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heartWelcome to 5J!wink

Welcome to Class 5J's website pages where we will endeavour to post all the exciting activities and learning adventures  we experience over the next year!

I'm Mrs Jones, and our TAs are Mrs Tuer and Mrs Crozier.

National Empathy Day - Tuesday 9th June 2020

Today is National Empathy Day - follow the link for more information and a wealth of stories and poems to help you understand what empathy is.






  • Have a think about when you have shown empathy for a friend or member of your family.
  • Draw a cartoon of one of the poems or stories.
  • Perform a short drama or monologue showing a situation when empathy was needed.

What is empathy? A young person shares her definition.

What is empathy and how can it make the world a better place?

Wednesday 3rd June

Childhood Memories Challengecool

A few weeks ago, I set a challenge (with thanks to Milo for the idea) for you to write a letter to an older relative to find out about their childhood - how much did it differ from your childhood. We set 6 questions based on toys, school, holidays etc.

Here is Milo's Grandad's answers - enjoy reading about what he got up to in his childhood!


Milo's Grandad's memories as a child

Morecambe in the Past

This is the oldest recording of Morecambe in the Year 1901!



Morecambe 1901

What an amazing film!

1. What are the similarities and differences to Morecambe today?

2. What is the main mode of transport?

3. Why are some of the women wearing black at the seaside?

4. Why did people come to Morecambe?

5. How did they get to Morecambe?

6. How are summer clothes different on the film to what we wear now?



Welcome back to coolSummer 2!wink

Monday 1st of June

I hope you all had a lovely half term break and enjoyed playing out in the sunshine?

Here's today's challenges and look outs:

Mysterious Morecambe!

laughHow well do you know Morecambe?cool 

Here is a quiz for you and your family.

Can you identify these 15 famous landmarks and what road they are on from a tiny snippet of photograph?

Who can be the first to identify them all?

Send your answers to our email:


Famous landmarks in and around Morecambe

Spot the landmark!

Design a game on Purple Mash

Go to the Purple Mash website and Home Page. On the right hand side you will find the Game competition and just follow the link!

Having a go myself!wink

The Peculiars chapter 7 activities

The return of the Lego challenge! Send pictures of your models in!

This week’s Mathletics certificates including our first two silver certificates!

Sam's Roman Coliseum

Alfie's Roman Baths

Abigail’s letter to The Lancashire Hotpots

Abigail has been writing to one of her favourite music groups - The ’Lancashire Hotpots and she got a reply a few days ago! Great work, Abigail! Abi’s  favourite song is ‘Chippy Tea’!

Have a listen!

This is my favourite!

'Mum's for tea' - 


Time to be reflective - year 5 in ten challenge!

One of the lovely things about our class page on the website is that it reminds me of all the amazing things you have done both in school and out of school during lockdown.

I love looking at the times we have had parents in, remembering the sleepover, the drama and music activities we have participated in and all the work we have done on our topics. Now we can also see lots of the challenges you have taken up whilst being at home with your family.

Being reflective

Take part in the 'Year 5 in ten' challenge!

Have a scroll through the class 5J pages starting right from the bottom  - it takes a while to get there! Then fill in the word document page below. If you can't print it off, send an email with your answers to





Year 5 in ten challenge

Miniature Book Challenge from the British Library

Use the following link to find out more including instructions on how to make your own tiny book:



Instructions on how to make a miniature book

Build a Room Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, Tessa sent in her miniature shop in a box, and Matthew has taken up the challenge and recreated his bedroom in miniature. A great model, Matthew!


Matthew's miniature bedroom

heartsmileyCharlie and her friends raise £600 pounds for Cancer Care

Charlie S wrote to tell me about a very special challenge she and her musical friends were taking part in, to raise money for Cancer Care. As part of the nationwide 2.6 challenge, Charlie and 25 of her friends recorded a special musical video sing-a-long of 'Lean on Me'

https://m.facebook.com/story.phpstory_fbid=10157927142946091&id=517981090 follow this link to see the song and see if you can spot Charlie!

What a great way to raise money for a good cause - Well done Charlie and friends!

How to Make a Terrarium

Ryan has written instructions on how to make your own terrarium and an explanation of what they are.

International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was born on this day in 1820 - 200 hundred years ago! Today we are celebrating International Nurses Day and more than ever this is a day to be celebrated. 

Florence Nightingale led the way to improve hospitals and treatment of patients and her beliefs are still embraced today.

