolish, but it mattered not to him now.

Bracing himself against the torrent of icy wind that rushed towards him down the narrow pass, the lone figure prepared himself for the challenge ahead. He took a deep breath, feeling the frozen air rush into his lungs, and took a bold step onto the path to High Hrothgar…

  1. Who is the adventurer in the story?
  2. Can you think of a good name for him?
  3. Why does he want to climb High Hrothgar?
  4. Why are people afraid of the mountain?
  5. What do you think awaits him at the top?
  6. What might the adventurer be carrying with him?
  7. What would you take with you on an expedition such as this?

Good morning 4H,

Why not head over to the Torrisholme TV section of this website to see us reading The Wind in the Willows?

Have a go at finding the perimeter of some shapes in and around your house. Here is a link to the BBC Bitesize site for a quick tutorial and some games relating to perimeter. The perimeter of the table that I am working on is 5 metres.



Good morning 4H,

Today why not have a go at some construction? 

Have a look at some bridges. Can you identify strong shapes within them?

Your task is to build a bridge out of any construction materials. This could be lego, card or spaghetti. I will even let you use sellotape! smiley

Take a photo and email it to me. I would love to see your completed models.

Good morning 4H,

It would be great to see all of your VE day celebrations. Did you have a tea party, or make your own bunting?

This is what I made:


Send me your photos or thoughts about what you did.

If you could invite anyone to your VE Day party who would it be and why? It could be someone living or from history.

Good morning all on VE Day!

Walking around this morning it was great to see so many flags and bunting out!

It would be lovely to see your photos of flags/ bunting/ street parties.

Have a great day

Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,

Today's idea for an activity is all about rainbows.

1. How many rainbows can you spot on your daily walk?

2. How many rainbows have you made for other people? My daughter has made eight rainbows.

3. How are natural rainbows formed?

Let me know how you get on.

Good morning all,

This Friday is VE Day and is the reason that the Bank Holiday has been moved. Perhaps you could tell me a little about why we are celebrating this event? Have you created your own bunting to hang over the weekend?

Keep well.

Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,

The sun continues to shine. I will continue with the poetry theme this morning. Take a look at these poems. The first one is by Michael Rosen called 'No breathing'. Just enjoy him performing this poem.

The second poem is a rap by Jack Ousby (I love this!). Could you spot the alliteration in this poem. Perhaps you could write your own?

No breathing:


Gran can you rap?:



Here are a few photographs of me taking my dog for a walk.

Good morning 4H,

Did you know that today is unofficially Star Wars Day - May the Fourth be with you!

Well the sun continues to shine on this Monday morning. Thankyou for the photographs and the video clips you are sending me. You have been busy! I will upload them to the home learning section of this website.

Anyway, today have a go at looking at the Michael Rosen poem called 'Hot Food'.

Look at how he performs it:


Have a go at either performing a section of this poem or writing your own poem entitled Hot Food.

Good Luck!

Mr. Harding 

Here is my wife's poem - she is not a teacher!

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are my favourite tea

You can eat them from the wrapper on your knee

My mum says that's the best way

As no wahsing up, it can be just thrown away

My brother likes gravy all over his chips

But I like it next to them to use as some dips

My dad sometimes has chicken with his chips

But I am not keen on all the bits

My mum loves tarter sauce with hers

But that makes my face screw up and say eerrggh

Annie the dog always watches us eat

Hoping there will be some left for a treat

Fish and chips are my favourite you see

Even The Lancashire Hotpots loves a chippy tea

Good morning 4H,

I have added a quick challenge section to this page - have a go at some of these. I can say that I have tested them all! I am better at some than others. Please let me know how you get on. Today's challenge is science-based. 

Follow the link below for how to make a lego catapault:


Perhaps investigate some spinners:


Good Luck!


Good morning 4H,

 Below is a link for the Radio 2's 500 words story competition from last year called 'Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy'.  Listen and read the story and have a go at the questions.

Some of you may spot some song titles or lines from songs by Queen.

Have fun and let me know how you get on.



