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Monday 1st June

How on earth have we got to the 1st of June already?! Welcome to the start of a new term, in fact, the last term of your learning journey in Year 2 sad It only seems like yesterday I joined Team Torrisholme and met you all for the first time. I remember feeling quite nervous starting at a new school and wondering if I would fit in with everyone or whether I would have anyone to sit and talk with at lunchtime - yes as adults we have these feelings too! Do you remember what it was like when you first joined Year 2? Now I want you to think about how you felt at the beginning and compare it with how far you have come since then. Over the next few weeks, I would like you to put together something to share your Year 2 learning journey with everyone. It can include what made you happy, what made you sad, what you have overcome, your proudest moments - anything that has made your time in Year 2 memorable and special. Wouldn't it be great if we could make another memorable video to remember our time in 2P? I will send you a reminder in a couple of days and keep you updated on what we can include but for now, get your thinking caps on! In the meantime, there are lots of bits that have been added to the class page. Look out for the maths problem of the day, reading comprehension and a new writing unit, there are lots of activities that have been set on Purple Mash too!


Enjoy the most amazing day!

Monday 25th May

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! It was lovely speaking with you all last week and hearing about all the fun you've had learning, getting active and mastering new skills. I finally caught up with Elliott on Friday (yay!!) He's currently growing sunflowers for his church and he's been doing maths...WITH SWEETS!!! For those who have followed my Ramadhan diary, you will know that I have spent the last month fasting which means I don't eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Well, I finally celebrated the end of fasting with Eid yesterday which is a bit like Christmas. I cook a magnificent feast, we put decorations up, exchange presents and we usually see all the family. Given lockdown, it was a strange time this year but we are still grateful for what we have. It's a beautiful sunny day out there so make sure you get outside (safely!). We're taking our leftover lamb biryani and other treats to the park for a little picnic and a good game of footballEnjoy this glorious weather whilst it has made a reappearance!


Take care x


Friday 22nd May

Hello 2P! We've made it to another Friday and we are all doing so well. Yesterday, I had a catch up with so many children. Bella was excited as she was going to see Poppy (from a safe distance) to wish her a Happy Birthday with a card and present); I caught Logan playing 'I spy...' whilst he lunching outside and it was nice to know he was excited to hear my voice; Lily-Anne and Chloe have mastered the front-flip on their trampolines  (we laughed at the fact that I can only do a forward roll - just!); Henrietta has been enjoying fun in her paddling pool and gardening and the lovely Macy has been doing lots of baking and even set up a cafe! Thank you so much for making my day and filling it with more sunshine and awesomeness!! Don't forget to look out for today's maths problem of the day and then get ready to have lots of fun, relax and recharge as we officially break up for the half-term today! I will still be checking my emails if you need me. In the meantime, stay safe, look after one another at home and keep smiling.


Lots of love... x


Thursday 21st May

Good morning! I'm so pleased the glorious sunshine has decided to make an appearance - let's hope it's here to stay!  I'll give you a little update on who I have spoken to yesterday. I had a lovely chat with John who's enjoying practising his cooking skills and helping his mum around the house with chores; Max is spending time in the garden and has learnt lots about the Victorian Age; Ben loves Mathletics and is almost there in getting his silver certificate - come on Ben, you can do it! If you're still waiting for my call, it could be you tomorrow. Just a reminder that I'm adding a 'Maths Problem of the Day' so get stretching those learning muscles and give it a go! Finally, Happy birthday to the gorgeous Poppy who is 7 today - hurray! Enjoy your day, Poppy heart​​​​​​​

Wednesday 20th May

Hello, 2P! I loved speaking with some of you yesterday heart  I heard all about Lewis' fishing trip with his Dad. You must take a look at the huge fish he caught - it took 15 minutes to get it into the net!! Tyler is convinced he's nearly as tall as me (I'm waiting for him to tell me what he's been eating!); Lyla has a new puppy called Tilly (aaaw - check out how cute she is in the home learning gallery), Millie was just excited to hear my voice and I had a good catch up with Evelyn who told me about a new book she's finished and her guinea pig, Squeak. If you haven't heard from me yet, don't worry I will be working down my list throughout today and the rest of the week! Well done to Chloe who was the first to answer yesterday's 'Maths Problem of the Day' correctly! I've also added a Purple Mash section where there is a link to the year 2 display board as well as instructions on how to send an email to each other as requested by some of you.


