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CLICK HERE to explore our new topic work... Walk Like an Egyptian!

We had a fabulous Egyptian Day this week! We enjoyed lots of activities including: writing stories in the style of 'The Egyptian Cinderella'; hieroglyphs on real papyrus strips; creating our own Egyptian tombs; adding extra details to our modroc sarcophagus's; making mummified peg dolls and even 'Walking/DANCING like an Egyptian!!' in PE =)

Today we have designed our own Egyptian Headdresses! Well Done 3L!! 05.02.16

WOW! Thank you Abigail, we have really enjoyed looking at the objects you brought in!!

Our clay 'Eye of Horus' amulets have dried, been painted and now we have been highlighting the extra details! Amazing effort by all of class 3L! Well done :)

In Literacy we created our own FREEZE-FRAMES based on 'The Egyptian Cinderella'! Fantastic effort 3L

11 days later... We have checked on our tomatoes and most of them have been well preserved! We left some in an airtight bag covered in natron but the moisture could not escape so they were beginning to go moldy. We left one unsalted and with the 'soft organs' left inside and this has mold growing on it, yuck!! We also left some covered in natron salt but out in the open air and these have been preserved very well... This was the same technique used by the Ancient Egyptians - it works!!

We have used Modroc to create our own Sarcophagus this week! It was very messy and tricky but we had lots of fun.