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Year 4 Curriculum Evening

Taiko drumming

Still image for this video

Making our board games

Having investigated circuits over the last couple of weeks, the children have used their knowledge to create some board games using the idea of complete circuits.

See below for some photographs of this process.

Photographs of children constructing board games


Trip to Heysham Power Station

On Monday 12th January 2015, 4H went on a trip to Heysham Power Station. We did this in order to understand how electricity is generated.

We set off at around 9:30a.m. and were greeted by Donna Diamond from the Visitor Centre at 10:00a.m. Because of the inclement weather the previous night, it was undecided whether we could go for a tour of the site. However, the weather had cleared and a site tour was promised!

We spent the morning looking at the interactive displays in the Visitor Centre and undertaking a quiz.

After an early lunch, we got dressed into our Personal Protective Equipment, were checked by security then entered the site. We had to go through strict security entry procedures which involved remembering a four-digit code to open the turnstiles!

On the tour of the site, we entered the Turbine Hall, the Fuelling Room and saw the men in the Control Room. We were impressed by the size of the rooms and the height which the lift went to - 37.5 metres!

We returned to school at around 2:30p.m. having had an enjoyable day.

Power Station Photographs

Electricity Talk

We had a visitor, Mr. Whyte, coming into school to talk to the children about electricity on Thursday 8th January. Following his visit, the children understood that electricity is a form of energy and how it can be harnessed in order to be useful. The children had fun testing various materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. They also used their own energy to power light bulbs!

Around the World

We looked, and compared, the countries of Japan and Australia. In particular, we studied and produced some artwork from these countries. See below for examples of this artwork.

Enterprise Week

Year 4 have created their own company 'Funky Flowerpots' and at this Friday's Christmas Fair, will be selling a range of beautifully decorated plant pots in a selection of sizes. Each plant pot is potted with a spring bulb and can be gift wrapped for the perfect gift. You can even order you very own personalised plant pot with your choice of design or message.

Costain Visitor Centre

In order to see how transport will change in the future, Year 4 went to the Costain Visitor Centre. We found out that the road is going to cost £124.5 million!!

Visit to Lakeland Motor Museum

As part of our topic, 100 Years Ago, Year 4 decided to focus on transport. To see how transport had changed over the last one hundred years, we went to the Lakeland Motor Museum and Haverthwaite Railway.

The children really enjoyed the trip and had an action-packed day.

We really enjoyed the first half term's topic based on The Great Outdoors.

Our next topic, which we have nearly finished, is Transport Changes over the last 100 Years. We have looked at how cars, and other forms of transport, have developed during this time period and have looked at the development of a new road which is affecting our local area. This topic has been enhanced with two trips- one to Lakeland Motor Museum and Haverthwaite Railway and the other to Costain Visitor Centre.

Next, we will be studying a number of countries and investigating how these compare and contrast to our own.


Orienteering Competition

Despite the rain, all participants enjoyed the orienteering. It would be true to say that the adults were more competitive than the children!!


The class are practising their orienteering skills in readiness for the competition next Thursday!

4H Trip to Abbeystead

On Wednesday 1st October 2014, 4H undertook a field study visit to the Abbeystead Estate to look at how the land is managed and to investigate the variety of habitats to be found there.

We set off from Torrisholme at around 9:15 and arrived at Wyresdale Village Hall at around 10:00. After a drink and a biscuit, we were transported up to the end of Lower Lee by the Beaters' trailer- very exciting!

Having disembarked, we then went for a long walk observing a variety of habitats. The children loved stripping the rushes of their outer skin. These rushes used to be made into candle wicks and smell like cucumber.

At the end of this walk we were met by Kim, the Head Keeper's wife, who showed us a number of dogs. The children learned that these dogs are used on the estate for a variety of roles- including picking up birds and spotting birds. She demonstrated how the dogs are trained. However, all attention was drawn to the Springer Spaniel puppy.

After lunch, we walked up to the woodsheds to see what happened to the wood on the estate. The children learned about the wood chippings for the biomass boiler, saw a tree being made into planks aswell as seeing how commercial firewood is prepared.

Further down the track was the reservoir. When the river was dammed in 1884, the dam was the largest of its type in the world! 

It was a great trip and the children were not put off by the constant rain! 



Year 4 trip to Happy Mount Park

Investigating Habitats

On Friday 26th September 2014, Year 4 went to Happy Mount Park to look at managed habitats. The purpose of this trip was to compare the habitats found around the school grounds to those at the park.


School Trip around the local area

On Thursday 11th September 2014, we went on a trip around the local area to test our observational skills. The weather was lovely and we got back in time for Mr. Harding to undertake his break duty!

The only problem was that one of the roads was closed despite Mr. Harding checking the route yesterday! We missed only one of the clues. We loved our trip!

One of the members of Class 4H said, "I enjoyed it!"

Robinwood information 2014