Have a lovely day and remember to keep smiling! smiley


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning, 2P! Hope you're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning! Okay, so it's still a bit grim out there but I'm sure there's lots of fun you could still have indoors. Have you had a look at the Purple Mash competition? There are some great prizes up for grabs and I'm sure you'd enjoy programming your very own game. I'm going to make some more calls today. I couldn't stop smiling after speaking to some of you yesterday - I even got to speak to Lilly's little brother, Harry! My last call was to Daniel and I had a lovely conversation with him. I even set him a challenge... to practise fastening his shoelaces! So, if any of you are yet to master this skill, get your favourite pair of trainers out and give it a go! I've now created a Maths folder and I will add a 'Problem of the Day' for you to look at and use your problem-solving skills.

Have fun today, no matter what you choose to do!

Monday 18th May

Hello everyone! Hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I don't know about you but this horrible, rainy weather does make me feel a little bit glum. The good news is that I have been doing something very exciting today that has really cheered me up and made my day seem so much brighter! Do you want to know what it is? Well, I've been getting in touch with some of your parents and then having a chat with you! That's right, you will get to have a little catch up with me at some point during this week. You'll have to bear with me as I have to find a quiet time when my 3 monkeys are not getting up to mischief! 


Before I go, just to let you know about the new additions to the class page. I have added some new texts based on the Monarch for you to choose from for reading comprehension and a new writing task 'The Magical Teaching Box'. There's also the launch of the Purple Mash competition for you to create your own game - it would be great to see you have a go.


Have a wonderful day!


Friday 15th May - Well done Year 2!


Happy Fri-yay!!, as the lovely Miss Taylor would say. Have you all seen our year group video over on Torrisholme TV? I hope you realise just how amazing you are!! And, even though we may seem worlds apart, with a little bit of teamwork and determination, just look at what we can all achieve when we put our minds to it. So, give yourself a huge pat on the back and throw up a virtual high-5 to each other! I must say a huge THANK YOU to your parents for making every effort in supporting this mission. As a thank you from you to them, as today's challenge perhaps you could tidy your bedroom or help around the house with a few little chores because they're awesome too!


Enjoy the weekend!


Much love... x

Tuesday 12th May - International Nurses' Day! 

Today is another very special day and one I would like us all to remember, especially in the time we find ourselves in. International Nurses' Day is celebrated around the world each year on the 12th May as it is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. Many of you took up the challenge of learning about Florence Nightingale and making some wonderful fact files about her. 2020 is a particularly special time for Florence as it marks 200 years since her birth. Her name has been very much in the news at the moment as it was chosen as the name for the huge hospital created to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year there is a big church service in Westminster Abbey to celebrate Florence’s work, although this year it has had to be postponed. You can find lots of information about Florence such as special exhibitions in museums, memorials to Florence, all of which I have added links for below. Did you know that a Florence Nightingale Barbie Doll has been launched this year to celebrate her bicentenary?

Challenge: So, today, I would like you to think about what makes Florence Nightingale so special and what makes our nurses of today so special. How should we remember Florence Nightingale’s special birthday this year? How should we remember our nurses for all the amazing work they are doing, more so during Covid-19. You may choose to make a memorial for Florence out of junk modelling and design a poster for International Nurses' Day for our wonderful nurses today. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 


P.S. At 8:30 pm this evening, people everywhere have been asked to shine a light from their window in memory of Florence and to show gratitude to all our nurses everywhere. I'm sure you will agree that this is a beautiful way to remember 'the lady with the lamp' and our nurses.

Monday 11th May  - The Toilet Roll Challenge

It's time to get your problem solving and creative learning muscles powered up for this next challenge.

You can only use:

  • one toilet roll;
  • one A4 piece of paper;
  • scissors;
  • tape or glue;
  • felt tips, pencil crayons or wax crayons.

You need to create your own model using only these and post your pictures to year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

This little trio never fail to put a smile on my face! I love how they worked together and have risen to the toilet roll challenge, making a butterfly and a snake. I think you'll agree that they look awesome!!

Love how this young man has transformed a toilet roll into a rocket!!

Friday 8th May - Happy VE Day! 

It's officially the Bank Holiday today and a chance for you to enjoy your VE Day celebrations so please have lots of fun 2P! Remember to send in any photographs of whatever it is you choose to do whether it is a barbecue, a garden party or picnic, I would love to see you celebrate.


Stay safe x


Recognising the significance of VE Day - I love the bunting!

Monday 4th May - 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

As we go into our 7th week of lockdown I want you all to know just how proud I am of each and everyone of you. I have loved hearing from you and seeing all the photographs of the many amazing things you have been doing at home. Above all, I am proud of how you have persevered and shown such resilience in these strange times, especially when it seems like the grownups have been ending up in the Panic Zone!  


