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My name is Mrs Jones and I teach in 4J, where I work closely with Mr Harding next door!

We have three members of support staff: Mrs Tuer, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Hunter .


This is our very own class page, so feel free to suggest ideas for what you would like to see here.

angelSports Daycool

What a lovely day for our Junior Sports Day! Here are a few pictures of each event. The overall winners were Team Black - congratulations to everyone who took part!

Egg and Spoon

Distance Throw
Through the Hoop!
Target Goal!
Water Race
Sack race
Long Jump

Design a healthy cereal box

As part of Healthy Week, we have been amazed at how much sugar is contained in food, and especially cereals. If you could invent a new cereal, what would it contain? We brainstormed words to describe our new improved cereals. Tasting different types of cereal was a great incentive to enhance our imaginations.

Puppy Love!

Matthew has brought his new puppy in to show the class! Sooooooooooo cute!


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Trip to Ingleborough Caves

On Friday 3rd May, we visited Ingleton to explore the caves. This visit was part of our topic on the Stone Age. It was a bit wet and cold when we set off.

The Millennium Stone - Ingleton
When we arrived, Mr Harding told us a little bit about the local area and the type of stone found there. He then set us all a challenge of finding five things we wouldn't see in our own local area.
Soon, we set off walking through the small village of Ingleton, past the church yard, to the entrance for the nature trail and caves.
Once through the entrance, we made the steady climb uphill through the nature trail. Mr Harding showed us how water had eroded limestone and pointed out the magnificent rhododendron bushes. He explained about the reservoir and we saw trees that had fallen into the water!
Now and again, we spotted some very useful benches - time for a quick rest!
Near the end of the nature trail, we discovered a 'folly' - a limestone structure built by Mr Farrer, who discovered the caves, to show people how wealthy he was.
Finally, we arrived at the caves!
Time to prepare for our visit - hard hats on, please!
Our guide, who explained what we would be seeing and giving us some safety advice. 
Admiring the flowstone - where water runs over a rock, leaving a calcite deposit.
Time for lunch - just as the sun comes out!
We had a really enjoyable day out at the caves. We listened really well and the guide was really impressed with our knowledge about caves and their formation. Well done, 4J!


Sam brought in some fossils for us to look at, which his dad had given him. The best one was a fossil of a tooth, which was over 10cm long!

Identifying coordinates

Letters to the World Governments - Plastic Pollution

As part of Literacy, we have been looking at the importance of persuasive writing and the effect it can have on changing the world. We have written some letters to the leaders of countries around the world, highlighting the dangers of plastic in the oceans and the harm it has caused to the plants and creatures of this environment. We have suggested ideas for the leaders to consider and we have asked what ideas their countries use to combat this problem. We are hoping for some replies soon!

Year 4 Production - The Big Green Adventure

Our production has been a great success! We had great audiences on both nights and the children performed fantastically! We hope that our message about saving the planet has inspired parents, family and friends to think about how important it is to recycle, in our pursuit of making our planet a safer and more healthy place to live.


Recycling week -  data handling

As well as creating art with plastic tops, we found them really useful for creating and interpreting bar charts! And they can be used again and again!


Trashion Show 2019!

Our 'Trashion Show' creations were magnificent! We really enjoyed 'strutting our stuff' on the catwalk in the hall and showing everybody our creative fashion ideas!

Have you been wondering why we wanted you to help us collect so many bottle tops? Well look at the fabulous mosaic mural Years 3&4 have created today. Plastic fantastic!

Up-cycling project with Year 3

We enjoyed a great afternoon with our friends from Year 3 making a plastic plant pot out of plastic bottles.Our finished pots contain a seed we can grow. We thought they would make super Mother's day presents!

Schools Go Green - University trip

As part of our recycling topic, we have been on a trip to Lancaster University, where the students have been helping us understand more about where our food comes from. We have learnt about how much of our food is imported from all around the world - kiwis, pineapples etc. We have also been exploring what food is grown in our own country and when they are available in the shops.

The Shredder

We all had a go at shredding plastic into small pieces, which can then be melted down and re-moulded into bowls, pieces of art and clothing. 

In the afternoon, we worked in groups to make pesto pasta. we used basil, garlic, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts to create a tasty dish, which we were able to take home and share with our family.

Trip to Salford Quays - The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

What a wild and windy day! We boarded the coach just after 9 am, ready for our long journey to Salford Quays. The traffic was horrendous but we made it just in time! The BBC studios are enormous! Whilst Mr Harding's class listened to the orchestra, we made our way into the Lowry centre to eat our lunch. The it was our turn to hear the orchestra play. We entered the studio and had great seats at the top, where we could see all the instruments we have been learning about. We recognised the oboe, which played the note to tune up the whole orchestra. The commentator introduced the different sections and the orchestra played music from around the world. We loved Grieg's 'Hall of the Mountain King' and Copeland's 'Rodeo'. Sometimes the music was really loud and sometimes really soft. We heard new sounds - the celeste and the harp. We gave the conductor and the orchestra a huge round of applause at the end.


We also had a quick tour of the LS Lowry Gallery, looking at the versatility of the artist. We really liked the  huge pictures he painted.