Learn more about Florence Nightingale by watching the following BBC Teach video:


 Florence comes across as someone who was dedicated and driven and who had clear ideas on how to help those in need but it must still have been a shock when she first arrived at the army hospital in Scutari. However, because she was well trained and had clear ideas on what must be done, she was soon able to organise the hospital so that the men got the best chances of getting better.


Look at this picture below:

Activity 1

Create a model of Florence Nightingale out of recycling, Lego - whatever is available at home!

Activity 2

What do you think Florence Nightingale thought when she first entered the army hospital? How did she feel? What did she do to make it better? 

Create a piece of writing, a cartoon, a poem, a drama, a dance, or  a picture to show what happened next. Try to include the feelings of Florence as she made things better for the men.

Activity 3

Imagine you are a soldier, wounded in the hospital. What was it like before and after Florence and her nurses arrived? Perhaps write a letter thanking Florence or a letter home to your family telling them about 'The Lady with the Lamp'.

Activity 4

Create a poster to put in your window thanking all nurses for the amazing job they are doing.

Congratulations to our Mathletics certificate winners this week 12 May

Mrs Harrison takes Matthew’s Lego challenge on! Will she beat his score?

Still image for this video

Street Parties from 1945

I thought I would share these two pictures with you on this special day. These two pictures are the street parties my mum and dad took part in on  VE Day 1945.

The first one is my mum’s street party. My mum is the baby crawling away at the front of the picture and my Nan is on the right side- 6 along with the head scarf! 


This next picture was the street party that my dad and his family took part in on Summerfield Street in 1945. I’m not sure which one is him as it is so crowded! Both pictures were taken in London and there was much bombing so everybody was ready for a big celebration when the war ended.


Our parties and celebrations will be very different today but the feeling of pride and thankfulness is the same 75 years on. 

coolVE Day Celebrationssmiley

Tomorrow, the whole country will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Because of lock down, people will be celebrating in their homes or gardens. 

Here are some useful links to help you celebrate this very important day.

Send us your photos of your special celebrations.

A short film to explain what VE and VJ Day were and explain the events leading to the end of the war.

This link will take you to lots of activities, songs and history about this special day.

winkCrazy Storiessurprise

Have a go at writing a crazy story. Each week there will be a couple of crazy story titles to get your imagination flowing. Write a short story to entertain the class, your parents and teachers. Send your stories to us by email. Have fun! If you can think of any crazy story titles, drop us a line!

Choose from these two titles this week......


The Day I Fell Down the Plughole

Help! I’m a Guinea Pig!


Well done to all the children who have achieved  bronze certificates on Mathletics.


Well done to...

Ryan, Lois, Evie, Alfie, Thomas, Tessa, Ben, Abigail, Aimee, Matthew, Katie, Charlie S, Joseph, Sam, Lucas, and Dylan!



Bronze Certificates from 27th April until 5th May

List of key workers

Matthew's Lego Challenge

Still image for this video
Watch Matthew's Lego challenge and see if you can beat his score!

The Peculiars - Activities for Chapter 2

Miss Graham has posted activities for chapter 2 below, just underneath the activities for chapter 1

30.5.20 Milo's Granny Challenge

A few weeks ago, Milo wrote to tell me that his granny had been in touch about a challenge she had heard on the radio as a way of feeling connected during these lock down times. It was a great way of keeping in touch with your relatives. 

I know many of you have been keeping in touch with family members and this would be a nice opportunity to find out more about your relative's childhood. It can be grandparents, great grandparents, aunties and uncles, even your mum or dad.

Here is a list of questions you could ask. Maybe you could think of some of your own.

Perhaps they could send you a picture of them as a child too. Send in what you find out about your relative with pictures and we can share them on the webpage.


1) When you were a child, what were your hobbies?


2) If you had pocket money, what did you spend it on?


3) What was your favourite food as a child?


4) What do you remember about school when you were a child?


5) Was there a holiday you went on as a child that you really remember and why?


6) What was your favourite toy as a child?


I'm off to interview my mum now.....



Other activities you have taken part in this week.... 27.05.20.


Ryan’s terrariums - little indoor gardens in a jar!

Lois and the egg challenge

Ben’s pinhole camera

Evie’s Eid and Ramadan mobile

The 'Hooded' pianist - can you guess who?

Still image for this video

Katie and her ukulele

Here's Katie (and her dad) playing Read All About It

Our new class novel for the summer term is....

A big thanks to Chicken House publishers for allowing us to read this book to you.

