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Welcome to cl​ass 5S.

The class 5S team: Miss Stalker (class teacher), Mrs Marriott  (teaching assistant) and Miss Thomas (support assistant).



We we are very excited about our final topic of Year 5. We will be travelling to the Wild West to find out what life was like on the prairies. The children will be put into different Native American tribes to carry out research and write their own non-fiction report. We will be doing some traditional cultural artwork and designing and making our own tribal totem poles. We will be using an atlas to find out where the Wild West was in North America and looking at the human and physical features of the area. 

The children are already excited about this topic and we have lots of fun lessons planned to get them even more enthusiastic about the Wild West topic. 


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We had a great Maths lesson using our place value, rounding and adding skills to estimate the total cost on the receipts.

We used tools accurately to measure, cut and finish the wooden structure for our bridges.

Before making our own bridge structures, we had a competition to see who could make the strongest bridge using just 1 piece of A4 paper. We had some interesting ideas!

As a quick warm-up into our maths lesson on reflection, we explored reflecting on a mirror line (skipping rope) with our partner.

In Year 5, we worked in teams to produce a mosaic floor. We decided to merge the Roman times with the modern day and half of the floor was decorated using the colours the Romans would've used and the other half was decorated using bright coloured mosaic pieces. We hope you like our finished flooring.

Despite the weather, we had a fantastic time at Ribchester museum looking at Roman ruins and trying on Roman armour.

Can you read the numbers we have made in Roman numerals?

We have started history week by learning about the different types of gladiators. We used our research to create a collage of our gladiator type. They are a working progress at the moment.

As we are approaching half-term, we have been thinking about everything we have achieved so far in Year 5. We are very proud of our achievements!

We have created state of matter posters to show our understanding of the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

Our book sharing session with class 1S. What a lovely time we all had!

Dhalicious dress-up day! Do you know which characters we dressed up as?

After reading The BFG, we started to wonder why the bubbles in frobscottle go down instead of up so we observed what happens in carbonated liquids to help us understand how frobscottle is different.

Look at our sewing skills. We have made our very own pair of slippers. It took a LOT of perseverance, but we didn't give up!!

We are getting into the festive spirit in our ukulele sessions 🎄

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Can you identify the different angles we have made? Are they acute, obtuse or right-angles?

We have started making our Christmas baubles.

Wizard of Oz limericks performed by class 5S

Still image for this video

Wizard of Oz limericks performed by class 5S

Still image for this video

Wizard of Oz limericks performed by class 5S

Still image for this video

Wizard of Oz limericks performed by class 5S

Still image for this video

The children's finished planets.

We have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Hannukah and playing with our homemade dreidels. We wished we were playing for sweets!

Final preparations for the space exhibition are currently taking place!

The children have designed their own planet and have started to paint their 3D model to match their design.

A little bit of shape sorting.

We have been learning about the phases of the moon using Oreos. Learning is much more fun when you get to eat what you have created (only if you get it right)!

What an amazing time we had learning some hula-hooping tricks!

What do you think of our solar system? We have been learning about the relative size and distances of the planets compared to the sun. We used our rounding skills to round the distance to the nearest million miles and then converted them into cm. Using these measurements, we measured the distances from the sun to create our own solar system.

We know the order of the planets from the sun and how they orbit.

Ukulele practice has begun!!! Just 5 minutes practise a day will save parents from needing ear plugs. 😀🎼

After considering the skills and attributes a successful astronaut would need to possess, we have embarked on a day of training to recreate some of the physical challenges astronauts may face.

We experienced 5 different areas of challenge:

  1. Physical agility - moon walking around obstacles
  2. Core Strength - astronaut bootcamp
  3. Fine Motor Agility - complete jigsaws while wearing gloves
  4. Fine Motor Agility - thread beads onto a string while wearing gloves in water
  5. Teamwork - carry water in a tray across the KS1 adventure playground.


Check out our pictures below to see just how much fun we had while facing some tricky challenges!

Astronaut Training Day

In maths, this week, we are learning about place value. We have been reading, writing and identifying the place value of numbers up to 1,000,000. Can you read the numbers which we have partitioned in the photographs?

Some of our finished family ties. They look fantastic!

In class, this week, we have considered what a family is and what it means to us. The children have thought about their own family and pieced each member of their family together to create a family tie.

Year 5 Spelling Challenge