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Should people be vegetarian?

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In year 6, we enjoyed debating reasons for and against vegetarianism. Some religions including Buddhism encourage their followers not to eat meat. This links to the eightfold path of 'right actions'.

Artefacts and Costumes from the Elizabethan Period.

As part of our 'Treading the Boards' topic, we have been investigating everyday items from Shakespeare's England. We looked carefully at different everyday objects from the home and a costume a boy and girl may have worn. We had great fun guessing what some of the items were used for and made some pretty interesting discoveries. Our predictions were sensible and thoughtful most of the time!

Titanic Automatons


DT, this half term, has been a difficult challenge. We were set the task of making a working automaton (moving toy) with two cogs, representing the sinking of RMS Titanic! We needed to make our toy from cardboard. We had a go in pairs at making a mini toy with one cog first and identified what difficulties may arise. Just making the box was a challenge! Here are some of our attempts at a small, single cog, toy:

Automatons - not for the faint-hearted!


Feeling more confident after our practice toys, we embarked on making a more complicated toy. We gave it a go but there were only a few of us that made it passed the finish line! Here are some of our finished projects:

Amelie's Titanic and whale toy automaton

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Oscar's rotating Titanic

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Jessie's toy - Titanic in a spin!

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Science - Nature Trails with 1M

Art in Maths Week


We have been looking at maths through art this week, in particular at shape.


On Monday, we investigated the area and perimeter of letters in our first names. It was quite a challenge drawing the letters in squares! We enjoyed decorating the letters for display.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we worked a symmetry project. We created robots using a mirror. We had to check really carefully to ensure the patterns were all symmetrical. Here are some of our finished robots:
On Friday, we carried out a small challenge, working in threes. This challenge was all about speed and teamwork. We had to draw as many shapes, using squares, with an area of 24 squares. Each shape had to have a different perimeter and we had to order them from smallest perimeter to largest. And we only had 20 minutes to complete the challenge!

Titanic Exhibition for Parents

Preparing for our Titanic Exhibition

To round off our topic on The Titanic, we decided to pick an aspect of the subject and ,working in threes, produce an exhibition for the parents. We were able to pick our own subject and spent two sessions exploring the Internet and reading books to gather our information. We then produced work ready for display, a nice change from writing it up in our books!

Home challenge - Create a Titanic!

Ms Thomas and Mrs Jones set us all a challenge over the Easter holidays. Could we recreate the Titanic in a creative way? We could produce a model, or a picture; it was up to us! Some of us were REALLY creative and some of the items were delicious!!!

Titanic Exhibition for the Parents


On Friday, the 5th May, we invited our parents in to view our work we had completed over the past few weeks. We set the classroom up in the afternoon. On display around the room was our artwork, sewing and challenge work. We think the parents had a great time, especially learning about this great topic. They also enjoyed taking part in all the quizzes and games we had set up!

Take a look at some of our work on display....

Waiting for our parents to arrive...

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Great work on display

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Sounds of Science in the Summer!

Sound boxes-we enjoyed making our own sounds!

Giant Maths Puzzle Fun

Roman Week - Battle Formation!


We have been learning about how the Roman army were powerful fighters and well-organised. It's not really a surprise they were able to build up an enormous empire and conquer so many countries. We have been looking at their fighting strategies, in particular their battle formations.

  After finishing our shields, we split into three groups to form formations of small armies. We tried out three of the main four fighting formations in the Quad:

The Wedge- used to separate the enemy into smaller groups.

Attacking in the Wedge formation!

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The Repel-Cavalry - a defensive formation.

The Repel-Cavalry

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The Tortoise

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Soldiers used their shields to protect the top, the sides and the front of the group.

The Tortoise

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Marching in formation, trying to keep in time with each other!

Roman Week - Face Pots


On Wednesday, we learnt that the Romans made special pots with faces. Archaeologists are not really sure why the Romans put faces on their pots but they were mostly found buried next to the dead Romans in graves. We think they may have been used to put the the dead person's ashes in or valuable coins. 

Roman Week - mini shield and mini sword mini battle!


On Friday afternoon, we had a mini Roman battle using out miniature Roman swords and shields. 

Mini Roman Battle

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Into battle!

Roman Week - Dress a Roman Soldier

Watch out! Our Roman soldiers are ready for battle!

In the morning, we split into groups and created a costume for a Roman soldier. Each group had two hours to create the following items for their soldier:

🗡 a belt;

🗡chest armour;

🗡a helmet;

🗡a pair of sandals;


🗡a shield;

🗡arm and leg protectors.

We worked really well as a team and by dinner time we were ready for battle!

Results at playtime - still a long way to go!

Just after dinner time, our soldiers marched around the junior classes showing their smart uniforms!

Roman Week - Trip to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum

On Wednesday, we set off at 8 a.m. to travel up the M6 towards Carlisle. We arrived in bright sunshine at Vindolanda, where there once stood a Roman fort.

We started the trip with a talk from an archaeologist, who told showed us artifacts found at the site. These included the following items: a real leather shoe, animal skulls and bones and tools, all dating from the Roman period.