Miss Graham and I will be reading chapters from this book over the next few weeks for you to enjoy. We will set some comprehension questions about the text and also a little task for each chapter. Please send your answers and tasks completed to our email. We hope you enjoy this book!

Answers to the activities for chapter 1

Sheba by Katie

Sheba by Dylan

‘Sheba’ by Lucas 5J

Answers to Activities 2 and 3 will be posted next Monday.

Send your descriptions and pictures for Activity 1 to your teacher at year5@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk 

My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule

Here is some of Joseph’s work so far

Joseph has been writing about his experiences in a time capsule booklet. He is recording memories, his height, weight, favourite things etc as they are during these unprecedented times - a memory to look back on in future years. 

If you would like to take part, follow the link below to download and print off the sheets to make into a booklet.



Well done to all the children who have achieved a bronze certificate on Mathletics this week.


Our certificate achievers up to Monday 27th April 2020

Build a room!

 Tessa sent me some pictures of a miniature shop she had been making at home and this gave me an idea for a new challenge.

Have a look at some of Tessa's work:

In Tessa's little shop, she has created fruit and vegetables from modelling clay and on the shelves there are other things to buy - including toilet roll! She has carefully made shelves to go into her shop and most of the things she has made are from recycling. Isn't it great?

What will you build?

Find a box to create your own room/space. Here are some examples you could make, or use your own ideas. Look through your recycling box for materials, design and make wallpaper, carpets etc.

  • a classroom,
  • a shop, 
  • your bedroom, 
  • a room from your favourite book (Harry Potter's cupboard under the stairs), 
  • an imaginary room,
  • the inside of a space capsule.                 The list is endless!

A miniature classroom

A miniature kitchen

Have a go at these home challenges

Calling all Year 5 and 6: Book Club

6H were about to start a new class novel so I thought that we could start a book club.

Each class was given an Oxford Owl log in so I've chosen a long list of 4 books to start with:

  • a gory murder mystery - Stories of Sherlock Holmes
  • a modern tale - Double Exposure
  • a perilous adventure story  - Treasure Island or
  • a comic strip version of The Secret Garden.

They are all under the Age Groups 9-11 dropdown list. Each book has an audio reader to help you with any unfamiliar words.

Vote for your favourite using our year6@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk or via Facebook.  I look forward to reading with you.  Mrs Stembridge 

Year 5 Sandwich Challenge


Milo’s sandwich challenge

Here is our first entry for the sandwich challenge......

Ham and salad sandwich

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to cut down on the chocolate after Easter and am getting pretty bored of preparing the same boring sandwiches for lunch. So I’m setting a challenge for all you foodies out there......

Which is your most favourite sandwich? 

How is it prepared? 

What makes it so delicious?



Send in pictures of your most exciting sandwiches with a list of ingredients and recipe to follow. I look forward to seeing them and perhaps making them too.


Let the Great British Sandwich challenge begin......



Dylan’s Three Peak Challenge

Dylan’s mum has written to share Dylan’s Cub challenge. She writes:

Dylan's personal challenge for Cubs is to walk the 3 peaks of Britain - Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafel Pike! As it is no longer possible and his personal challenge needs to be completed by the end of June, he has chosen to do a virtual climb by way of the stair challenge! Over the next 3 weeks he will scale the height of all 3 peaks by walking up and down the stairs! He has started already and has climbed 150 flights so far!

We have even found some steps on our regular walk!


A great challenge, Dylan. Good luck!

Ryan’s cake bake - it really hits the spot at Garstang Police Station!









Mrs Jones’ poetry challenge


Take a look at my poetry challenge on the Torrisholme TV channel.


write a poem about your pet, an animal or a member of your family and send it to me!


Here’s our first poem from Katie about her dog:



                                      My Dog

                              My dog is funny

My dog likes to fill his tummy

My dog makes us laugh

My dog doesn't like a bath

My dog is very crazy

My dog can be very lazy

My dog is as brown as a log

My dog is a very special dog 



Abigail and George have taken up the poetry challenge too!

A super poem from Evie!

A poem about his guinea pigs by Milo

Lucas’ poem about his brother

heartMiniature Garden Challengeheart

Do you have 'green fingers'?

We hope you have spotted spring's arrival in your garden and outside on your walks.


Have a go at designing and making your own miniature garden using plants, rocks, sticks and other garden objects, as well as Lego and toy objects. 


Here are some ideas below to help you:


Maths Problem Challenge

Have a go at solving this mathematical number challenge - have a go with the whole family - answers posted on Friday!

Press on the link below

Aimee has been creating her friends ( and teacher!) out of Lego!

