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Welcome to our Reception Challenge page.

Here you will find little and hopefully fun tasks to complete whilst at home. We would love it if you would keep us posted with how you get on so please email us on yearr@torrisholme lancs.sch.uk


Sending lots of love to you all xx

PLEASE FIND ALL OF OUR NEW CHALLENGES ON THE ‘HOME LEARNING SUMMER 2’ PAGE. There is a link below to redirect you to the correct page.  😊

Make a lovely wind chime for your garden! You can use any materials you like!

Make a picture, junk model of creation that is symmetrical. You can use a mirror to help you if you need to. Remember both sides must be EXACTLY the same!

Pebble painting! On your walk, try find a pebble to decorate / paint. You can decorate it in any way you like! If you can’t find any pebbles, you could paint us a picture instead. Remember you can impress your grown ups by colour mixing! Think about what colours go together to make another colour.

It’s time to practise recognising the capital letters and saying their letter names. Below are a few ideas including: bingo, snap and tracing letters. You can be as creative as you like with this activity! It can range from copying capital letters and identifying them to having hunt around the house for letter cards. Encourage your child to say the letter names! You might want to sing the alphabet too.

The Alphabet Song

Make the most of the lovely weather today and spend some time outside making a mini-beast hotel. See what things you can find in your garden or on your daily walk to make your hotel. Once you have made it, sit back and observe which mini-beasts visit your hotel over the next couple of week. Can you draw a picture of the ones you see or write a list?

We challenge you to become an engineer for today! 

We would like you to make a tower which is sturdy enough to hold your favourite teddy bear or toy for 10 seconds without falling over!


There are some rules: 

*you must use junk to make your tower or items around your house, such as: plastic cups, straws etc. 

*your tower must be taller than 30cm (length of an A4 piece of paper)

*when you test it you're not allowed to hold the tower or your chosen item! 

*you are allowed to use sellotape and blu tac to hold your tower together.

*it can not be made our of construction materials such as Lego or Duplo. 


Good luck - we can't wait to see your towers being tested! 


Today’s challenge is to make some puppets! Take your pick on how you would like to make your puppet: finger puppet, sock puppet or any kind of puppet. You can design your own puppet or choose an existing character. If you’re feeling creative you could make puppets for your favourite story characters and retell the story to your grown ups. For example: The Three Little Pigs - you will need to make: 3 pigs, mummy pig and the wolf and then you can act out the story.

Can you make a spider’s web? It can be out of junk, paper or natural things! After you have made your web, I would like you to find out 3 facts about spiders! Then can you write your facts down or make a Chatterpix with your facts in? I’ve made a quick example below.

Spider ChatterPix

Still image for this video



Watch the Numberblocks - Double Trouble video. Then talk about doubling with your child - it is having the same number or amount twice. Think about things in the world or around your house that come in doubles: twins, shoes, double-decker bus etc. See if you can find some double things in your house or you can make a list of these things! 


Then grab some from objects around your house that you can represent the doubles with (mine happen to be celebrations!smiley) See if you can find all of the double numbers up to double 10. Remember to set your objects out in numicon or ten frame style so you can clearly see how many you have. Once you have you two sets of your number, move your objects to bring them together and rearrange in the new numicon or ten frame style. e.g. 2 + 2 = you would have 2 and another 2 and then bring these together to represent a 4. See if you can write these out as a number sentence like below. 

Numberblocks - Double Trouble

Here are a selection of phonics games you can use at home for tricky words or phonics sounds. 


Game 1 - Quick write

Grab a stop watch (or the one on your phone) put 60 seconds on the clock. Adults to say phonics sounds or tricky words (whichever you decide to use) and children write these on their piece of paper / whiteboard. The aim of the game is to get as many as they can in the 60 seconds. Keep track of their score and play again to see if they can beat it! 


Game 2 - Spot the sound

Write out all of the sounds or tricky words (whichever you decide to use). Adults to say the sound / tricky word and child point to them quickly. Time your child and see how many they can point to within 60 seconds. Keep track of their score and play again to see if they can beat it.


Game 3 - beat the clock to read some words.

Adult to make a list of ten words with the digraph sounds in. Children to see if they can beat the timer (60 seconds) to blend and read all of the words. If they're feeling confident, reduce the time on the clock. 