On that note, this week's challenge is to create a COVID-19 Time Capsule to truly capture your experiences of living in lockdown.


What can you include?

You can include pictures, photographs, something you have made, a special item, newspapers, magazine clippings and a letter to your future self!!! You could even write a diary of the time. This could be how you've felt, what you've done to stay connected with your friends and family, new skills you've learned, any special occasions you've celebrated, any WOW moments and what you are looking forward to doing when this is all over.


To help record the memories, below is an activity pack to help you. Please do not feel you have to print them off, simply use them as a basis for your own ideas and to be as creative as you want to. Once you've collected everything, pop it all into a tin or shoe box (place in a protective bag) and bury it in the garden or place it somewhere safe for you to open in many years to come. Don't forget to send me a few photos!

Friday 1st May - Action for Happiness!

Wow! Where has the time gone? It's the start of a new month and one where I hope we can continue to share all the amazing skills we've been learning at home. I found this Meaningful May Calendar which has daily actions to help us to look after ourselves and our loved ones during these strange and uncertain times. You can print it off using the PDF link below. Let's make a real effort to see how many we can tick off. 



Thursday 30th April - Let's have a laugh!

Over on Torrisholme TV there is the launch of our new channel 'LOL'. Details are on the Facebook page but all you have to do is film yourself telling a joke to cheer us all up now the sun has decided to disappear. There are prizes up for grabs - you've got to be in it to win it!

Tuesday 28th April 

Good morning 2P! If we were in school today, you would all be enjoying some treats from me as its my birthday today. Unfortunately, as I'm fasting, I won't be able to enjoy any birthday cake until after half past eight tonight! I feel like my tummy is already rumbling! If you are stuck for things to do, Mrs Dowker has added a world art challenge and I have also added another video to my Ramadhan Diary which has a special guest appearance from my middle son Sul, who I often talk about - yes the cheeky one!


A gentle reminder that there are lots of things on the class pages that you could do with links to Maths, English and other activities. There is also the weather challenge activity which you can get involved in. 


Don't forget the one minute silence at 11 o'clock this morning in memory of NHS staff, care workers and other key workers.


Keep smiling!



Monday 27th April - Let's combine art with nature!

I'm sure you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine and have been out in the garden or on some lovely walks. I thought it would be nice to incorporate the signs of spring with the work of Andy Goldsworthy who produces artwork using natural materials. You can find out about him using the link below:




Below are some of my favourites Andy Goldsworthy has produced. I love the gradient of colours gradually moving outwards from lighter to darker in the first two and the traffic light of colours in the third.




Challenge: create a piece of art using natural materials so leaves, twigs, pebbles, grass; anything you can find whilst outdoors. Try to avoid disturbing nature's beauty so use things you can easily find on the ground. I was lucky enough to collect flowers that had fallen from bushes and from some wonderful people that I met, whilst we have been out walking, who were pruning their gardens. This is what we came up with and we hope it brings you some happiness.




I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Another take on Goldsworthy's natural art collection to get the next badge for Beavers.

A beautiful use of Goldsworthy's natural art for a Beaver's activity towards gaining his next badge. This creative young man used leaves, twigs, stones, dandelions and petals.

Chloe's take on Goldworthy's natural artwork. I love the detail!

The Tomato Plant Challenge with Miss Devey

Hi everyone!


Miss Devey here! I'm missing your lovely smiling faces so much! I hope you are all keeping safe!

Millie and I have been spending lots of time in the garden and we have been set the challenge of growing a tomato plant from tomato seeds in an egg box. So, we thought we'd set you all the challenge too! 

Grab an empty egg box and fill with a little bit of soil. Scoop out the seeds from some tomatoes and plant them in the soil. We've got our investigation heads on so we have chopped some baby tomatoes in half and planted them on one side and just planted the tomato seeds on the other to see if there is a difference in how they grow. Cover them over with some more soil and give them a little water. Put them somewhere where they can get some sunlight but not too much and give them a little water each day.

Let's see if we can get some plants to grow! When the plants get to a good size, you can take them out of their egg box and plant them in a bigger plant pot 😁

Good luck my little gardeners! Don't forget to send in any pictures to Mrs Patel 😊

Yes!! Another addition to Miss Devey's challenge. I can't wait to see what happens...

First to take up Miss Devey's challenge. I can't wait to see how well your tomato plant grows!

