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Morecambe in the Past

This is the oldest recording of Morecambe in the Year 1901!

Morecambe 1901

What an amazing film!

1. What are the similarities and differences to Morecambe today?

2. What is the main mode of transport?

3. Why are some of the women wearing black at the seaside?

4. Why did people come to Morecambe?

5. How did they get to Morecambe?

6. How are summer clothes different on the film to what we wear now?


Good morning everyone,

Wow can you believe it is June already?! This year is going so, so fast. I hope you all had a wonderful half term, please email me and let me know what you have been up to :)! Your morning maths is online for you & we will be adding chapter 8 of The Peculiars very soon. 

Well done to Peter who completed the Florence Nightingale challenge! He created a Lego Florence Nightingale and wrote a letter in the shoes of an injured patient. Your letter is fantastic Peter! 

Take care everyone and speak to you soon,


Miss Graham 

Mysterious Morecambe!

How well do you know Morecambe? 

Here is a quiz for you and your family.

Can you identify these 15 famous landmarks and what road they are on from a tiny snippet of photograph?

Who can be the first to identify them all?

Send your answers to our email:


Famous landmarks in and around Morecambe

Spot the landmark!

Look out for this game design competition on Purple Mash

Log on to the Purple Mash site and go to the Home page. On the right hand side you will find details for this exciting competition! 


Hello everyone, 


What a beautiful day it is today! Hope you all having fun in the sunshine. I have spoken to quite a few of you already this week on the phone and it has been lovely catching up with you all. 


Here are the activities for chapter 7 of The Peculiars which is now on Torrisholme TV.


Take care ,


Miss Graham


Hi everyone,


What a drizzly, grey day. What are you all up to today? It was lovely speaking to some of you yesterday and I can't wait to speak with the rest of you at some point this week. Bella sent in her entry for the observational drawing challenge and it is lovely!! Well done Bella. 


*Chapter 6 of The Peculiars is on Torrisholme TV and the related activites are on our class pages. Mrs Jones will be uploading chapter 7 soon.

*Mrs Jones is adding morning maths for you each morning on the class pages.

*Have you tried the observational drawing challenge, sandwich filling challenge, secret garden challenge or rap challenge?

*Have you tried the 'Year 5 in ten'? To help you reflect on your year and what you enjoyed the most?

*Alex M sent in a fab challenge- he challenged you to ask siri to give you a country and then complete some research on it. This is a great way of finding out about a country you don't know much about.

*Emi sent in a great challenge- she challenged you to create a time capsule of your time in isolation so you can look back in the future and remember what it was like.


Take care everyone,


Miss Graham




Good morning 5G,


Hope you are all well! Well done to Elizabeth who completed the observational drawing challenge, Elizabeth actually sent me her entry a couple of weeks ago but I totally forgot to upload, sorry Elizabeth! I love your drawing of the birds nest and you will have to keep us updated with what hatches. 



Well done to Maisie who has completed Alex M's country challenge, siri picked Indonesia for Maisie and I found her facts really interesting... who knew that Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes?! 


Take care everyone and speak to you all soon,


Miss Graham


Hello everyone,


Elizabeth emailed these lovely pictures of the secret, fairy garden she has created. It's beautiful Elizabeth well done! You have tried really hard and it looks fab.


Speak to you all soon,


Miss Graham


Hello again everyone,


Chapter 6 of The Peculiars has been uploaded to Torrisholme TV and I will upload the related activites soon. 


Thanks so much to Bella who has completed Alex M's country challenge! She got Sierra Leone and has made a lovely presentation telling us about it.I will add it below.


We have uploaded 'Year 5 in ten' , to see what you enjoyed about Year 5 and so you can reflect on your year. If you complete them please send to the Year 5 email.


Take care and have a fantastic weekend everyone,


Miss Graham



Time to be reflective - year 5 in ten challenge!

One of the lovely things about our class page on the website is that it reminds me of all the amazing things you have done both in school and out of school during lockdown.

I love looking at the times we have had parents in, remembering the sleepover, the drama and music activities we have participated in and all the work we have done on our topics. Now we can also see lots of the challenges you have taken up whilst being at home with your family.

Being reflective

Take part in the 'Year 5 in ten' challenge!

Have a scroll through the class 5G pages starting right from the bottom  - it takes a while to get there! Then fill in the word document page below. If you can't print it off, send an email with your answers to


Year 5 in ten! challenge


Good morning 5G :)!! 

Sophie has sent in her Secret Garden challenge and it’s wonderful! It is a secret fairy garden. Well done Sophie for working so hard I love it! How are you all? Please keep emailing me any updates from home I love hearing what you have been up to. Chapter 6 of our class novel will be posted tomorrow, we have daily morning maths for you to have a go at and our class challenges. 
Next week I will be ringing you all to have a catch up and see how you are, I will start Monday and will contact a group a day. The number will be withheld but if I don’t manage to get through to you I will try again another day.  Can’t wait to speak to you all!!!! 


