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All about 5B

We love to learn and we try to have lots of fun along the way!

Homework books have now been introduced (the big orange books) and will be handed out each Wednesday and all homework is due back in the following Monday!


Spellings will be tested each Wednesday also.

The first week back we are focusing on ourselves. frown


Think about:

What am I good at?

What would I like to get better at?

How will I achieve my ambitions this year?

We are class 5B! We have created ‘Dream Jars’ all about what we want to achieve this year and we have also made a display ‘All About Me’.

Each week we will choose someone to be our Golden Globe Reporter. They will research something that is happening in the news and share it with the class.

We are aiming to be Minion-tastic in 5B! Have you been a top banana?

We enjoy sharing and learning all about our friends in 5B!

Cassius brought in this lovely aboriginal design to share with the class!

Izzie brought in an aboriginal style boomerang to share!

Thomas brought an aboriginal style boomerang in to share!

Matilda wanted to play a song she is still learning on her guitar! You were FAB and we can’t wait to hear more!