Top row
Mrs Jones. Freya  Lily Aimee 

Middle row 
Katie Darcey Evie Ruby 

Bottom row
Lois Hollie

The Romans


Alfie’s information poster about the Romans

Ben’s mosaic

Milo’s fish mosaic

Evie’s Roman mosaic jar

Alfie’s Roman tile mosaic

Evie has been learning about Roman soldiers

Jess’s teddy bear Roman helmet.

The Secret Garden

Have a go at creating your very own little Secret Garden at home!

It’s growing season , so have a go at planting your very own Secret Garden. It could be a little area of your garden or in a container. Decorate it with stones and sticks, add little Lego houses or benches or just enjoy growing beautiful plants and flowers. If you do, send your pictures in as your Secret garden develops! 

Miss Devey's 'Old School Cake' Challenge!

Mrs Jones’ cake challenge- chocolate variety!

Happy Saturday everyone! It's Miss Devey. I hope everyone is well.  I've loved seeing your Lego  creations. Yesterday, I woke up and couldn't stop thinking about cake! So, Millie and I decided to recreate our lovely school cake which I know we all enjoy when it's on the school menu. It was delicious! Therefore, my challenge to you is to have some fun baking your own school cake at home. You can see mine and Millie's above as well as the ingredients. 

Mix all of the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Don't worry if you don't have vanilla essence, just add a teaspoon of water and it still tastes yummy.

Pour the mixture into a well greased tin and put in the oven for 25-35 minutes (until golden on the top). Your oven should be set to 160 degrees or 140 degrees if you have a fan oven or gas mark 3.

Ask your parents for some help with this.

When the cake is ready, carefully (with the help of an adult) lift your cake out and leave to stand for 10 minutes before you take it out of the tin. Then leave the cake to cool before icing.

Make sure you email in puctures of your finished cakes so that we can put them on the school page! We can't wait to see them! And... be sure to share with your parents!!


Lego challenge

Have a go at these Lego challenges! If you don’t

have Lego, use other materials- recycling, card or paper. Send your challenges to our year 5 email- get building!! 

Ben’s ENORMOUS Star Wars Lego challenge!

Pets Cornerheart


Lots of you have mentioned that you have pets. Send us a picture of your furry friends and introduce them to the rest of the class.





Matthew’s Pet Menagerie!

Johnny is my border-collie. He is 3 years old. And he can play football with me and my brother. 


Freddy is my Springer spaniel. He is 1 year old. And he always getting into trouble and he is always on the move. 


Tiggy is my cat. He is 9years old. He likes to sleep alot. And he play fights with my dad. 


Ginger is my rabbit. He is 7 years old. He like to be on the floor out of his cage and plays with my dogs. 


Jimmy is my hamster. He is 1 year old. We got him from the pet shop and he is so noisy when he goes into his wheel. He loves treats and to run around in his ball on the floor for his exercise. 

Sherbet the hamster


My pet is called Kit-Kat. She is a tabby cat who loves being outside. As soon as I get up she begs me for her breakfast but I don't give her any because I wait for my parents to get up. Just as I'm going to sleep at night she will jump on my chest and keep me awake. But when she finally goes down stairs she will torture my parents. 



Olive and Jeff

We are Olive and Jeff. We are very greedy and love going for walks. Sometimes we can be a little bit naughty together and chew things left about.

Storm and Goku

Here is a photo of my guinea pigs.

They are called Storm and Goku. 

There are both brothers and get along with each other. They live in my room in a big pen. Most of the time when I read upstairs at night they both fall asleep when I read to them in their wooden houses but sometimes it is quite hard to tell because all guinea pigs keep their eyes open when they sleep.



This is Daisy, she is my 6 year old Cocker Spaniel. Daisy likes dog agility, chasing squirrels and dressing up as a unicorn.

Mrs Harrison x 


This is Benji, he is a Poochon which is a mix between a toy poodle and a bichon frise. He is 3 years old and I enjoy spending lots of time with him. He gets told off a lot for pinching and eating socks & slippers. He likes to bark at people passing by and his favourite toy is a plastic bone that smells of bacon. Oh and he likes to hide sausage rolls in your bed.



Nala is a tabby cat who we rescued when she was eight months old. Nala loves to eat and loves to be in my room with me and she cuddles me all the time. She is also very cheeky because she always eats Charley’s food. Her and Charley always fight and whenever they do she tries to climb up to the very top of her cat stand.



