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Friday 15th May - Animal Homes Challenge

What are the homes of different animals called? No, it's not a joke, it's your new challenge! I would like you to research this and then make a list of all the different animals along with the name of their homes. Mrs Dowker has added a couple of examples over on Torrisholme TV.


For example,   

                                    Birds live in nests.

                                    Rabbits live in burrows.


To complete this activity you could:

  • make a list and adding pictures or photographs in your exercise book;
  • use Purple Mash, you will find a 2do task set for this;
  • make a video telling us about their homes;
  • make a model of one of the homes using lego, playdough or recycled items.


Remember to let us know what you find out and share your completed work with us at: year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk


Happy researching!


Mrs Patel

These animal homes cleverly made my Ruby are great! She even got her little brother Freddie to join in and he made a home for his dinosaurs!