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Welcome to Class 6S

I am Miss Stalker the class teacher and we are supported by Mrs Shaw (teaching assistant) and Miss Crozier (support assistant)

The class will be taught by Mrs Stembridge on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. 


Welcome to the Summer Term. It is the children’s last term at Primary School and it is sure to be a memorable one. 

Pour Topic this half term is ‘Healthier, Fitter, Stronger’ and it is to coincide with our whole school ‘Healthy Week’ which begins the week commencing 20th May. During this topic, the children will learn about the circulatory system, carry out investigations into their pulse rate and how exercise has an impact on this and learn about how to keep their body and mind healthy through an active lifestyle and balanced diet. 


During ‘Heakthy Week’ the children will be experiencing a new sport, investigating the contents of foods and concocting their own healthy juice recipes. This week will end with our KS2  sports day which we are all looking forward to. 

I will share pictures from experiences, visitors and lessons as well as the children's work on this page so keep an eye out. 

Miss Stalker 

Spring 2 Newsletter World War 2

Spring 1 newsletter Ancient Greeks

Year 6 Newsletter - Autumn 1, 2018/19

The opening night of our production β€˜The Next Big Step’ was a great success!!

Tasting traditional Scottish food prepared by our very own, amazing Scottish Miss Crozier 😁😁

We had a great time going on a virtual tour of our heart and blood vessels

We used some interesting equipment to represent the components of blood. Here are our results. What do you think?

We couldn’t believe how much sugar was in some of our favourite foods. The recommended daily sugar intake should be equivalent to just 7 sugar cubes. A packet of Starburst has a staggering 46 sugar cubes in it - you might want to reconsider your Friday night treats!

What a great time we had during our last primary school sports day!

We had such an amazing time making our very own juice recipes this afternoon. Here are some very happy children testing their concoctions!

We would like to say a very big thank you to all our amazing parents for sending in so much delicious fruit and vegetables - just look at it all! We cannot wait to start making healthy juices this afternoon. πŸπŸŠπŸˆπŸ‹πŸπŸŒπŸ“πŸ’πŸπŸ₯πŸ₯’

Our Quidditch tournament. What a fantastic day!

Take a look at the finished (so far) letters written by the children to their parents following their evacuation experience. I’m sure you will agree that they are amazing and quite emotional!

What an absolute pleasure and honour it has been to hear a first hand account from Anne about what life was like during World War 2 as an eight-year-old child who was evacuated!

I would like to say an extremely big thank you to all the wonderful parents of Class 6S. You all helped the children get into the spirit of our evacuation experience which really helped them to understand what it would’ve really been like as a child during World War 2: they all looked fantastic in their evacuee costumes and the letters that you spent time writing to your children even brought tears to our eyes! 

Thank you so much again. 

Pictures from our day will be uploaded very soon. 

Miss Stalker 

I have attached a document which lists the 100 books children should read before the end of Year 6. This is a great place to start if your child is wanting to find a really good book, which will stretch their language and comprehension skills and broaden their reading experiences.

Please encourage your child to spend time on Times Tables Rockstars (www.ttrockstars.com) and Read Theory (www.readtheory.org) for extra consolidation of skills. The children all have their own log in details for these sites. It would be amazing if we can all get our calculator before the Summer Term. Come on, 6S (success) you can do it!! 

Y6 Spelling Challenge

Our Greek vases are looking good.

We used the Ancient Greek Olympics to help us communicate historically and understand the concept of continuity and change. The children used their established enquiry skills to observe evidence from the ancient Olympic Games. They then went into role as a leader who was bringing the Olympics back to Greece 1500 years after the Romans put an end to it. As the leader reintroducing the games, they thought about what they would continue and what they would change, explaining their reasons.

Hard at work publishing their own Greek myths

The making of the Greek vases has commenced.

Using the artwork on Greek vases to practise depicting movement in our drawings before we design our own image for a 3D vase.

A quick game of musical boats as a warm up to our Greek dance lesson with Mrs Marriott.

We have been developing our historical enquiry methods so we can ask questions, draw upon experiences, knowledge and understanding and close observe sources of evidence to help us make justifiable claims about the ancient Greeks. Once we had analysed the evidence, we pieced together what we had learnt about the Greeks and created our own drawing for a piece of pottery. We thought about 3 questions during our enquiry: what does the evidence tell us about life in Ancient Greece? What impression does the evidence give you of the ancient Greeks? What evidence is there to suggest how the ancient Greeks have influenced the western world?

In Science, we have planned and prepared an oxidation investigation. We are now waiting for the results.

Beautiful Banyan tree calendars.

The DT project continues...

The toy Titanic model making has begun! We have a busy week ahead!

Christmas Fair Preparations πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Have a read of our first person survivor recounts based on the night the Titanic sank. Be prepared - they are quite emotional!

Someone is enjoying their Children in Need cake from the coffee morning!!

We have been writing in role as first and third class passengers on board the Titanic this week. We have been thinking about our language choices, choosing the correct level of formality. Do you think we have made the correct choices? Can you tell which pieces of writing are formal and which are informal?

We received a very exciting letter in class today which we had to respond to immediately! What a great start to our new Titanic topic.

Our amazing Superhero topic has been brought to an end today. Our parents/family members were invited in to watch our superhero films, help us evaluate our superhero models and read our super, superhero stories. We all had a lovely afternoon sharing all our hard work.

What a lovely game of 'throw golf' we had followed by a nice warm hot chocolate to end our amazing first half term in Year 6!

The filming process has begun!

Our superhero and villain models are nearly ready for filming!

Another fantastic informative visit from another local hero. This time it was from a detective: Mrs Foley.