Charley is a crazy dog - he is two years old and his birthday is four days after mine. Also, he runs around the house looking for treats and always barks at random things like the door, his toys and outside. Nala is  not a huge fan of him because he annoys her all the time, he also likes to sleep under the blanket on my mum and when my baby cousin is round, he tries to lick her.


This Charley and Gary. 

Charley is 8 years old and is a ginger tom cat. He loves sleeping all day and can be pretty grumpy most days. He loves sitting in the sun and chasing Gary, who annoys him constantly.

Gary came to join us on January 1st last year. He loves marmite, and climbing curtains and book cases. He can also play catch!


Don’t worry if you haven’t a pet- Aimee has found a way of creating your own!


I couldn’t do this on the I-pad but could do it on my phone. Follow Aimee’s instructions to create some more ‘interesting’ pets...


You go onto safari or google and you search up a real animal. This is not an app. Scroll down and you should find something that says view in 3D. Click on it if you do and it will ask you to move your device. Do this and the 3D animal will appear. If you don’t find this the animal, it won’t be on there. You can take pictures by pressing the white button and you can take videos by holding it down. You can also change the size of the animal and you can move it around. Hopefully this will work!


Finally, Aimee, I got it!


The lion is hungry....

Still image for this video

Here are some ukulele videos on You Tube to play along to. 

If your ukulele is out of tune, log in to Charanga World and there is a short video to help you with this.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luiewmX8hw0  Somewhere Over the Rainbow

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHpjXv7Obyg Three Little Birds

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YpgQsfjEDY   Count On Me

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO311qqNwHk   A Thousand Years

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlqINOuqGtc   One Call Away

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uoEdQbLUKE   Falling in Love

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGxr6If5k18  Perfect

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzwMNVTDfuw  Someone you Love


Year 5 Home Learning Newsletter. This is the letter that was sent home on Friday 20.3.2020 with ideas and suggestions for your child while they are not in school. Have fun and we are all thinking of you.

Super scientists. Last week the children enjoyed investigating solubility.🚰












Spring 2 - Rivers

Bridge challenge 2 - strengthening bridges

Let the competition begin.....


Still image for this video

Could this be the winning bridge?

Still image for this video

And the winner is.......l

Still image for this video

Bridge Challenge 1

Working in teams of threes, we designed and made our first type of bridge. We used the following materials only: plasticine, lolly sticks, string, straws - no sellotape allowed!
Reading Week - Traditional and Fairy Tales

Rose-coloured spectacles

These glasses allowed us to see the good and bad in fairy tale characters.....
During this week, we investigated the characterisation in traditional and fairy tales. Are these characters really as good as we are made to believe?

Parents afternoon - illustrating book covers

Parents and children as illustrators
Spring 1 topic - Lost in Space

Preparing for our Space exhibition after the Space sleepover

Our class poem inspired by David Bowie’s song ‘Space Oddity’

We had great fun working in pairs on rhyming poetry - it was easier than we thought! 

Enjoy our work from our topic on space

Even more poetry!

Planets - yet to be discovered.....

Art activities

Spring 1 class novel - Cosmic!


Still image for this video

Maths Indoor Orienteering

Mini project - The Moon

Models of the sun, Earth and moon

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

Space Presentation

Still image for this video

At Torrisholme, we are continuously striving to develop ways to encourage our children to read for pleasure. We have created a ‘HOT BOOKS’ list of 30 up-to-date, age-appropriate texts, compiled from a range of suggested reading lists. This is not an exhaustive list of fabulous year group appropriate books but is more a fun challenge list for our children to explore texts written in a wide range of styles by a selection of current and popular children’s authors.


How many can your child read?


On your marks…

          get set…

                                and READ!

Gifts for the Foodbank - Christmas 2019

Christmas concert 2019

Half a World Away

Still image for this video

Ukulele Concert

Viking burial -who are we burying?

Super Swimmer!

Science- what material makes your packed lunch stay cool?

Viking challenge-create a Viking warrior outfit.

Preparing for a battle.

The Vikings are coming!!!

Invaders AND settlers

Children in Need fundraising fun!

Ukulele trio!

Still image for this video

Ukulele - Smoke on the Water

Our first performance after three lessons- in four parts!

Smoke on the Water

Still image for this video

Awesome Australia!

This half term, our topic is Australia. We have been designing leaflets to encourage people to visit this magnificent country. We have been researching the best places to visit in the country. The children have been participating in small adverts, trying to persuade the teachers to fly to Australia, using language to entice the listener.

Help!I’m from Torrisholme-Get me out of here!