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Welcome to Class 6J!


My name is Mrs Jones and I teach in 6J, where I work closely with Ms Thomas who lives next door!

We have two members of support staff: Mrs Tuer and Mrs Crozier.


Have you read a book that you want to tell the world about? Then write a review to share your opinions with everyone.


This is our very own class page, so feel free to suggest ideas for what you would like to see here.

Year 6 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 6 Trip to Salford Quays


On Monday 4th July, Year 6 visited Salford Quays for a day of culture! First , we visited the Imperial War Museum North as part of our WW1 topic and visited a special exhibition 'Fashion on a Ration'. Some of the children were interviewed by Lancashire Radio about the exhibition.

After visiting the museum we walked to the centre of Media City and had our lunch in the Blue Peter Gardens.



As part of our Literacy topic on 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo, we have been reading, writing and performing our own Haiku. These are poems that originate from 17th century Japan. They are short, descriptive poems about things that make people feel a connection to nature and the world around us. in Japanese, Haiku follow a fixed 5 - 7 - 5 pattern of syllables.

Holly, Maddie and Laura

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Rachel and Elizabeth baked cakes, at home, to raise money for our Cancer charities. Well done girls you made £13.20 for a fabulous cause and Y 6 enjoyed your tasty treats!

We enjoyed creating nature trails for KS1!

Micro-organism presentations

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With a partner we researched a micro-organism and presented our findings to the rest of the class.

The Tempest

A re-enactment of the shipwreck during the storm at the start of William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

The Tempest storm scene - Group 1

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Treading the Boards


Do you like our William Shakespeare pencil toppers? They are easy and quick to make. you need the following items:

  • A polystyrene ball (about 3 cm across);
  • Scraps of brown and white felt;
  • A small piece of lace;
  • Glue and scissors;
  • Felt tip pens;
  • A pair of wobbly eyes.     
Making authentic GREEK pottery

Acting and setting the scene.

The human Globe Theatre


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Setting scenes from Shakespeare's plays


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Sword fighting in Shakesperian times!

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The Highwayman - Alfred Noyes
We have been listening to and learning off by heart 'The Highwayman', written by Alfred Noyes in 1913. Today, we have created a backing track of sounds to accompany the poem, to give the poem 'atmosphere'. Close your eyes and listen to the effects we have created. does it enhance the start of the poem?

The Highwayman -Group 1

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The Highwayman - Group 2

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The Highwayman - Group 3

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The Highwayman -Group 4

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Young Voices 2016


On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 6 took part in the Young Voices concert at Manchester Arena.  We had a wonderful time and pupils in both classes were an absolute credit to the school.  


Well done to everyone for learning all the lyrics and the choreography to go with the songs; Ms Thomas and I were so proud of you!

Year 6 in rehearsal at Manchester Arena

Utter Madness - Our House

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Utter Madness - It Must be Love

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The Power in Me

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Uptown Funk with Urban Strides

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The World in Union

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The Gospel Train - Joshua Fit the Battle

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The Gospel Train - Wade in the Water

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The Lightning Tree

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Lightning Tree

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Video Killed the Radio Star

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Pop Medley - Everything is Awesome

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Urban Strides in Rehearsal

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Power in Me - concert

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Uptown Funk - concert

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World in Union - concert

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Mexican Wave- warm up!

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Ms Thomas strutting her stuff!

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Our local heroes - Morecambe Fire fighters!

Today, Year 6 have had a visit from the Morecambe fire fighters. We had a quiz and they showed us a film about hoax calls. We learnt that when hoax calls are made, other peoples' lives are put in danger.



Superhero animations using 2Animate!

They also set us some very important homework:

  • ask our mums and dads to test the smoke alarms in our homes regularly;
  • tidy our bedrooms and communal spaces, just in case we have to leave our homes quickly or in the dark;
  • make an 'Evacuation Plan' in case of a fire.
Walter Tull display

Mayan Masterpieces!

We have been learning about how religion influenced the actions and life-styles of the Mayan people.

  The Mayans  worshipped over 150 gods and goddesses. Some of these gods took human form, others were animals or natural phenomena. The Mayan people believed that in order to keep in favour with these gods, they must offer sacrifices. Human sacrifice was very gory!

  We have spent time designing our own god, based on the engravings found on walls in the Mayan temples. We designed our gods on whiteboards and then transferred our designs onto stained paper with pencil. Then we painted our pictures and outlined them.

  Enjoy looking at our stunning pictures!

Look carefully at each of these gods. Can you find a symbol in the picture which tells you what each god represents?


To get our new topic under way with a bang, we invited Ian Tully to Year 6 to entertain us with fascinating facts and amazing artefacts about the Ancient Greeks. He leapt out of the cupboard dressed as a Greek citizen and gave us all a great fright! However, he entertained us for three hours, teaching us what life was like in Ancient Greek times. We were able to investigate pottery and other artefacts from the era as well as try on armour very like Greek warriors wore. We even got to hold an Ancient Greek spear and sword!