We had to guess what sort of building we were sitting in and she gave us three clues. We guessed it was a butchers and we were correct.


We spent the next hour and a half exploring the remains of the fort, playing in a replica fort and visiting the indoor museum and shop.

We were able to speak to some other archaeologists and they showed us some of the different pottery they had found at the site. It was so well preserved it only looked a 100 years old, not 2000!




Exploring Vindolanda

History Week - with St. Luke's

On  Monday afternoon, the first day of History Week, the Year 6 children from Skerton St. Luke's travelled over to us to share some activities. We started with a a challenge. In groups of about 8-10, we had to make a giant timeline and place different historical periods in chronological order. Some of these included: the Egyptians, the Tudors, WW1 and WW2, the Mayans and the Olympics. We all worked well as a team. 

AFRICA- Goli Masks


Goli masks are used in the festival Goli, a day long celebration which involves the whole village. The masks are very distinctive, with tear-drop eyes and two horns. Using pictures of the carved masks from Africa, we designed our own mask and made a 3D image with corrugated cardboard. Then we used bright colours to decorate.

Young Voices 2017

For Those About to Rock....

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Over the Hills

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Mexican Wave (with jumpers)

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As the Lights Went Down at Manchester Arena

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Hello...is Adele Here?

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Book Week - Roald Dahl Day

Shared Reading with Year 3


During our Reading Week, we were lucky enough to share books with Class 3HW. We read our favourite books together over two sessions.

Shared reading with Year 3

We enjoyed making Christingles and learning about the symbolism of each part.

We have been learning how to spin poi. Have a look at our poi spinning routines.


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WW1 - Relatives in WW1


Our challenge for our WW1 topic was to present information about a topic from WW1. Ben decided to tell us about one of his relatives who fought in the Great War.


Aborigines used boomerangs as weapons to catch their food when hunting. We made a design based on real boomerangs. We made use of skills learnt through the week in the skilful ways Aborigines painted. Our designs include scenes from nature and animals

Boomerang bonanza

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Aboriginal concentric circle designs

Diversity Week

In Year 6, we have been learning about the traditions and culture of the Australian Aborigines. We have been looking at the didgeridoo and some of the children have had a go at trying to play it! It was really hard to play.

Aboriginal Dancing

Aboriginal Welcome Dance

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This is a simple dance to welcome people.

The Hunters' Dance

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Our own Aboriginal dances

In small groups, we had a go at making up our own hunter dances. We worked in groups of 5 and 6 and created a dance about an Australian animal. We played instruments and danced to traditional Aboriginal music. We hope you enjoy them!

The Crocodile Dance

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The Kangeroo dance

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The Crocodile dance

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The Snake dance

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The Snake dance

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The Snake dance

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The Crocodile and Crane dance

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Maths challenge - October 2016

Today, we set a maths challenge. In groups of 5, the children had to make 8 different 3D shapes from materials found around the classroom. No glue or sellotape allowed but we could join things with elastic bands! We had half an hour to make as many shapes as possible. Here are our results:

More amazing Viking models and artefacts made from home!


Today, we've been hoola-hooping. We have been spinning one, two, three and even four hoops! Flipping and twisting with our feet, our hands and even our necks! We were all expert spinners by the end of the session and had great fun.

Hoopla flick!

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Walking the dog

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Hoopla Crazy!

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Hoopla Spin

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The Butterfly

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The FBA Book Club Launch

The Fantastic Book Awards

Twelve pupils from Year 6 applied to participate in our Fantastic Book Awards Book Club.  We meet every Wednesday to discuss the books in this year's short list and we have VERY intellectual discussions!  We have six titles to read before March, when we will have the opportunity to vote on our favourite title from the list.


Here we are at the 'Champagne' Launch Party!

The FBA Book Club Launch

Super Spellers from 6J!

Well done!

We enjoyed making super seeds that would glide or spin away from the parent plant.

Les Salutations

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We learned a groovy song to help us remember French greetings.

Year 6 Curriculum Evening Presentation


We are 6J! Our class teacher is Mrs Jones and our SSAs and TA are Mrs Tuer, Mrs Crozier and Mrs Hunter. You will find us at the far end of the school between Ms Thomas' class and Mr Harding's class. 

We have settled in well and are already trying our very best with our work. 


Keep an eye on our page for exciting artwork linked to the Vikings - our first exciting topic.


Mrs Jones and Ms Thomas have already set us an adventurous challenge this term - to make a model at home of a viking artifact. We will need to research how to make our model and our parents are allowed to help - but NOT TAKE OVER!



The Vikings are coming!


Viking Model Challenge


Music - Viking Saga Songs

In Music, we are learning songs about Viking gods. Our first song is a cheeky number called 'Loki the Joker' which is all about a mischievous got called Loki, brother of Thor. 

We learned the song in no time and have been practising an accompaniment to play as we sing. We hope you enjoy our first performance!

Loki the Joker - Viking Saga Songs

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Year 6 Spelling Challenge