1. Could you think of an alternative word for 'began'?

2. What was 'superior'?

3. Who did our hero have to rescue and from whom?

4. What is a tyrant?

5. How fast was our hero travelling?

6. What or who were not well armed?

7. What does 'evade' mean?

8. What did our hero dislodge?

9. At the end of the story, what does our hero look for?

10. Why do you think he was looking for these?

 Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,

The rain came earlier than expected. I hoped that yesterday would be bright and sunny.

On the theme of maps, you will all know that I enjoy walking in the mountains. When in the mountains, it is very important that you know how to read a map.

If you follow this link, it will bring you to an online lesson where you can learn (or learn more) about map reading. There is a video and some activities that you can do to practise your skills. You could even make your own contour island!




Let me know how you get on!

Mr. Harding

A message from Mr. Harding

Still image for this video

Good morning 4H,

Well, it looks as though the weather may be changing with a few spots of rain in the air today.

Anyway, I hope you are all well. Perhaps today you could draw a map of your local area. Could you come up with some symbols for various buildings and places of interest? 

Alternatively, you could draw a picture of your favourite place and write a few sentences as to why this is so. For instance, my favourite place is one top of a mountain in the Lake District called Loughrigg. This is just outside Ambleside and I have climbed it many times at different times of the day including very early in the morning and late in the evening. It is one of my favourite places because it is not a difficult mountain to climb and you get amazing views of the Lakeland mountains.


Mr. Harding


Below is a picture of myself and my daughter nearing the top of Loughrigg taken a number of years ago.

Good morning 4H,

Well, the warm weather continues. I will be putting some examples of what you and your friends have been doing during these weeks. Some people have been very inventive! I am pleased that many of you are enjoying the Mathletics site.

As it was my birthday on Saturday, I thought that I would give you a cake related question for today.

Read the poem, Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen: https://poemhunter.com/poem/chocolate-cake/

Now watch him performing the poem:


Which do you prefer and why?

Michael Rosen uses examples of onomatopoeia in his poem(a word that imitates the sound of the object or action it refers to). Can you find some examples of onomatopoeia in the poem?

Could you recite the poem and video yourself doing it or perhaps you could write a poem with some examples of onomatopoeia?

Good Luck 

Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,


I hope you are all well, staying safe and managing to have some fun.

Today for the daily challenge, we are going to be thinking about acts of kindness. One of the suggestions from the teachers at the start of the school closure was to try and think about acts of kindness at what is a difficult time for many people.


Some ideas...

-you could create some lovely pictures to send them to elderly and poorly neighbours

-you could do something to help the adults at home

-you could write a letter to a family member you haven't seen for a while to remind them how special they are


I would love to hear what acts of kindness you have been up to. Check out this page on our school website to see what other pupils have been doing https://www.torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk/news/detail/acts-of-kindness/


I would love to hear from  you!

Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,

Happy St. George's Day!

I hope you are all well and continuing to enjoy the sunshine. Saturday is my birthday which I share with a member of our class. Can you remember who it is? Also, could you work out how old I will be if I was born in 1971?

Maybe you could find out ten amazing things that happened in this year?

Take care.

Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,

Thank you for all of the emails. Keep them coming!

Tomorrow, 23rd April, is St. George's Day. He is the patron saint of England. Could you find ten interesting facts about this saint and suggest why he is the patron saint of this country? 

Mr. Harding


Good morning 4H,

Well, the sun continues to shine. I have contacted all of you individually with log-ins for Mathletics.

Here is a problem to keep you going:

Captain Tom Moore has walked 5000 metres. He raised £27,000,000 for charity. How much did he raise each metre walked?

To make this a little more challenging, why not find out exactly how much he has raised and divide this by the distance he walked?

Good luck.

Here is the link to the White Rose site:



Good Afternoon 4H,

Well, this is the last day of these strange Easter Holidays. We have just competed in a mini-olympics. Why not try it? Here are a few ideas for events - there are both indoor and outdoor ones.

Coin stack in 30 seconds

Lego tower in 30 seconds

Who can build the highest free standing spaghetti tower in 10 minutes

Throwing 20 playing cards into a container- winner is the person with the most.

Find 5 things around the house of a particular colour - timed

Standing long jump- subtract people's height from distance to make it more fair

Hopping race

Skipping race- I came last in this!