Game 4 - make your own words

Children to make a list of their own words they can make using the digraph sounds. IF they're feeling confident they might want to add a tricky word to this to turn it into a short caption or sentence. They can then quiz their adults and see how quickly they can read their words / sentences. 


Some of the children might just enjoy singing our tricky word song. Beware - it is very catchy! 

Tricky Words Song

Another Tricky Word Song

Today, Tuesday 12th May, marks International Nurses Day. Can you create a thank you poster, letter or picture for all the nurses working very hard in our NHS? We thank them not just during the pandemic but every day.

We are going to focus on the world around us!

Can you make a bird feeder to feed the birds with? Or a plant pot to grow your own plants or flowers in?

It can be made out of recycled junk! We would like you to think about what animals or insects might come to your bird feeder and plant pots.

How are these helpful for the environment? If you decide to make a plant pot, think about the things your plant / flower will need to stay alive.

There are instructions below on how to make a bird feeder, should you wish to follow them.

PLEASE NOTE - some ingredients may cause allergic reactions. Please do not take part in this challenge if you have an allergy.

Don’t forget to send us your pictures! 

Whilst in school last week, Golden Bear wrote a card to his friend who he is really missing. We would like you to do the same! It can be a card or a letter to a family member, friend, Golden Bear or even your teacher. You could tell them what you’ve been up to, your favourite things or that you miss them. 

If you choose to send to us, you can post directly to school at: 
Torrisholme Community Primary School,

Low Lane,


LA4 6PN. 
We look forward to seeing your pictures or receiving some post. 

Phonics sounds, tricky words and formation rhymes to help you whilst writing.

Today marks 75 years since the end of WW11 - send in your pictures of how you have been celebrating.


Look at the document below with the parts of a plant on. Go outside, in your garden or on a walk and look at lots of different plants - can you spot the stem, leaves, roots or the flower? Take some pictures! 

Then there is a creative activity for you to make your own flower and label it. Look at the examples below. 

Reading challenge! Share your favourite book with us! 😊

Construction Challenge!!!

Grab your construction things and make something! We have given you some ideas below which you can use or you can make anything you like! Use any types of construction materials you have: LEGO, Duplo, cardboard boxes, K-Nex or anything! Once you have made your construction, can you label it? We’d LOVE to see your photos - check out Golden Bear’s too! 

Some examples from Golden Bear...

Ideas for the construction challenge...

Calling all Mathematicians! Can you make some of your own number sentences? Find some items around your house, choose 2 numbers to add together, put your objects into numicon style or ten frame style and add them together using your numicon knowledge (you can count them all together if you need to) and finally write your number sentence down. Don’t forget the + and = sign. We can’t wait to see these!! Once you have done this there are some online addition games for you to play below - enjoy!

If we were at school our topic would have been learning about The Great Outdoors and about mini-beasts. Watch this video below about Jess the mini-beast hunter and find out about mini-beasts (you can watch this in stages). Then, we would like you to go on your own mini-beast hunt! Use the mini-beast hunt template below to see how many different ones you can find - good luck!  

Minibeast Adventure with Jess - Bugs in the Garden

Teddy Bear’s Picnic challenge

Today, you need to prepare a Teddy Bear’s picnic! To do this, you need to follow the instructions below very carefully to make a jam sandwich (you can change this to any filling you like!). Once you've made your sandwich, grab your teddy bears and enjoy a picnic - indoors or outdoors! Don’t forget to sing the song too! 🎼🎤🐻

Teddy Bear's Picnic Sing-A-Long

Whole school challenge

The Lockdown LOLathon!

Our next challenge is one for everyone to get involved in. Now the weather has turned, it’s about time we shared a few giggles to keep everyone smiling.

introducing...’The Lockdown LOLathon!’

We would like you to send in a short video of you telling your favourite joke which we can add to the LOL channel 😂😂😂

We will even arrange some prizes for the ones that get the most laughs.

Send your films to Mrs Price deputyhead@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and let’s all get ready to chortle!!


Just a little reminder of other things that you might enjoy doing...

Choose one of these pictures and write a sentence about it! Remember: phonics, capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. Once you’ve done your sentence see if you can tell your grown up a story to go with the picture!

