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Hello 5J!


It's almost time for your return to Torrisholme! We have been very busy preparing our school and classroom for you! 


Follow this link or pop over to Torrisholme TV to watch a video which will explain how you will arrive into our new classroom and what it looks like. 




There is also a link below to your 'Welcome Newsletter'


See you on Monday!


Mrs Jones

Hello Class 5J!

Head over to Torrisholme TV to see a welcome video...



blushWelcome to Year 5laugh

Hello to you all! I an really looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September - it must feel such a long time since you have been to school and you may feel a bit worried about the work you have missed. Don't worry! We will have plenty of time to settle back in and get back on track. In the meantime, I want you all to have a lovely holiday!

Check out the welcome video made by Mrs Harrison and me. It contains some quizzes and tells you about the summer challenge we have set you. It's lots of fun!


Also, remember to pick up your fun summer pack and postcard from school this week!


Take care, keep safe and see you in September!wink



Make a memory box over the summer holidays

Summer Holiday Challenge

We have a little summer holiday challenge for you…Your challenge – should you choose to accept it – will help us to learn more about you and will give you a chance to tell us about all the fun adventures you have had.


We would like you to decorate a shoebox that reflects your summer holiday.


You could decorate your box with things that you collect during the summer holidays. For example

· leaves from your garden/local park

· shells

· bus tickets

· photos


Or you good decorate your box in the ‘style of your holiday’. These boxes below are decorated on a theme. E.G a road trip or visiting the beach