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Information for Robinwood 2017

Hold Back the River!

This half term is going to be splashtastic as we learn all about rivers, both those closest to us and those around the world.

We shall explore how a river develops and changes from source to sea and learn the related technical vocabulary.


40 Rivers Challenge

How many of the Rivers can you remember and spell?

Can you find out which countries the rivers flow through? 

Are there any significant cities along these rivers?

Using an atlas will be really helpful for this.


The final week of term will be when we look at this in class.


Did you know...

There are 76 rivers in the world over 1000 miles long.


A new year brings another exciting new topic...



Our topic links nicely to our Roald Dahl themed book week and our science topic all about solids, liquids and gases. And of course, we will make some delumptious fizzy frobscottle! Yum!

ROALD DAHL BOOK WEEK. We dressed up as Dahl story characters - can you guess who we are? We enjoyed a delumptious glass of fizzy frobscottle too, although we couldn't get our bubbles to fizz downwards.

Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

This half term we are off on a journey in search of the Wizard, in the hope he will grant us our wishes, as we 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road.'

Image result for yellow brick road clipart free

Altogether now: 'There's no place like Torrisholme. There's no place like Torrisholme. There's no place like Torrisholme.'

We have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Hannukah and playing with our homemade dreidels. We wished we were playing for sweets!!


Throughout Cultural Diversity Week, Year 5 have focused on the fascinating country of India. We have enjoyed a session of Bollywood dancing, designed some Mehndi henna art and played a traditional game known as Koh Koh. We have also conducted some research about the different regions of India to explore just how diverse the country is. Like any nation of the world, India faces many stereotypes, and we have looked at some of these too - lots for us to think about.

So after all this fun and thought, there was only one way to end this insightful week - food! We have explored the taste of some widely available Indian foods, and challenged ourselves to try foods and experience flavours we have previously considered unpleasant. The clearest sound around Year 5 today has been "Mmmmmmm......"!!


SPACE SLEEPOVER!!! What a brilliant time we had and our space exhibition was a tremendous success. Each group researched and presented their topic information brilliantly and went to lots of trouble to make their display stand eye-catching, engaging and interactive. You are all stars! Plus, Dr Arridge came back and visited our exhibition - well done for showing off how much you LOVE your space topic! Now it's time to catch up on that missed sleep!

Play SPACE AND LADDERS at home - a fun twist on a family classic. Thank you, Lucy, Ruby and Katie!

A visit from an astrophysicist - Dr Arridge from Lancaster University. We were shown some awesome media clips and were able to ask some thought provoking questions, which Dr Arridge answered so clearly he has promoted our thirst for more space knowledge. Thank you, Dr Arridge - you were SO fascinating to listen to that we want you to visit us weekly!

Hula Hoop pros! On Thursday 13th October, we had a fun hula hoop session to learn new skills and tricks. Success was had, mostly, alongside LOTS of giggles!

Ukulele has started! Yeah! We have learned how to tune our ukulele and play chords C and F. Now let's go and practise!

Astronaut Training Day

After considering the skills and attributes a successful astronaut would need to possess, we have embarked on a day of training to recreate some of the physical challenges astronauts may face.

We experienced 5 different areas of challenge:

  1. Physical agility - moon walking around obstacles
  2. Core Strength - astronaut bootcamp
  3. Fine Motor Agility - complete jigsaws while wearing gloves
  4. Fine Motor Agility - thread beads onto a string while wearing gloves in water
  5. Teamwork - carry water in a tray across the KS1 adventure playground.


Check out our pictures below to see just how much fun we had while facing some tricky challenges!

Astronaut Training Day

We have been considering what a family is and have realised that all families are different yet equally important. We have represented our own families on our ties. Different Families, Same Love.

Year 5 Spelling Challenge