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Bring Me Sunshine

Brother Bear

Year 5 trip to 'Forbidden Corner' Leyburn, Yorkshire.

We had an amazing day at 'Forbidden Corner' last Wednesday. It was a long journey but worth it!


Lunch with our feathered friends!

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School Trip to the Forbidden Corner, Leyburn, Yorkshire

Fish and chip tea at school

Beatboxing with Leroy

Rhythmic warm up

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Leroy shows us how to beatbox

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Having a go at beatboxing

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Our class rap

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‘The Street’ design your own rapper cap!

Rapper hat designers!

Designing our rapper hats

Budding athletes🥇

Display-Summer term

The Cree Native American dioramas

Cooking-Reward for 100 tinkle points

We Love Reading Day- what is your favourite book?

Animal Art


The theme for this year's Earth Day is "Restore Our Earth" which focuses on natural processes and emerging green technologies that can restore the world's ecosystems. 


Year 5 have been restoring our outdoor area and making it more appealing to bees. We have been learning about how important bees are and what we can do to stop their numbers declining. 


Here are the 'before' pictures of our outdoor area...check out our progress!!!



Spring 2 Newsletter


You can now enjoy a range of e-books from the comfort of your own home! Click on the link below and type in your username and password from the letter that we sent home. When you log in, you should see a range of books that you can enjoy. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 



Science in action. Today we made catapults, inspired by Roman onagers.

Santa dash 2020 🎅We enjoyed a festive warm up with the 12 moves of Christmas. Then we completed our Santa dash on the track. Thank you to everyone who has sent back their envelopes. Please can all sponsor money be sent into school ASAP.🎄


We've been experimenting with collage techniques and have had a go at quilling. This is where you roll strips of paper to make a tight coil. Using coils of different colours, we made our own pictures or designs.

It was a bit tricky to start but then we got good at it!


Colouring competition!

Roman Day!

We started our Roman Day with writing. We were pretending to be a Roman soldier arriving on the shores of the UK. We wrote a postcard home about what the UK could offer us, the landscape and materials. We wrote our postcards in Roman letters. We also wrote about encountering the locals - the CELTS!

Symmetrical Mosaics

The Romans were keen to decorate their homes with intricate mosaics, and thanks to this art work, we are able to understand so much about the Romans today. We added a mathematical touch by creating a symmetrical mosaic.

Roman Feast

In the afternoon we prepared ourselves for a celebration. In order to take part fully, we needed to dress appropriately. We had fun making a laurel-style headdress and then embarked on the adventure of putting on a Roman toga! It was pretty tricky to wear and move in!

Let the feast begin!

Well done 5J - a great collection for the Foodbank!

Build a Better Me

We enjoyed making little card mini-robots based on our PSHE study book.

Designing a Game based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Welcome to Autumn 2! Click on the link below to read our newsletter for this half term.

Super Scientists-today we enjoyed investigating friction.

Great Reads!wink

Here is a list of our Year 5 hot reading list - how many can you read in Year 5?

Year 5 Hot Books List

Ukulele lessons

We've now had three ukulele lessons and we are awesome! We have been learning to strum and pluck the four strings. We have also learned two chords - C and F.


Here are two songs we have been rehearsing.

My Dog Has Fleas


My Dog Has Fleas - plucking the strings

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A Sailor went to C, C, C!

A Sailor Went to C, C, C - strumming the chord C

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Changing chords C and F

Practising changing chords-F and C

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Fantastic beasts

The Harry Potter series of books by J K Rowling are full of the most wonderful fantastic creatures, many based on mythical beasts. Inspired by these creatures, we created our own to include in our stories.

Take a look at our wonderful creatures...

Literacy - Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts

For the last few weeks, we have been improving our narrative writing, in particular starting sentences in different ways.

  We have discovered that  sentences can start in many ways, increasing the effectiveness of our writing for an audience.

We have looked at starting sentences with adverbs.....

And similes...

Our class novel

What a start to our reading journey! We are listening to 'Beetle Boy' by M. Leonard. It is a fast-paced, adventurous novel about a boy, Darkus, whose father goes missing. It catalogues his attempts, along with two new friends, Bertolt and Virginia, his beetle friend Baxter and the help of a zillion amazing beetles, to rescue his kidnapped father from the clutches of evil beetle killer, Lucretia Cutter.

We are loving it!

The book has inspired us to complete reading diaries and character descriptions.

Beetle designs

Who knew there were so many beetles in the world? We have discovered that there are hundreds of different beetles and many of them  feature in the class novel - 'Beetle Boy'. Titan, bombardier, dung, tiger and rhinoceros beetles!


Inspired by the different colours, shapes and sizes, the children have designed their own beetles, 2D and 3D!

Lockdown Feelings

As part of our introduction back into school, we had a discussion about our feelings through lockdown. 

We read a picture book called 'The Colour Monster' about a monster with mixed up feelings.

We explored the feelings of anger, fear, calmness, happiness, love and sadness. We thought of different times when we experienced these emotions , specifically during the lockdown period.





We have been developing our close observational drawing skills and taking a really good look at our faces. We learnt about splitting our face shape into sections and placing our features correctly. Who knew drawing noses could be so difficult??

Using our ideas from our lockdown emotions work, we produced a beautiful watercolour portrait, accompanied by sentences about our feelings for our cloakroom display.

Hello 5J!


It's almost time for your return to Torrisholme! We have been very busy preparing our school and classroom for you! 


Follow this link or pop over to Torrisholme TV to watch a video which will explain how you will arrive into our new classroom and what it looks like. 




There is also a link below to your 'Welcome Newsletter'


See you on Monday!


Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5J!

Head over to Torrisholme TV to see a welcome video...



blushWelcome to Year 5laugh

Hello to you all! I an really looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September - it must feel such a long time since you have been to school and you may feel a bit worried about the work you have missed. Don't worry! We will have plenty of time to settle back in and get back on track. In the meantime, I want you all to have a lovely holiday!

Check out the welcome video made by Mrs Harrison and me. It contains some quizzes and tells you about the summer challenge we have set you. It's lots of fun!


Also, remember to pick up your fun summer pack and postcard from school this week!


Take care, keep safe and see you in September!wink



Make a memory box over the summer holidays

Summer Holiday Challenge

We have a little summer holiday challenge for you…Your challenge – should you choose to accept it – will help us to learn more about you and will give you a chance to tell us about all the fun adventures you have had.


We would like you to decorate a shoebox that reflects your summer holiday.


You could decorate your box with things that you collect during the summer holidays. For example

· leaves from your garden/local park

· shells

· bus tickets

· photos


Or you good decorate your box in the ‘style of your holiday’. These boxes below are decorated on a theme. E.G a road trip or visiting the beach