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At home Fun!

A great design for your pebble painting, Spencer.

Terrific Times Tables work, Mason!

Fabulous writing, Spencer. I like being a superhero!

Alice has been doing a nature and science experiment. She caught LOTS of tadpoles from the canal. She has started writing a diary about them, observing their development. She took length measurements from 5 tadpoles and will measure again in 1wks time, to work out the 'average' growth. You are a super scientist, Alice!

Super work from Grace

Mason is making a project about reptiles in the Jungle. Keep checking back to see which animal he researches next.

Spencer has gone dragon mad!! What wonderfully detailed drawings he has done.

Lexi has a new pet hamster called, Pepper. Very cute and cuddly.

Spencer has been mindfully colouring some prehistoric beasts. They are stunning!

Lydia's cuddling duckling, Cudo, is growing fast!

Buddy has been working hard with his sister making bracelets to raise money for animal care because most charity events have had to be cancelled due to Covid 19. They both created a poster and have popped the bracelets on the drive with a donations box for people passing by to donate and take a bracelet. He is very proud that he can help out and they have so far raised £8! 🤗

Noah died his hair BLUE for VE Day! He rode on his new mountain bike to the Crook of Lune, where he swam... Brrrrr.....

Charlie challenged himself to a very complicated lego build.... ROAR!!!!

Lydia and her sisters have had a duckling egg incubating at home as a project. Over the weekend it very excitingly, started to hatch. Lydia was the first face the duckling saw and so now it thinks that Lydia is it's mummy!

Lydia's duckling hatching

Still image for this video

Lydia has been busy designing and making her own horsebox and designing a bear for the John Lewis Competition.

Daniel has been very busy researching dangerous sea creatures and making large scale minecraft models. I wonder how long those smarties lasted after making a bar chart with them? Thank you for my letter Daniel, you certainly look as though you're 'on fire' with all the work you're doing.

Alice has been teaching her new puppy, Mable how to boogie board! She stayed on for 1.3 minutes!

Grace has just received a very exciting delivery from the postman!

Jenson has been enjoying supporting the 'Clap for Carers' every Thursday. He looks deep in thought while he is working! I wonder what he is doing with his hand print?

Lauren has been very busy being creative over the last week (as well as her maths and English). She was inspired by Senora Pitcher’s Spanish rainbow and also the observational drawing of a bottle. She looked at light and shade and watched some YouTube clips. She also used printing techniques to make an amazing Aladdin picture. Lauren also designed her own t-shirt with recycled items for Brownies. Finally, she drew her shadow at different times of the day and discovered her shadow had moved ! She found out how light travels and whether the sun moves or the earth? What an interesting week you've had Lauren.

Buddy has made a butterfly table for his garden. How fabulous! Who else can have a go at making one?

Wowzers! Grace has achieved her challenge. She can skip brilliantly even on a trampoline!! Congratulations Grace!

Still image for this video

Charlie has been very busy enjoying himself during home schooling. Here's a few pics of what he's been up to.

Jessica and Jake have been very busy at their home school. I particularly liked seeing the treats they were having while they worked. Don't be fooled... it looks like Jessica is about to bake a delicious cake, but, in actual fact, it's slime!!! Their random act of kindness was to write to a 92 year old lady who they didn't know. She replied and they're now pen friends.

Lucia has been very busy reading, researching the planets, moulding clay and making a den on the trampoline! If you walk past her window, you'll be sure to be wowed by her creations to make everyone smile!

Lydia has a new puppy called, Bertie.... so cute...

Grace has a hedgehog in her garden and has called it, Harry. She has also written a fact sheet about Hedgehogs.

Emily has been super busy. She has: made a fairy house out of wood, baked a chocolate Easter cake, planted potatoes, made soup, put up a bird box in the tree and played a maths game called 'Prodigy'.

Emily won her street's virtual Talent Show with this fabulous modern dance. Well done, Emily!

Still image for this video

Corey's Egg-citing Easter Egg-venture!

Happy Easter from Buddy

Lexi has been busy baking, planting sunflower seeds, making a volcano and cycling for her daily exercise!

Lauren's Sonic car, building a den and having an Italian Day and a French day.

Buddy, the Scientist!

Check out Spencer's Dragon made with Splash beads.

Spencer and his brother made a HUGE trifle! Looks delicious!

Happy Birthday, Corey

Grace being busy at home and her guinea pigs - Sandy and Sophie

Lui's Hedgehog Project

Mason's Rainbow