Today, we challenge you to make your own game! It can be an indoor or outdoor game. It can be your adapted version of a family classic or a completely new game created by you. We hope you enjoy this challenge and have lots of fun as a family. Remember, you’ve got to take turns and wait for your go! Please send us some pictures of your fabulous games! Miss Shepherd would like to pinch your ideas - she loves a games night!

Grab all of your junk and make a junk model animal! You can choose your favourite animal, an animal you’d like to be or even your pet. Don’t forget to cover the box/tube first! Let us see how you get on 😁

It’s time to make a pattern! You can use anything you like (leaves, paint, food, gems - whatever takes your fancy!) If you’re feeling confident why not introduce 3 or 4 different things in your pattern?! Don’t forget to email them to us.

It’s time to tell a story, staring a special guest..... YOU!! You need to chalk a story setting on the ground and add yourself too it (see the pictures below) then tell your story to your family. We’d absolutely love to see these - we know what amazing storytellers you all are!

Today, we challenge you to do some exercise! You can complete the work outs below first, if you wish. After that, we would like you to become a fitness instructor and make up your own workouts, just like Joe Wicks does! We’d absolutely love to see videos or pictures of you doing your workouts!

Some inspiration for your own home workouts - Here is Joe Wick's exercise video!

Reading challenge! Can you make your own reading den? It can be inside or outside. Take all of your favourite books and share them as a family. Don’t forget to send us some pictures or videos of you and your reading den! Remember there are also online age appropriate books available for the children to read on the Oxford Owl and Collins Big Cats website.

Can you make your own chalked exercise path for people to follow? You could do this in your garden, on the pavement on your street or a local path nearby. See if you can include: hopping, jumping and skipping. You can add other movements in too. Send in pictures and videos of you doing them.

Water fight Phonics Challenge

Whilst the weather is so lovely, we challenge you to have a water fight with your family... but there is a twist! You have to do some phonics first! 

There are two versions to this game. Version 1 is if you have water balloons at home. Version 2 is if you're using buckets of water or a water pistol. 


Version 1 (with water balloons)- Write all of the sounds below onto water balloons. 

Phase 2: ck, ff, ss, ll

Phase 3: zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

-Fill the water balloons up

-Children have to choose a water balloon and think of a sentence with that sound in and write that sentence. If they write a sentence with that sound in they get to save the water balloon for the family water fight at the end.

- Choose another balloon and write another sentence with that sound in. 

-Keep going until all of the balloons have gone or you're ready to have your water fight.


Version 2 (with water pistol or buckets of water) - Write all of the sounds on a piece of paper and cut them up into little squares. The sounds are below. 

Phase 2: ck, ff, ss, ll

Phase 3: zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

- Children have to choose a sound and think of a sentence with that sound in and write that sentence. If they write a sentence with that sound in they get to score 1 squirt of the water pistol or 1 bucket of water for the family water fight at the end. For this version you will have to keep count or a tally chart for how many you have scored. 


We have some pictures below of examples of sentences you might think of.

Top tip - you can write these sentences anywhere you like: on a piece of paper, whiteboard, chalk on the floor, paintbrush and water on the floor - it's up to you!


At the end of each game, count up how many sentence you have and start your water fight!!!! 

Don't forget to take lots of pictures and videos and send them to us. Let us know who won your water fight too. Good luck! 

Grab some play dough and go to the dough disco! Copy the videos below and develop the muscles in your fingers! 

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

Playdough finger exercises to Twinkle twinkle little star

Barry the Fish with Fingers - ChatterPix Challenge

Following on from Miss Shepherd's story on Torrisholme TV, here is instructions on how to complete the challenge.


If you haven't already, you will need to download the ChatterPix or ChatterKids app from the app store - it's free and the children know how to use it!


Choose your sea creature and research facts about this creature, it can be anything! Save a picture of this creature to your camera roll. (You might want to choose Dory or Nemo.) 

Orally compose your facts in a sentence (or a couple of sentences). Rehearse your sentences so that you know them by heart and then create your ChatterPix. Don't forget to share them via email! I can't wait to see them. Look at my example of a dolphin below. 

Dolphin ChatterPix

Still image for this video

Elmer's number challenge!

