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The Year 6 Team 

Miss Stalker - Class Teacher (6S)

Miss Graham - Class Teacher (6G)

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Miss Crozier - Teaching Assistant 


Woohooo the year has started and Class 6S Success are finally together and raring to go! The classroom is filled with smiley children who are keen and ready to learn and have fun - it is just wonderful

We are starting our year with a the Topic 'Knowing ourselves Inside Out' and this is a Topic which is dedicated to getting children to think about and understand their emotions, bring out their imagination, develop their self-esteem, confidence and build their resilience back up so the children believe in themselves and are ready to learn. We have so many great activities planned.

Please see the newsletter below for more details about this half-term.  







Inspirational People - Holiday Research Project

Christmas Spelling Challenge


Our finished non-chronological reports all about a Swedish Christmas - we enjoyed finding out about Swedish traditions and comparing them to our own Christmas traditions.

A very festive lunch time 🎄🎄

We had a brilliant time at our mini fair this morning. Lots of fun was had and sweets were won. Congratulations to Aimee who guessed the exact number of sweets in the jar and Joseph who won the festive penguin by guessing its name correctly. 🎄🎄

Check out our absolutely awesome Year 6 Vikings display which is in the hall. As not many people get to walk through the hall at the moment, I thought I’d share the display here for everyone to see!

Our Viking long ships are finished and we are really pleased with them.

Santa Dash 2020

The children had a fantastic time doing their Santa Dash. The event began with a Christmas themed warm-up linked to the Twelve Days of Christmas. We did a variety of moves such as: turkeys flapping, penguins waddling, ice skating and reindeers galloping- very festive!

The rain managed to hold-off until we had finished the running.

Charcoal Valkyrie Pictures

Viking Day - We have had a great day participating in Viking related activities. We started the day with a trading event. It was absolutely fantastic to see the children working together as a team and strategically changing their trading techniques to become the most successful traders. The children then swapped their trading skills for craft skills and they designed and made a Viking shield out of clay. They all worked hard to create the correct shape and carve intricate detail to their work. We were also lucky to have a virtual meet with a ‘real’ Viking from Jorvik!!! The children enjoyed listening to the Viking and participated in the session brilliantly. A lot of time and effort had been put in at home to create the fantastic outfits and objects for today and the children looked brilliant. Thank you to everyone involved with helping them prepare for our Viking day. We are ready and looking forward to completing our Viking longboats as part of our DT work now.


As part of our PE this term, we have had a cricket coach to teach us the skills in this sport. We have been playing diamond cricket and practising bowling and batting.

Today, we used the Ipads and atlases to research and locate areas in The United Kingdom where the Vikings raided and settled. We then explained the reasons why the Vikings raided certain areas and why they chose to settle in particular places. We worked together brilliantly.

A little display created from our archeological excavation

We started our new topic today with an archeological dig. We had a great time excavating sources of evidence which we then used to draw conclusions about the Vikings. We are really looking forward to using this to deepen our understanding further in our future Topic sessions.

Our finished robot bookmarks/key rings. Each one is personal and unique and this is a reminder of just how special and unique each and every single one of us is. The children worked incredibly hard to complete these and developed our resilience skills along the way. They look fantastic

We have our first TT Rockstars ROCK HERO 🎸 What an impressive time, Thomas. 🏆 Can anyone beat 0.99 seconds???

Busy designing a robot version of ourselves ready to start making them into bookmarks using our stitching skills.

Exploring decimal numbers

We have been thinking about what makes us who we are and how we are all unique 😀

After spending time getting in tune with our emotions and getting to know ourselves inside out, the children have produced fantastic display pieces of work. Which emotions have you experienced over the last 6 months? Maybe you can relate to how the children have been feeling.

A couple of our ‘secret student’ winners feeling proud of themselves for earning the whole class a little daily reward 😀

If you could unlock the door to your imagination, where would it take you?

Place Value Exploration - we started the week exploring numbers up to 1 million. The children used concrete and pictorial methods to represent the numbers in different ways before moving on to problem solving and reasoning later in the week.

The children have unlocked the door to their imagination. They have created their door, thought about where the door would be located, designed an imaginary world and written fantastic descriptions 😀

Let’s open the door to our imagination - the children found a mystery ancient key in their trays. Where will the key take them? If you had a key which could take you anywhere, where would you go?

Let the Reading World Cup commence!! The fixtures have been announced. Which books will make it through to the quarter finals? We will have to wait and see which book wins each match tomorrow!

The winner of our Reading World Cup is...

Here are the books that have made it through to the quarter finals. Tomorrow, we will read a couple of pages from each book before deciding on the final 4!

The 4 semi-finalists have been confirmed! Which books do you want to go through to the final and have the chance of becoming our class novel?

The finalists of our book World Cup

My 'Welcome to Class 6S' video can be found on Torrisholme TV (it was too long to save directly to the class page!) Please click on the link below to view the message laugh