World Book Day
We celebrated World Book Day by taking part in three to four 'Drop it and Read' sessions and a share-read with our infant friends in 1KW. We also enjoyed reading 6 chapters of our class novel 'The Ice Monster' by David Walliams.
Matthew and Freddie both bought their own books in to read on this special day. Freddie's book was really old, he said it was his grandad's  book. It was very heavy! Matthew's massive book was all about one of his favourite topics - Space!
Making Sushi

In the last week, we invited our parents to take part in some of our activities this half term. Mr Harding's class made sushi and in our class, our mums, dads and other relatives became Taiko warriors for the afternoon, practising drumming and Japanese moves!


Creating physical maps of Japan
Developing our printing technique
Extract from The Snow Queen
In Literacy, we have been studying the Snow Queen. We have been developing speech in our writing. To help us know what to write, we have acted out a small part of the story using puppets. We hope you enjoy our plays!

Charlie S and Luke

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Lucas and Alfie

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Lois and Evie

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Freya and Tessa

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Which material is the best for muffling sound?

4J wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Year 4's mini Christmas Tree Festival 

In the last week of this very long half term , we have been preparing for Christmas by learning about how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas. We worked in threes and selected a country from a hat. We then had four days to produce a Christmas tree made from cardboard and we had to decorate it so it represented the country we chose. We researched how our country celebrated Christmas and shared our information with our class. 

 On Thursday we invited the parents and other children from school to visit our Christmas Tree festival. In the dark classroom, the trees (lit up with fairy lights) looked beautiful - it was magical! Our parents loved it and learned lots about Christmas around the world. Some parents commented that our festival set them up ready for Christmas!


Many thanks to our wonderful parents, family and friends for bringing an extra contribution to the foodbank appeal too!

Visit from Father Damian Porter


Because Year 4 have been working on the idea of 'light' in Christianity, we wanted to know what this idea means to a Christian in today's society.

Father Damian Porter, from Church of the Ascension, came to talk to the children about what the idea of 'light' means to him. We learned about choices that Christians make to try to make the world a 'lighter' place.

Measuring the perimeter of our school playground

We chose a beautiful, sunny day to go outside and measure how long a kilometre was. First we measured out 100 m with a trundle wheel and a marker. Then, in pairs, we placed a marker where we thought the end of the kilometre would be.

Our playground is enormous! We weren't even close - we would have to go all the way round, and half way again, to measure a kilometre. We didn't mind being wrong because it was fun!

The Saxophone

Lucas, who is an ex-pupil of Torrisholme, comes in to help in class on Wednesdays. He is an excellent musician and brought in his saxophones to show us. He plays in lots of bands and at school. He plays the alto saxophone and the bass saxophone, but his favourite instruments are percussion instruments.

Lucas playing the bass saxophone

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The alto saxophone

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Electrical Circuits

As part of our Electricity topic, we have been making circuits. In pairs, we had to light a bulb. Our trip to the power station and Mr Whyte's visit really helped!


Our trip to Heysham Power Station

We have had an excellent day out to the power station in Heysham. We travelled by coach and entered the Visitor's Centre. Julie introduced us to the staff. After we had removed our coats and bags, we had a talk about the power plant.

We listened really carefully and answered many questions. We then spent 10 minutes in the activity centre, learning new information, experimenting and playing games.
Back in the classroom, we worked in groups, identifying insulators and conductors. We then got to play with the buzz bars, which were great fun! Mr Shackleton, Ruby's dad, came down to meet us and helped out with some experiments.

After lunch, we got ready to take a tour around the power station. We needed high-viz jackets, ear-defenders and glasses.

We weren't allowed to take photos on our tour but we saw some amazing things! Everybody was really friendly. Abigail's dad came round to give us more information.

After the tour, we had a final photo shoot in our gear, before travelling back to school.

Visit by Mr Whyte

Mr Whyte is an electrician. He came to school to tell us about his job and about electricity. He showed us how to make electricity by pedalling a bike and taught us about the dangers of electricity.

Keep going, Katie!

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Katie, generating electricity

Matthew’s turn!

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Testing for conductors and insulators
Joseph modelled some of the safety clothing that Mr Whyte has to wear when he is working. It was fun trying it on!

Making Tudor Houses

We have been designing and making Tudor houses. We investigated the style of houses and other buildings that the Tudors lived in. We learned that, because land was expensive, the Tudors built a smaller ground floor and then the upper floors got bigger and bigger, giving them more room. We used this idea in our designs.

It was really tricky but we got there in the end!

Pictures to follow.......

We were s-awesome at sawing! We took care and nobody lost any fingers!

Trip to Samlesbury Hall

On Monday 1st October, we visited Samlesbury Hall as part of our Tudor topic. Samlesbury hall is situated between Preston and Blackburn, close to the River Ribble.
Here are some pictures of our day.

Roman Numerals

The Battle Of Bosworth Field - Torrisholme Style!


This week we have been acting out the Battle of Bosworth, which was part of The War of the Roses. The war was between Richard III from Yorkshire and Henry Tudor from Lancashire - both men wanted to be the king of England.


Each of our pictures tells the story....


Henry VII's army from Lancashire and Richard III's army from Yorkshire met on Bosworth field. They were fighting for the throne of England.

Richard's men waited at the top of the hill and Henry's men stood at the bottom of the hill.