Fill the bucket with water - an empty bucket at the end. Measure to find out the winner

Throwing things into hoops 

Egg and spoon race

Hope you have fun. Let me know how you get on.

Mr. Harding

Good morning 4H,

As some of you know, I know how to tie many different types of knots.

Here are some you could have a go at. just use a piece of string or an old shoelace. 

Reef knot;

Clove hitch;

Figure of eight knot;

And for a bit of a challenge, a bowline.

Why not take a photo of the knots you try with a brief explanation of what they are for and email them to me. Also, if you can find a challenging knot for me to try, let me know.

Take care and hope to see you all soon,

Mr. Harding

Lego tower challenge

Still image for this video

Good morning 4H,

I hope you are all well. I have a little challenge for you. Let me know how you get on!


Good Afternoon 4H,

I hope that you are all enjoying the weather during these rather strange Easter holidays. 

A couple of things which you could do are as follows:

Count the different types of birds or different types of wildlife you see on a walk - you will be surprised as there is less traffic around.

Make a piece of art from natural materials.

Keep up with the reading, writing and times tables - a little each day will be fantastic.

Remember to keep those emails coming. I really appreciate seeing what you have been up to.

Mr. Harding

Good Evening, 4H!

I have attached below a few activities which you could do over the next few days. The first one is a quiz which I have made based on some of the topics that we have covered so far this year. It is a bit of fun and there are no prizes - perhaps you could email me your answers?

Skills Challenge Day 1

Still image for this video
First attempt at learning my new skill. Has to be done outside otherwise sends my dog crazy!

Good Morning, 4H,

A strange week. I have loved reading your emails - keep them coming!

You have been very inventive this week with lots of baking and model making going on. I am glad that you are keeping busy. How are your new skills coming along? Let me know!

We have been keeping busy by doing various quizzes, becoming better at times tables and practising some great sentence openers. Also, we have been playing some games that I played as a child such as Yahtzee- great for quick adding up of small numbers.

Take care

Mr. Harding

Good morning, 4H

Well, today the weather is not as sunny as it has been last week. I have decided to practise my new skill of whistling with my fingers - I will post videos on this page of my progress!

Keep practising those times tables and continue with the independent reading challenge. If anyone has created a Stonehenge presentation, then email it to me- look forward to seeing them.

A virtual tour of this Neolithic marvel can be found at:


Stay in touch by emailing me all of the fantastic things that you have been up to.

Mr. Harding

Good Afternoon 4H,

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine last week. I was in school which was strange as we only had a handful of children rather than the usual 400+.

Please keep emailing me all of the things that you have been doing and I will reply to them all. If you have forgotten the link, here it is below:



I will be putting some more ideas for projects and activities below.

Keep smiling,

Mr. Harding


Year 4 home learning letter. This is the letter that was sent home on Friday 20.3.2020 with ideas and suggestions for the time your child is not in school. Have fun and we are thinking of all of you.

At Torrisholme, we are continuously striving to develop ways to encourage our children to read for pleasure. We have created a ‘HOT BOOKS’ list of 30 up-to-date, age-appropriate texts, compiled from a range of suggested reading lists. This is not an exhaustive list of fabulous year group appropriate books but is more a fun challenge list for our children to explore texts written in a wide range of styles by a selection of current and popular children’s authors.


How many can your child read or share with you?


On your marks…

          get set…

                                and READ!

Times Tables

We have been given a great resource for learning our times tables. The cards have the calculations on one side and the answers on the other. Why not test yourself and create two piles - one pile of the facts that you know and the other pile could be the calculations that you need to focus on.

Other games could be- play against someone else; who can answer the most cards accurately in a set time; from the answer, what was the question?

Please ensure your cards are in school each day.

Looking at evidence from Neolithic Times

We looked at a number of images to see if they told us anything about what life could have been like in Neolithic Times.

Reading Week

We all had a great time during the Reading Week after the half term break.

The children undertook various activities such as; creating stories with story cubes, acting out traditional tales, inviting parents and carers to have a go at creating their own traditional tales, writing the true story of the 3 Little Pigs.