Have a wonderful day,


Miss Graham 



Good evening everyone, 


Alex M emailed in a lovely idea for a challenge which I just had to share with you all. He suggested asking Siri on a phone or smart device for a country. Whichever country Siri gives you, you then create a little mini research project about it! This is a great way of learning about a country you might not know much about. Alex has already completed his project and I will add it below. The country Siri came up with for him was Bangladesh! 

Stay safe everyone,

Miss Graham 

International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was born on this day in 1820 - 200 hundred years ago! Today we are celebrating International Nurses Day and more than ever this is a day to be celebrated. 

Florence Nightingale led the way to improve hospitals and treatment of patients and her beliefs are still embraced today.

Learn more about Florence Nightingale by watching the following BBC Teach video:


 Florence comes across as someone who was dedicated and driven and who had clear ideas on how to help those in need but it must still have been a shock when she first arrived at the army hospital in Scutari. However, because she was well trained and had clear ideas on what must be done, she was soon able to organise the hospital so that the men got the best chances of getting better.


Look at this picture below:

Activity 1

Create a model of Florence Nightingale out of recycling, Lego - whatever is available at home!

Activity 2

What do you think Florence Nightingale thought when she first entered the army hospital? How did she feel? What did she do to make it better? 

Create a piece of writing, a cartoon, a poem, a drama, a dance, or  a picture to show what happened next. Try to include the feelings of Florence as she made things better for the men.

Activity 3

Imagine you are a soldier, wounded in the hospital. What was it like before and after Florence and her nurses arrived? Perhaps write a letter thanking Florence or a letter home to your family telling them about 'The Lady with the Lamp'.

Activity 4

Create a poster to put in your window thanking all nurses for the amazing job they are doing.


Good morning everyone,


Hope you are all well :) thank you so much to those who have emailed in their key workers posters for our videos. We have extended the deadline to 12pm today and will publish the video tonight! Can't wait for you all to see it. 


Please keep us updated with anything you are getting on with at home we absolutely love seeing what you are up to :)! 


We are putting new Morning maths on our class pages each morning and we are up to chapter 4 so far of our class novel on Torrisholme TV and the related activities are on the class pages.


There are also loads of challenges on each Year 5 page for you to have a go at :D!


Stay safe and take care,


Miss Graham




Good morning everyone, 


Happy Friyay! I hope the weather is kind to us all. Let me know if any of you are taking part in any VE day celebrations this evening :) We are having a little garden party with music, games and party food. 


Well done to Maisie who has created this wonderful secret garden! You have worked really hard Maisie laugh. Our Year 5 video will be going live this evening so please send me your photo today if you haven't already. 


I will upload The Peculiars chapter 4 and related activities later today. 


Have a fantastic weekend :)


Miss Graham


Hello 5G :)!


I am in school this week so if I am a little bit slower replying to emails then that's why. I am loving being back in school and it's great seeing some of our lovely Torrisholme family.


Mrs Jones has added chapter 3 of The Peculiars to Torrisholme TV and the activities are below :). I will add chapter 4 later on in the week.I have also added the answers to chapter 2's questions below. 


Thank you so much to Elinor who has sent in her entry for the observational drawing challenge- it is a beautiful drawing Elinor! Similarly, thank you so much to Emi who has sent in her entry for the Secret Garden challenge!! You have worked so hard Emi and it looks amazing :). 


I sent an email at the weekend asking for pictures of you or videos of you holding a poster you have made to thank key workers for all their efforts during the fight against covid-19. Thanks so much to those children who have emailed in their pics already, please try and do so by Friday so we can put it all together :)


Stay safe 5G,


Miss Graham




Good morning 5G laugh

Happy 1st May I can't believe it is May already! Miss Stalker told me this morning that 5G have spent the most hours so far on Mathletics so well done guys you continue to amaze me in isolation :)!!


Emi sent me an email last night with an idea for a fab challenge- she thought it would be a great idea if we made a lockdown time capsule. Emi suggested putting in items like a letter to your future self, mega news right now, what music is currently in the top 10, what your favourite things are right now and whatever else you fancied.This is a brilliant idea Emi thank you laugh If you complete the challenge then send it to the year5 email as usual.


Please feel free to send me any ideas for challenges and I will communicate them to the rest of the class.


Take care and happy Friday 5G


Miss Graham


Hello again Year 5,


I have uploaded chapter 2 of our class novel onto Torrisholme TV. If you would like you can have a go at the activities below and email them back to us at year5@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk. We will post the answers to the activities so far on Monday :)!! 