Alas! The armour was too uncomfortable for Sam so Hayden had a go instead....

Hayden - getting ready for battle.

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Now Sam and Hayden are ready to face the Spartan army!

Next Ian taught us that it was the Greeks who advocated the idea of DEMOCRACY. He described how many of the cities of Greece were led by dictators who cared little for their people. We acted out some scenes showing how a good and a bad leader may have behaved.

Lexie was our first leader...

Unfortunately, this leader was expelled from her city for behaving unfairly.
At the end of the morning, Ian allowed us to look at some of the artefacts he had brought in, some of which were authentic Ancient Greek objects. We were even able to try on the armour and helmet!
In PE, we have been using the apparatus and working on developing our upper body strength on the ropes, individual and group balances and sequences.

Super Stocking advert 1

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Super Stocking advert 2

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Super Stocking advert 3

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Super Stocking advert 4

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Preparing for Christmas - the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth


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Vive la France!            


We have been participating in a mini topic all about France! 


Vive le France - a celebration!

On Friday afternoon, Year 6 invited their parents and assorted to come and experience French culture. In groups, the children chose a topic relating to France and created an exhibition to highlight information for their parents.

Here are some of the topics we chose:

  • Food and drink
  • French presidents
  • Christmas in France
  • French art



noCheese tastingcheeky

France is renowned for producing over 400 different types of cheese! We gave the children and parents a chance to try just 5 varieties! Which would be your favourite?

The Power of the Tower!

We set the parents a real challenge at the end of our mini celebration! They had, with help from their children, just 20 minutes to construct a replica of the Eiffel Tower, using only straws, paper and selotape!


As always, our parents took up a challenge with gusto and the competition was tense! 


After exactly 20 minutes we were able to display a weird and whacky group of Eiffel Towers...


It was down to Phil Huddart, the Chair of Governors, to identify the finest model. No pressure, Mr Huddart...............

And the winner is.........

Baking bread


We've just had two days of baking bread and our room smells heavenly! Mrs Tuer helped us mix and knead the dough and we left it over night to rise. Then in the morning, we had a piece of dough each and shaped it into different shapes and added toppings, including the following: cheese, onion and seeds  including poppy and sesame. Some of us even attempted plaiting! 

We made a couple of different types of dough, one normal and one sweet. It was fun kneading the dough; it was a good way to get rid of any frustrations! Most of us went home that night white like ghosts because of the flour! 
Now they are baked and they look delicious. We are saving them for our cheese tasting tomorrow...

A Conversation Lesson with Mrs Collins.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Collins (Josh's mum) came into class to teach us some useful phrases in French. In half an hour we were able to say how we feel and which celebrities we like and dislike. 


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Art Week



What a wonderful week we have had being creative! In Year 6, we have looked at the work of Antony Gormley. We particularly liked his sculptures of the human figure. Much of his work he has based around his own figure! 


'Field for Torrisholme'.


Inspired by 'Field for the British Isles', we created our own 'Field for Torrisholme'. Gormley has created this work 5 times all around the world. in Texas, he and a great band of local people created a staggering 35,000 little figures made from brick clay. He intended the work to make make people think about man's existence in the world. When they had finished and positioned the men in a vast hall, it was as if each model, representing a person of the world (all unique!) was looking back at the makers!


Every child in Year 6 and their teachers were given three pieces of brown clay and asked to create three different clay men, each exhibiting a different emotion. There were strict instructions: the models can only have eyes, all made with exactly the same size paintbrush.



This was our finished art exhibition piece- our parents thought it was ....AMAZING!




Gustav Klimt was obsessed by pattern and colour, especially gold! He lived with his cat and loved to paint pictures of his friends. his most famous work is called 'The Kiss' which is bright and bold. We have looked at his work 'the Tree of Life' which is another bright piece containing ancient symbols of life and death.


Look carefully at our big piece below. Can you spot the following:

  • The black crow;
  • The curly branches;
  • The eye symbol.

We have also created our own mini 'Tree of Life' using parchment, gold pens and sequins.

We looked closely at the different patterns and symbols Klimt used in his work. We created a pattern page - aren't they marvellous?

Get reading in school!


Every Friday, we meet with Class 2B and we get reading! The children from infants share their books with us and we get to pretend to be teachers! We help correct words and ask them lots of questions about the text. They read very well and use great expression!


Poi Spinning

In PE, we have been learning how to spin poi, with Mrs Hunter. Have a look at our routines...

Poi Spinning

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Poi Spinning

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Poi Spinning

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Poi Spinning

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Poi Spinning

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Poi Spinning

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Poi Spinning

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Robin Wood Kit List

Class 1D came to share their writing with us. We listened carefully and supported them blending the sounds together to say the word. Well done 1D we enjoyed your booklets.

Year 6 Spelling Challenge