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Children both in schools and at home are invited to be part of Lancashire Big Sing! We'll be hosting a 'Virtual' Big Sing on our Lancashire Music Service You...

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Children both in schools and at home are invited to be part of our “Lancashire Big Sing!”

Thousands of children across our region were due to be part of our ‘Big Sings’ this year and Lancashire Music Hub are determined to bring together as many voices as possible in these challenging times. Therefore we’ll be hosting a ‘Virtual’ Big Sing on our Lancashire Music Service YouTube channel available to young singers at home or in school.

Anyone can access this in school or at home - groups or individuals.  


Subscribe to Lancashire Music Service's channel where you’ll receive everything you need to join in.



Please watch this promotional video, accessible via the Dropbox link below.



Starting on Monday 15th June at 11am we’ll release warm up videos and rehearsal tracks for the songs involved with help from our two Big Sing Leaders; Emma Williams and Tim Uffindell. Then on Thursday 25th June join us for a complete performance of the songs.

Videos will be released daily, as follows and will be available until the end of July 2020;

Monday 15th June                    Warm Up 1

                                                Song 1

Tuesday 16th June                  Warm Up 2

                                                Song 2

Wednesday 17th June             Song 3

Thursday 18th June                 Song 4

Friday 19th June                      Song 5


Monday 22nd June                   Get Your Voice Going 1

Tuesday 23rd June                  Get Your Voice Going 2

Wednesday 24th June             Get Your Voice Going 3

Thursday 25th June                COMPLETE Virtual Big Sing!

Creative activity - make an origami swan!

Carnival of the Animals  - music by Camille Saint-Saens

Week 3 The Swan

Have a listen to our next piece of music from The Carnival of the Animals - The Swan.

Use this link to see a little film and listen carefully to the music:



How does this music make you feel?   smiley   indecision   crying   

What is the tempo of this music? (Is it fast, slow?)

If the cello is the swan, what do you think the piano is?

Do you like this music? Can you explain why?





The melody in this music is played by the cello.Which of these instruments is the cello?

The 3rd picture is the cello. Were you correct?


If you want to see a cello and a violin follow this link to see two sisters swinging their strings!



How does the music reflect the movement and serenity of the swan in this picture?

Creative activity - make an origami swan!

This link will show you, step by step, how to make an origami swan. You just need a piece of paper - it can be any colour!


yesHave a listen to The Swan by Saint-Saens whilst making your origami swan!heart

Sing up's Song of the Week - What Makes a family?

Watch this week's song of the week on You tube - follow the link below. learn the song and sing it to your family


Carnival of the Animals  - music by Camille Saint-Saens

Week 2 Aquarium

Have a listen to our next piece of music from The Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium.

Use this link to see a little film and listen carefully to the music:




Can you hear two pianos playing the melody?

How doe the music represent the movement of the sea creatures?


Make your own sea creature aquarium

Using paper and card, make your own underwater world to represent the music.


Sing Up at Home

Sing up is an online site which contains lots of songs. They have now opened their doors to Home Schooling and are offering the opportunity for your children to sing a new song every week.

Search Sing Up and find Home Schooling

Scroll down and find Song of the Week

You will find the lyrics and backing for a weekly song, as well as online fun activities linked to the song.

Get singing!

Family Singing Challenge

smileyBring Me Sunshine!wink

This week we would like you or you and your family to perform and record the wonderful song

'Bring Me Sunshine'!

Could you could be the next X-Factor winners or a contestant on The Voice!

Perhaps you could add some home-made instruments to your performance? 

Below, you will find the backing track and voice track for the song as well as the song words:




Bring Me Sunshine - vocal track

Bring Me Sunshine - instrumental track

Bring me Sunshine - lyric sheet

Practise the song and record your amazing musical performances and send your recordings/videos to Mrs Price!


Carnival of the Animals  - music by Camille Saint-Saens

The Elephant



Today, the 16th April, is Save the Elephant Day, a day celebrated every year to make people aware that elephants are becoming an endangered species in our world. Here are a few creative ideas and activities you can take part in to celebrate the most noble of creatures - the elephant.


Have a listen to 'The Elephant' - music written by Camille Saint-Saens, to represent this huge, gentle creature. The piece was written for piano and one of the hugest instruments in the orchestra - the double bass!

Follow the link below to listen and see the double bass:






Making an elephant model


Have a go at making a model elephant whilst you listen to the music!


Why did the composer use the double bass to represent the elephant.

How does the composer make the music sound like an elephant?


Can you think of some words and phrases to describe this music?

Great Songs to Sing

If you would like to have a good old sing - try some of these songs!

Trolls - I Get Back Up Again



Andy Grammer - Don't Give Up On Me


Trolls - Can't Stop that Feeling



Sing - I'm Still Standing


Zootopia - Try Everything



The Muppets - Life's a Happy Song


Marvellous Music and Super Sing-songs

Let music soothe and bring you all together as you form your very own family bands and groups. Get creating your very own "Now That's What I Call..." stay-at-home soundtracks!


Sing Up have compiled a range of resources for both Key Stages to keep the nation singing at home. Resources are being added to regularly at https://www.singup.org/home-schooling


Charanga logins were sent home with the children on Friday for this site which provides great musical activities and songs for the children to learn. 


https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/david-walliams-marvellous-musical-podcast/ Listen to something different while creating another masterpiece.



Classics for Kids - have a go at composing your own music and listen to the different sounds of the orchestra! https://www.classicsforkids.coangel

BBC Ten Pieces I, II, III and Trailblazers - listen to classical hits, both old and modern on this fun site. Watch the orchestra play and learn about the composers. If you play an instrument, download the music and play along!

Follow the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ten-pieces 

Arty-clarty, creative and crafty fun

There's no better time to explore your creative side and learn new skills. You may even discover a hidden talent! Get creating and don't forget to share your masterpieces with us through email.


New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art provides free access to over 406,000 pieces. Browse by genre or artist and see if you can recreate styles or famous works of art. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search#!?searchField=All&showOnly=openAccess&sortBy=Relevance&offset=0&pageSize=0 


Have fun with play dough or salt dough which you can make using ingredients in your home. Turn the salt dough into little ornaments or trinkets you could give to your friends when we finally all meet up again.  There are many easy to follow recipes for making the doughs online. 


Develop your observational drawing skills and sketch the view from your window each week. You'll have an artist's diary of the Spring changes at your fingertips.


Soothe away the stresses of the day and create some Zentangles. These will prove to even the most doubtful of you that you are artists! Zentangles are small pieces of unplanned, abstract, black & white art created as a means of artistic meditation. They can be viewed from any orientation and are non-representational that end up as stunning structured patterns. They can be completed in less than 15 minutes and done anywhere at all. A perfect activity for all minds, small and tall, young and more experienced... let the zentangling begin.


Not ready for the structured pattern element of a Zentangle? Then opt for the more free-form relative, Zen Doodle. Let your pen or pencil wander wherever it likes across the page. Suddenly those doodles have real articstic presence!


Whatever you create, don't forget to share them - we could create a Torrisholme Tangle Gallery!