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Animal Collective Noun Challenge

Bethany's collective nouns 


penguins - rookery 

monkeys- troop 

dolphins- pod 

ponies - string

skunks- surfeit

Rosie's collective nouns 


Snakes - a den , bed or nest but generally they are solitary.


Pandas - a bamboo of pandas.


Fish - a school of fish.


Bears - a sleuth of bears.


Hedgehogs - either a array or a prickle of hedgehogs

Joshua M's collective nouns


Joshua went for a bike ride and found a number of different animals and found the collective nouns.

He found....

1 heron, but the collective noun is a siege

A paddling of ducks

A herd of llamas

A string of ponies

A colony of rabbits

1 oyster catcher, but the collective noun is a parcel


I loved looking at your photos and your collective nouns, Josh. Thank you! smileyyes

Sophia's collective nouns



Well done, Sophia! I've definitely learnt a few from you! Thank you smileyyes

Lily May's Collective Nouns 


1. Dog – a pack of dogs

2. Cat – a clower of cats

3. Swan – a bevy of swans

4. Rhino – a crash of rhino

5. Pig – a drift of pigs

6. Rabbit – a herd of rabbits

7. Wolf -a pack of wolfs

8. Kangaroo – a mob of kangaroos

9. Owl – a parliament of owls

10. Tiger – a streak of tigers

11. Giraffe – a tower of giraffes

12. Penguin – a waddle of penguins

13. Snake – a nest of snakes

14. Monkey – a barrel of monkeys

15. Reindeer – a herd of reindeers

16. Skunk – a stench of skunks

17. Eel – a bed of eels

18. Frog – an army of frogs

19. Elephant – a parade of elephants

20. Flamingo – a stand of flamingos


I loved reading this Lily May - thank you! smiley

Thomas' collective nouns


Herd of elephants/Deer/cows/zebras.

School of fish/sharks

Flock of sheep/birds

Pod of dolphins/hippos/whales

Crowd of people

Gaggle of geese

Swarm of bees/flies

Pride of lions

Band of monkeys

Mob of kangaroos

Colony of penguins/beavers

Plague of locust

Caravan of camels

Brood of hens

Den of snakes

Army of frogs

Flight of butterflies

Pack of dogs

Troop of monkeys

Tower of giraffes


Super job, Thomas! Thank you smiley

Emilia's collective nouns

Ben has started the ball rolling with 5 fabulous collective nouns


  1. A mob of kangaroos

  2. A tower of giraffes

  3. A shiver of sharks

  4. A gaze of racoons

  5. A destruction of cats


Thank you for sharing, Ben! smiley