Game 1 - Can you practise your number formation? Our Ten Town rhymes are attached below to help you remember how to form them correctly. Keep going over each number with different coloured pens - you then have 'Elmer style' numbers! 

Game 2 - With your grown ups help, cut around your numbers and make them into your own number cards. Put them into a number line (1-20). Turn them all upside down. Choose one of the numbers. Can you tell your grown up or brother or sister which is one more and one less than this number? Turn the two cards either side to check if you are correct. 

Game 3 - Spread out all of your number cards and face them down. Turn one over. Can you move than many times? It might be a hop, star jump, blink, clap, jump etc. Let's see how creative and active you can be! 

Make your own binoculars

Follow the instructions on the picture below to make your very own pair of binoculars! Once you’ve made them go out exploring in your garden or on your daily walk and see what things you can see. Can you see birds, plants, trees or any wildlife? Can you see any signs of Spring? Make a list of all of the things you can see! 
Bonus point - Can you talk about what changes happen to plants and trees overtime? 

Get Squiggling - lamb

Can you follow the instructions on this ‘get squiggling’ to draw a lamb? Once you’ve drawn it, you need to write a sentence about it! Remember: capital letter, phonics, finger spaces and a full stop.

Following on with the Easter theme, can you make Easter eggs or anything easter related out of loose parts or play dough? Find any random objects around your home & create an Easter picture! We can’t wait to see them! 🐣🐰

Can you write a short sentence for the pictures below? Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out the words. Use a capital letter at the start and finish with a full stop. Before you begin to write, rehearse your sentence lots in your head! We would love to see your amazing writing - send them to us! 

Outdoor phonics challenge

What a beautiful day today! Seen as the weather is so lovely, we challenge you to spend some time outside having fun. Whilst doing this you could set up a phonics challenge! This could be a 'shoot the sound,' 'throw at the sound' or  'sound hopscotch' 

To do this you need to make your own phonics cards for the phase 2 & 3 digraphs and trigraphs (cut up a piece of paper into squares): 

Phase 2: ck, ff, ss, ll

Phase 3: zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er


* Place the sound cards on a wall or fence in your garden or around the house if you'd prefer.

* Get a Nerf gun or something suitable to throw at the cards (bean bag, ball etc.)

* A grown up needs to say a sound and child/children can throw or aim at that sound, then switch roles!

If you prefer, you could chalk a sound hopscotch. See Mrs Rawnsley's examples below for some inspiration. 


If you would like some guidance with pronunciation, please copy and paste the link below:

Phase 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIpcahxNSU4

Phase 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU2vWZKS7rY


Have lots of fun & enjoy the weather! smiley


Golden Bear has done some egg box maths!! We found some items around the home and explored numbers. Can you work out which numbers he has?! Tell your grown ups. Now it’s your turn... Can you make your own egg box or ten frame? Remember to tell your grown ups all of the number facts....’how many ones is it? Which two numbers make it? How many more to get to 10?’ If you’re feeling adventurous you could always work with teen numbers by having 2 egg boxes! Remember it’s a 10 and a 3 that makes 13 - not a 1 and a 3!!

Following on from Mrs Rawnsley’s Elmer story (on Torrisholme TV), she has set a challenge for you to make your very own Elmer! Follow the link below for the instructions. Send in your finished creations! 

Here is a rhyming challenge. Look for items around your house & garden that rhyme with there words.

ChatterPix Challenge

If you haven't already, you will need to download the ChatterPix or ChatterKids app from the app store - it's free and the children know how to use it!

Take a ChatterPix picture of a family member, pet, favourite toy - anything you like!

Orally compose and then write your sentence (or a couple of sentences) that tell me some interesting facts about your chosen chatterpix. Rehearse your sentences so that you know them by heart and then create your chatterpix. Don't forget to share them via email! 

It’s...Golden Bear!

Still image for this video

Hello boys and girls! We thought it would be nice to do some Easter art! If you go out for a walk or play in your garden, could you find some natural objects to create your egg collage like in the picture? It could be small leaves, twigs, flower petals... email us to share your eggcellent creations!

Calling all Reception mathematicians! Can you complete the number scavenger hunt? Remember your number facts and show your grown ups how fabulous at maths work you really are! Send us your pictures, please! Good luck!

Can you complete the rainbow scavenger hunt at home? Send in your pictures to us! Good luck.