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Year 6 Curriculum Evening Presentation

Welcome to 6T!


My name is Ms Thomas and I teach in 6T, where I work closely with Miss Stalker, the other Year 6 teacher. We have two members of support staff: Mrs Crozier and Mrs Tuer.


I hope you are ready for your final year at Torrisholme. It's hard work but it will be worth it. Are you prepared for lots of fun and challenges along the way?


Have you read a book that you want to tell the world about? Then write a review to share your opinions with everyone.


This is our very own class page, so please feel free to suggest ideas for what you would like to see here.

Our Residential Trip to Edinburgh

Dynamic Earth

On the Majestic Bus Tour

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Tea at The Filling Station

Lunch at Frankie and Benny’s

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

Bonnie Scotland

The first day back after the Easter holidays and the start of a new topic.  The children were faced with a mystery: a crime had been committed and we wanted to find out what it was and who the perpetrator was.


Here we are, searching for evidence in the school grounds.


To finish off our 'Superheroes' topic, we invited parents into class for a special film premiere.  They were treated to an exclusive viewing of our superhero films, made with LEGO Movie Maker.


Check out our films on the Torrisholme TV section of this website.

Superhero Movies

Dressing Up for World Book Day

Pebble Art

We painted pebbles for World Book Day and hid them in the local area.  Have you found one yet?

 STEM Challenge 

For the final day of Science Week we were set a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Challenge: to build a tall, stable structure that could support a tennis ball for ten seconds.  The classes were divided across school so that younger and older children could work together. Have a look at how we got on.

STEM Challenge Day


The second half of spring term and it was Science Week.  What a great time we had!  The enthusiasm and science knowledge was wonderful. Have a look at what we got up to . . .

Science Week started with an assembly led by Joel, our visiting Science Boffin.

The Mixing Dance

Still image for this video

Using chemistry to make toothpaste for elephants

Still image for this video

Now for some physics . . .

Still image for this video

The Biscuit Dunking Challenge

The Biscuit Dunking Challenge

We all love a nice cuppa with a few biscuits to dunk, but which type of biscuit is best for dunking?  We decided to investigate. After some careful testing, we found that the shortbread finger held out the longest (over five minutes!), but the Rich Tea put up a good fight!

Super Slime

Ms Thomas had the perfect recipe for slime and we had great fun making it!

Super Slime

Science week! 6T helped Professor Bubbles investigate crazy bubble shapes! We tested 2D shapes using wands and then went on to make cubes. The cube when dipped in our bubble solution created crazy shapes! We also blew into the bubbles to make them 3D.

Our bubble solution
Testing 2D shapes
Making cubes.
Crazy shapes.
Changing shapes.
Bubbles inside bubbles
Amazing shapes.

Tag Rugby in 6T

Still image for this video
A great try from Theo!

Go, Bethany!

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Superb dodging and weaving from Cavan

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Dressing Up For Poetry Week

The Torrisholme Poe Tree

Christmas Cards 2017


Family Members Visit the Titanic Exhibition

Our Titanic Exhibition

The Topic Challenge

Sewing the Titanic

Working Together to Prepare our Titanic Exhibition

It's Christmaaassss! (Well, nearly...)

We are getting a little bit Christmassy in 6T, making tree decorations to sell at the Christmas Fair.  The children have been working very hard to produce a quality product that you will enjoy bringing out each Christmas.  Why not come along and bag yourself a beautiful handmade tree decoration this Friday?  


Making Christmas Decorations for the Christmas Fair

The Big Book Swap

On Wednesday 22nd November, we hosted the Big Book Swap in Year 6.  And what a response it was!  We were overwhelmed with the number of books sent into school - we even had a few picture books left over to put into our school library! 


Thank you to all children and parents for your donations; everyone in school could go home with a book that was new to them.  Keep on reading, everyone!