Mexican Food

We had great time constructing and trying Mexican food.

Disgusting Digestion-this week we investigated the small intestine. We predicted which food would digest first.

Investigating different brush techniques

Using the focus of Japanese calligraphy, we have been investigating creating different effects with using the same brush in a variety of ways.


During our swimming sessions over the next few weeks, we will be undertaking water safety. As well as their normal swimming kit, children will need pyjamas. A long-sleeved top and jogging bottoms will suffice if they have no pyjamas. Please do not send onesies. Thank you.

Conscience Alley

We are looking at stories with moral dilemmas and have been considering the choices the main characters should be making. The 'alley' is formed by children who suggest how the main character should act in a given situation.


Welcome back!

I trust you all had a restful break and are fully refreshed for a new half term. We will be looking at the countries of Japan and Mexico this half term with a focus on Geography, Art and Design and Technology.


This half term our theme is printing.

We are using the theme of the Jabberwocky to create our very own printed monsters. 

We have all done some amazing sketches using our imagination ; inspired from lots of different images of the Jabberwocky.

We have been experimenting with the effects of lines and texture to create a monoprint using foil as a printing plate.

Watch out for our art work soon! 

Christmas collagraphs

Our Christmas cards were the result of a great half term of printing ! We made a collagraph printing plate using different textures; sandpaper, card , wallpaper and masking tape .We then printed from our printing plate and experimented with how to achieve the best effects. 

Christmas collagraphs

Wrapping paper for the Christmas fair

We used 2 foil printing plates to print an alternate pattern on brown eco wrapping paper. We also had great fun bubble printing!

Children in Need

This morning (Friday 15th November), we took part in the Children in Need Joe Wick's Big Morning Move. It was exhilarating!


In Literacy, we acted out various parts of the story of 'Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp'. The children froze at certain places and then thought about what particular characters were thinking.

Invasion Games

We have been braving the cold and undertaking PE outside. We have been looking at the skills of passing and receiving a ball. The children have been inventing their own games based on the skills learned.

Investigating conductors and insulators

As the children came in from lunch today, the lights were not working (set-up by Mr. Harding). We discussed that there had been a break in the circuit and we had to investigate materials that would allow electricity to pass through them in order to mend this break. The children enjoyed testing conductors and insulators by making the circuit complete with their chosen materials.

Working scientifically

The children were accurately measuring the effect of placing more bulbs in a simple circuit. We used a data logger to record this information.

Jam Packed

Our first session with Debbie Green from NISCU was a great success. The children did many activities in about 40 minutes with a focus on 'Love'.

We still have spaces left. The club is held in 4H on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Times Tables Rock Stars

Make sure that you keep practising on this program. To get a time for our competition, you need to go into studio. I am now averaging under 2 seconds per question. Can anyone beat that?

Investigating Circuits

The class were given trays of equipment. They then had to try to make a bulb light. The children used their knowledge of electricity to undertake this task. It was great to see lots of resilience and children using scientific language. The children were successful by the end of the investigation and all understand that a circuit has to be complete in order to work. 

Visit from History Man

On Friday, Year 4 had a visit from the History Man, Adrian Warrell, to 'kick-off' our Vikings topic. The children undertook a number of activities to further their understanding of how the Vikings lived.

Odin's Eye

We have been looking at the Viking myth of how Odin lost his eye to gain True Wisdom. The children have acted out the story and undertook some freeze-frame activities.

This week we have been focussing on teamwork and building positive relationships. The children have been thinking about which games to play on the playground and how to speak to one another in a positive fashion. We had great fun building our towers constructed from spaghetti and sellotape.

Well done to the winning team - a tower height of 72cm!

Welcome to 4H!

My name is Mr. Harding and I will be teaching you this year. I hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break and are now ready for some exciting learning opportunities. Other members of staff that you will see in the class are; Mrs. Marriott, Mrs. Thistlethwaite, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Pitcher. 

We will be looking to develop our learning power muscles with a particular focus on resilience. Our class mascot is 'Not-Yet' the Yeti, who helps us focus on being positive and thinking that we may not be able to do something...yet!