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Awesome Authors Topic 1st half term

Week beginning 23rd October

13th October - Beatrix Potter

This week the children have been learning about the children's author Beatrix Potter. In Literacy, they read the story of 'Peter Rabbit' and in our afternoon lessons they have found out about the life of Beatrix Potter. We found out that she lived not far from here at Hill Top Farm in the Lake District and, as well as being a successful children's author, she was also an excellent farmer and loved being outdoors. We studied the pictures of Mr McGregor's garden in the story of 'Peter Rabbit' and learnt about the different types of herbs and vegetables growing there. We had fun smelling and tasting lots of different vegetables and herbs.

Next week, we will look at the story 'Jemima Puddleduck' and paint and landscape in the style of Beatrix Potter using watercolour paints.

Vegetables from Mr McGregor's garden

6th October - Julia Donaldson's 'Superworm'

This week our work has centred around the story of 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. We really enjoyed the story, especially the pictures of Superworm transforming himself into different objects to help people. The children created fantastic 'Wanted' posters with descriptions of the despicable villain of the story - the cunning, mean wizard lizard. They also learnt about rhyming words and made their own story mountains to outline the main events in the story in sequence.

Our week ended with a super worm afternoon where everyone had the opportunity to make worms out of different materials and measure their lengths. They also went outside on the school field to try their hand at worm charming. They played musical instruments, poured water on the field and stamped their feet on the ground to encourage worms to come up to the surface. They found lots of them!

Our super worm afternoon!

29th September - Julia Donaldson


This week we have started to look at stories by the children's author Julia Donaldson. We have focused on her story 'The Smartest Giant in Town' and used it as a basis for our work in Literacy and Maths. In Literacy, we used lots of interesting words to describe the giant, we sequenced the story and then retold the story in our own words.

In Maths, we learnt how to measure length. We started by measuring giant footsteps all around the classroom using non-standard units before progressing onto using a ruler and measuring objects in centimetres.

We finished the week with our 'Giant Challenge'. The children got themselves into groups to create their own giant together. They could do anything they wanted as long as their giant looked like a human and was taller than everyone in the group. Take a look at the photos below to see how everyone got on.

Measuring giant footsteps

22nd September - Look at our maths work!

21st September - Our first judo lesson!

Week beginning 18th September

We have continued our work on the author Eric Carle and focused on the story 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See?' This gave us an opportunity to learn about different animals and their habitats. We also learnt some new 'power words' which Eric Carle used in his story and tried to use them in our writing. We wrote about zebras 'braying', peacocks 'yelping' and flamingos 'fluting'. We enjoyed listening to these sounds on some clips and decided that flamingos really sound as though they are quacking!



Week beginning 11th September 2017

We have started our Awesome Authors topic by looking at the work of Eric Carle. Having already looked at 'The Bad-Tempered Ladybird', we moved onto 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. In Literacy, we sequenced the story and practised the days of the week. We also had a go at writing the story in our own words.

We looked at videos of Eric Carle and found out about how he creates his pictures. We then made our own caterpillar collages in the style of Eric Carle by first painting our papers. Once our papers were dry we made our own templates and used them to create our own caterpillars.

Our caterpillar art.