Have a great day,


Miss Graham


Hello everyone,

Mrs Price has put details of a new challenge on Facebook and we would love for you all to get involved. We would like you to send a short video of you telling your funniest, most hilarious, rib-tickling joke for our 'Lockdown Lolathon'. A good laugh makes everything better and I know how funny you guys are so lets see if 5G can get the most entries!! Send your videos to Mrs Price at deputyhead@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and the best jokes may even win some prizes. 


I will be uploading chapter 2 of 'The Peculiars' soon and some activities. Thank you to those children who sent in their answers you did a great job!


Take care,

Miss Graham


Hi everyone,

Me and Mrs Jones will be reading our new Summer term class novel ‘The Peculiars’ by Kieran Larwood, over the next couple of weeks. If you head to Torrisholme TV, Mrs Jones has uploaded chapter 1. There are also some comprehension questions and a little activity for you to have a go at ( I will add the link for this below). Email us your answers to year5@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk :)! I will upload chapter 2 in the next couple of days. Stay safe everyone!


Miss Graham 


Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. I had a lovely email from Peter this morning who has completed some of the Year 5 challenges :)! Well done Peter! Here’s some pictures of what he has been up to. He has completed a wonderful observational drawing, a Roman mosaic and designed his own sandwich (which sounds fab)! He also sent in a picture of work he has been doing as part of a VE project for Cubs- it includes a picture he drew of the Union Jack and a letter he wrote in the shoes of a war time evacuee. 
I love seeing what you have been up to at home so please keep sending in updates :)!!


Take care,

Miss Graham


Hi everyone, Bella messaged me to say she couldn't log in to Oxford Owl. 

I thought our class username and password was on the home learning newsletter but it isn't, so sorry!!!


Our username and password is classpg (all lowercase). If you go to oxfordowl.co.uk and click on 'My class login' at the top on the right hand side this is where you log in.


Sorry about that 5G, hope you are safe and well


Have a lovely weekend and remember to keep me updated with the amazing things you all get up to :)


Miss Graham


Good morning everyone :)!! Hope you are all well. Today I thought we could do a little random act of kindness. I have written down nice things about my step daughter and I am going to hide them round the house so she will find them throughout the day. It is really important to remember to be kind to your family so choose someone you live with ( or everyone you live with) and write some little positive messages for them to find. Let me know how you get on :)!


Miss Graham


Good morning 5G! It looks like it is going to be another stunning day. Thank you to those children who have already completed some challenges on Mathletics and well done to superstar Alex W who has already achieved his Bronze certificate! I am uploading the certificates on the 'bits and bobs' section of the home learning link.


Due to the weather being so beautiful today I would like to challenge you to draw me an observational drawing of something you find outside in your garden or something in your home. It can be anything that reminds you of Spring/Summer. I am going to try and draw a beautiful bunch of flowers that I got for my birthday- it includes orange roses, yellow daffodils, pink blossom and purple anemone ( I think that's what the purple ones are anyway!!). I will upload once I have done.


Have a fantastic day 5G! 


Miss Graham


Hello everyone,

I have sent an email out to all families today just checking in. There are some log in details at the bottom of the email for a new Maths resource called 'Mathletics'. It is a great, exciting, interactive resource where I can set you little activities and challenges and then see what you come up with. You can also play against each other like on TTRS and even challenge me!! Mrs Price will put an announcement on Facebook sometime this week, I said on the email it would be today but it will be later in the week.


I hope it is as sunny in Lancaster/Morecambe as it is here in Fleetwood! Have a lovely day in the sunshine, be kind to your grown ups and be kind to yourselves :)

Speak to you soon,

Miss Graham


Hello 5G, hope you are safe and well. I will be uploading little challenges and updates on this page so that they are easier to locate and all in the same place. Thank you so much to those who have emailed in for the 'rap challenge' they were all fantastic ( I am still working on mine!). You can still email your rap to year5@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk :)


Hope you all had a marvelous Easter and ate plenty of chocolate :) you deserve it!


Challenges to keep you busy so far:

* Rap challenge - Can you write a rap/song about your experiences of isolation so far. How has it made you feel? What has changed about your daily life? What have you noticed about the world around you?

* Year 5 sandwich challenge- Mrs Jones posted this challenge as she was getting bored of the same old sandwich choices at lunchtime. Can you think of a super exciting, deliciously delectable sandwich and send your ideas/pictures to our email?

* The Secret Garden challenge- We sent this one out on our original home learning newsletter. Can you create your very own secret garden using items from your home and garden? How can you make your garden different to everyone elses?

* Ukulele challenge- Another one from Mrs Jones ( our fabulously talented musician). Can you learn a new song on your ukulele? There are loads of nice, simple song tutorials on youtube. Send us a video of you having a go :)!


Thanks 5G, speak to you soon


Miss Graham