The Big Book Swap

Reading Buddies

RE Day

On Monday 6th November, we had a theme day on the subject of  Christianity and, specifically for Year 6, 'Life as a Journey.'  What an interesting and full day we had!  We started off with some visitors: Jonny taught us about the Bible story of Paul's journeys, which resulted in his conversion to become a follower of Jesus.  Later in the morning, Steve Hewitt came to answer children's questions about God and religion.  There were some very interesting and thought-provoking questions from 6T!


In the afternoon, we visited two local churches and learned about life as a journey for Christians and Jesus' journey.


Visiting Torrisholme Methodist Church

Visiting Torrisholme Church of the Ascension

Learning About Paul's Journeys

Answering Questions About Life as a Journey


As a mini topic, before half term, we have been looking at Shakespeare's Macbeth.  We used drama techniques to consider the relationship between Macbeth and Banquo. We also thought about Macbeth's character and how he might change throughout the play.  Would the witches' prophecies come true? Would the seed of ambition planted in his mind come to fruition?  Here we are enacting the battle scene at the start of the play.

Enacting the Battle Scene at the Start of Macbeth

Still image for this video

Practising Our Moves

Enjoying the Halloween Disco

The Topic Challenge: Blitz Britain

Here we have some more contributors to our topic challenge. Molly packed a bag for an evacuee and Elisha made a model of an Anderson shelter.  


Matthew and Fraser made a Spitfire model each and Lily wrote a newspaper article about one of her relatives who was a pilot.  


And last, but not least, is Logan, who gave a presentation about tanks. He even brought in a remote-controlled tank for us to see. Well done, everyone!

Demonstrating the Tank

Logan's Tank in Action

Still image for this video

Visitors to Year 6

We have been very fortunate to have had three visitors during this World War Two topic. Each one has shared their knowledge and experiences of the war.


Mrs Fawcett works at Lancaster University Library and brought in leaflets and booklets from World War II. She also spoke about evacuation, rationing and the Blitz.

Remembering World War II

Our Year 6 governor, Mrs Brady, invited her mother into school to talk about her memories of being evacuated. And what memories they were! We loved hearing her stories, some of which had morals to them: don't stand too near to a cow and do as you are told in an air raid if you want to keep both arms!

Enid Shares her Memories of World War II

PERISCOPES- we loved making periscopes to solve Morse code messages.

Our Trip to Salford

On 3rd October, Year 6 pupils visited the Imperial War Museum in Salford. We looked at the exhibits and found out more about what it was like to live through two world wars. There was so much to see and learn!

The Imperial War Museum North

The Topic Challenge

This half term we have asked Year 6 pupils to make an artefact or model linked to World War Two. Here are some wonderful examples.

Topic Challenge: Blitz Britain

Wonderful work from this talented quartet!

Holly used her grandad's case to make up a suitcase for an evacuee, thinking carefully about what she would take. Sophie made a very detailed gas mask. I wouldn't want to carry that around everywhere! Zach made a wireless (which actually plays an excerpt from Chamberlain's famous speech from Downing Street, as well as a snippet of song from the Andrews Sisters!). Amara has made an excellent tank. Well done everyone!


We've had great fun spinning poi in PE. Take a look at our routines . . . 

Good Teamwork

Still image for this video

Great Control

Still image for this video

Two by Two

Still image for this video

Working Well in a Group

Still image for this video

Spinning and Jumping

Still image for this video

In Science we enjoyed making WW2 themed shadow puppets. Sadly, by the time we went to test them outside, the sun had gone in 😒

The Mysterious Suitcase

A suitcase appeared in school and we decided to investigate.  Whose suitcase was it?  What was it used for?

We made predictions about the contents of the case and took them out one by one. We concluded that the suitcase might have belonged to an evacuee. There were some clothes, a ration book and some toys.


What would you pack in your suitcase if you were evacuated away from home?

The Mysterious Suitcase

Share Your Achievements

We love to hear about your successes, whatever they may be.  Bring in your certificates and medals so we can celebrate you on the class page, as well as in our weekly achievements assembly.

Frazer is Man of the Match!

Mrs Price's Spelling Challenge