Friday 24th April 

How fortunate are we to have such beautiful weather! Talking of blessings, today is the first day of Ramadhan where I spend a month fasting. Had we been in school, you would probably hear my tummy rumbling throughout the day as I am not allowed to eat or drink whilst it is light outside. If you want to no more, you can head on over to Torrisholme TV to see me talk about why, as a Muslim, I fast and how Ramadhan came about. There are some challenges in their too - how many hours do I fast and what is the difference between a solar and lunar calendar. You can also find Mrs Dowker reading the next 3 chapters of The Twits with a lovely activity for you to do.


Stay safe and keep in touch. x

Thursday 23rd April 

Good morning 2P. Another glorious day and I hope you are all feeling full of sunshine and energy! I have received lots of lovely emails and photographs of what you have been getting up to whilst at home. It really is wonderful to hear from you so please keep them coming in and I will upload your photos onto the Home Learning Gallery. As of this week, Mrs Dowker and I are going to start reading The Twits by Roald Dahl. We know how much you loved listening to George's Marvellous Medicine and we think you will definitely enjoy listening to the revolting things this gruesome pair get up to! If you're not sure of what to do today, head on over to Torrisholme TV to see me read the first 3 chapters which includes a little challenge too. Enjoy!

Friday 17th April - A Challenge for the Weekend

Hope you have all enjoyed another week in this glorious sunshine! I have loved reading your emails and looking at your photographs and videos of all the lovely things you've been doing at home.


This weekend, your challenge is to be a 'Nature Detective' and spot the signs of spring! Whilst you are in your garden, looking out of your window or on a walk, I would like you to use all your senses and share with everyone how spring has sprung. Isn't it lovely to hear the birds singing and see the flowers blossoming? It truly shows us just how amazing nature is. Then email me what you find - it can be photographs, a video clip, drawings, or even a poem.


Remember to email me on: year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk


Happy hunting!

Can you help Mrs Patel?

15th April - Countdown 'Numbers' Challenge

I'm up against my boys again but this time I need your help with a numbers game in Countdown. Head over to Torrisholme TV to find out what you need to do. I will post any answers in the Home Learning Gallery so, if you've not had a chance, remember no peeking and give it your best shot!

Wednesday 8th April - Purple Mash

Hello everyone,


There are lots of activities on Purple Mash and I have set some 2dos activities for you to have a go at completing.


Mrs Dowker has posted a video on Torrisholme TV with general advice on the home page, 2email and stories on Purple Mash. She has also set the challenge of seeing which level you can get to on the Maths game, Sequencing Snake.


You need your personal login details, if you do not have these, email me at year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and I will email them to you.

Tuesday 7th April - Science Challenge

Today's challenge is to be a super scientist and make giant bubbles.

Below are some instructions for you to try but you may need to change the amounts to get them to work for you:


Giant bubbles

This hands-on science activity is much more fun than blowing bubbles from a tiny pot.

Combine six cups of water, one cup of washing-up liquid, and half a tablespoon of glycerine (the magic ingredient, available from chemists and the baking section of shops).

Tie a piece of string of any length into a circle, dip it into the bubble mix and waft it around to make giant bubbles.

Your child can experiment with how much to mix the solution to make the best bubbles, and see which weather conditions are the best for bubble-blowing.


Now I think a lot of us might not have glycerine in our cupboards and I don't want you to go out to buy some because we need to keep ourselves safe, but maybe you can experiment to see what you have got in your house to see what would work.


Happy bubble making!!!

6th April - Monday's Design and Make Challenge

We have had great fun in class reading Simon Bartram's books about Bob, the man on the moon. This made me think of our first daily challenge AND IT  IS AN OUT OF THIS WORLD ONE!!!


Bob is in need of your help. His rocket and space buggy has been sabotaged by aliens. Of course, Bob says "There is no such thing as aliens." He thinks he has run out of rocket fuel.


You are challenged to make a rocker or space buggy using objects in your home or garden. The additional challenge is to make it have moving parts or to travel along the ground or into the air!!!


Send your photographs to Mrs Patel and Mrs Dowker on year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and we will share these on the website.

Mission complete!

Still image for this video

Can you help Mrs Patel?

5th April - Scrabble Challenge


I introduced a challenge on Torrisholme TV to help me with a game of Scrabble against my boys. If you've not had a chance, why not try and have a look now? I've had some brilliant answers which I've posted below (no peeking if you've yet to attempt it!).

What a clever way to move the letters around to help you make the words. You also found the 7-letter word and its meaning too!