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Weather Detectives

You are going to be going 'Around the World' and be a weather detective.

I know how much you liked doing this during our 'Explorers' topic so each week I will put up 2 cities in the world for you to look at. Over on Torrisholme TV, Mrs Dowker will also post video clips on her 'Fun and Learning Zone' channel to help you. 


As independent learners, I would like you to really develop your skills as geographers so find out in which country you can find these cities and also tell me the name of the continent the countries belong to. Then compare the weather to Morecambe.


To help you, below are:

  • links to an online atlas but, if you have an atlas or globe at home, you can use that.

  • a YouTube song about the 7 continents and there are lots of others that you can find.

  • you can be as creative as you want to to record the information but just in case there is a recording sheet you can print off and use.

  • a world map for labelling the continents and the places we visit.


Let's hope the beautiful sun ☀️ and cool breeze we seem to be enjoying at the moment stays with us for some time 😊


"Let's go around the world!!!"

Week 1 - Tokyo and Vancouver

Challenge: Can you find out a traditional food the people in these 2 cities eat? What's a traditional food you enjoy in Morecambe?

Week 2 - I wonder where we will go?

This week we are going to Colorado in the USA and to Sydney in Australia. These have been chosen by Jacob in 2D. You can see Mrs Dowker over on Torrisholme TV setting this challenge. Remember to use the maps and sheets, listed above, to record your findings or you can be more creative and make your own on paper or in your exercise book. 


Challenge: make a fact file of one of the places.

Week 3 - Lapland and The Brazilian Rainforest

This week, the places we are going to are very exciting and very different. Minnie, in 2D, has picked them using her world map. She has picked Lapland and the Brazilian Rainforest. I think you will be able to find some amazing facts for these places and I know that I am very excited to find out more about them too! If you choose to complete the weather sheets, you need a town or city to put into the BBC World Weather site so Mrs Dowker, who you can see on Torrisholme TV, has chosen Rovaniemi (Lapland) and Manaus (Brazil).


Challenge: Can you present your facts in a different way?

Instead of using the weather sheets, why not try one of the following:

  • write a fact file for one of the places (you could use Purple Mash for this);
  • make a model, drawing, painting or anything creative that is related to these places.


Don't forget to send your work into year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

Week 4 - Egypt and Iceland

This week Albert in 2D has chosen Egypt and Iceland as our 2 countries to make an interesting fact file about. If you would prefer to compare the weather conditions over the next week then you could look at the capital cities of Cairo, Egypt and Reykjavik, Iceland.


I can't wait to see what amazing facts you find!


Week 5 - Madagascar and China

This week James in our class has chosen China and Madagascar as our 2 countries for our Around the World Weather challenge. If you would like to compare the weather conditions over the next week then you could look at the capital cities: Antananarivo, Madagascar and Beijing, China.


I can't wait to see what amazing facts you find! Don't forget to email on: year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk