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Year 2 Challenges

Tuesday 12th May - International Nurses' Day! 

Today is another very special day and one I would like us all to remember, especially in the time we find ourselves in. International Nurses' Day is celebrated around the world each year on the 12th May as it is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. Many of you took up the challenge of learning about Florence Nightingale and making some wonderful fact files about  'the lady with the lamp'. 2020 is a particularly special time for Florence as it marks 200 years since her birth. Her name has been very much in the news at the moment as it was chosen as the name for the huge hospital created to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year there is a big church service in Westminster Abbey to celebrate Florence’s work, although this year it has had to be postponed. You can find lots of information about Florence such as special exhibitions in museums, memorials to Florence, all of which I have added links for below. Did you know there was even a Florence Nightingale Barbie Doll made in her memory?

Challenge: So, today, I would like you to think about what makes Florence Nightingale so special and what makes our nurses of today so special. How should we remember Florence Nightingale’s special birthday this year? How should we remember our nurses for all the amazing work they are doing, more so during Covid-19. You may choose to make a memorial for Florence out of junk modelling and design a poster for International Nurses' Day for our wonderful nurses today. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Toilet Roll Challenge

Time to get your problem solving and creative learning muscles powered up for this next challenge.

You can only use:

  • one toilet roll;
  • one A4 piece of paper;
  • scissors;
  • tape or glue;
  • felt tips, pencil crayons or wax crayons.

You need to create your own model using only these and post your pictures to year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk


matthew toilet challenge.mp4

Still image for this video

toilet roll challenge film.mp4

Still image for this video

                         Find a Face

Your challenge is to either find something in the environment that looks like a face or make one.

It could be a face in the clouds, tree trunk, a rock or you could make it out of items in your garden, lego, clay, play-doh or you could draw it. Send your photos to year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

World Art Challenge

I have been making some world art from the children's Church group I help lead. I have put the photos of them below.

I challenge you to make a world and you can either make it for 'He's got the WHOLE WORLD in his hands' or you can think about how we can care for our planet and make a list of promises to stick to the bottom of the world.


I have made a film for this challenge on Torrisholme TV https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/world-art-activity and I have put the instructions below the photographs.


Have fun smiley

Wow! Some fantastic work for our art challenge.

The Tomato Plant Challenge with Miss Devey

Hi everyone!


Miss Devey here! I hope you are all keeping safe! I know everyone is missing your lovely smiling faces!

Millie and I have been spending lots of time in the garden and we have been set the challenge of growing a tomato plant from tomato seeds in an egg box. So, we thought we'd set you all the challenge too! 

Grab an empty egg box and fill with a little bit of soil. Scoop out the seeds from some tomatoes and plant them in the soil. We've got our investigation heads on so we have chopped some baby tomatoes in half and planted them on one side and just planted the tomato seeds on the other to see if there is a difference in how they grow. Cover them over with some more soil and give them a little water. Put them somewhere where they can get some sunlight but not too much and give them a little water each day.

Let's see if we can get some plants to grow! When the plants get to a good size, you can take them out of their egg box and plant them in a bigger plant pot 😁

Good luck my little gardeners! Don't forget to send in any pictures to Mrs Dowker 😊

Miss Devey's Tomato Growing Challenge


Hi everyone in 2D,

Hope you are all doing well and keeping busy at home. I have loved reading your emails and looking at your photographs and videos that you send me of all the lovely things you have been doing.


Every day I go for a walk around our wood and we have been noticing a lot of signs of spring spring up. We have seen our first group of ducklings on the River Kent, there were 10 of the, the trees have lots of buds on them and we have seen a Blackbirds nest in one of our bushes and we noticed yesterday that there are now chicks in the nest. I wanted to get a photograph but I didn't want to scare the mum away so I decided not to. We have got a Bluetit's nest in a tree on the riverbank and the Housemartins have returned and are building their nest above our bedroom window, which they do every year.

I am going to go out with my camera and get some photographs to put on here and make our page bright and colourful.

Your challenge is to be a 'Nature Detective' and if you have a garden or are on a walk, (don't go out unless you are meant to, remember we have to keep to the rules!!),  and find signs of spring. Then email me what you find - it can be photographs, videos, drawings, pictures or some writing - a diary or a non-chronological report. Remember to email me on: year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk


Bye for now, happy hunting and I look forward to receiving your emails.

Mrs Dowker


                         Purple Mash for Class 2D

Hi everyone,

I have posted a film on Torrisholme TV about Purple Mash. I have sent you all an email in purple mash and the video gives some information about 2email and how you can keep in touch with your class mates and friends in year2, the stories that are in the English section and the alerts which will let you know if you have an email, a 2do activity to have a go at or a comment on your work that I have marked within Purple Mash.

Finally I have set you a challenge in the video to see which levels can you complete on the Maths game, sequencing snakes.


If you have not got your individual Purple Mash login, email me on year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and I will email it to you.


Mrs Dowkersmiley

Tuesday's Challenge for 7th April

Today's challenge is to be a super scientist.

I challenge you to make giant bubbles.

Below is some instructions for you to try but you may need to change the amounts to get them to work for you

 Giant bubbles

 This hands-on science activity is much more fun than blowing bubbles from a tiny pot.

 Combine six cups of water, one cup of washing-up liquid, and half a tablespoon of glycerine (the   magic ingredient, available from chemists and the baking section of shops).

 Tie a piece of string of any length into a circle, dip it into the bubble mix and waft it around to  make giant bubbles.

 Your child can experiment with how much to mix the solution to make the best bubbles, and see   which weather conditions are the best for bubble-blowing.


Now I think alot of us might not have glycerine in our cupboards and I don't want you to go out to buy some because we need to keep ourselves safe but maybe you can experiment to see what you have got in your house to see what would work.


Happy bubble making!!!


Monday's Challenge for 6th April

We have had great fun in class reading Simon Bartram's books about Bob, the man on the moon. This made me think of our first daily challenge AND IT  IS AN OUT OF THIS WORLD ONE!!!



Bob is in need of your help. His rocket and space buggy has been sabotaged by aliens. Of course, Bob says "There is no such thing as aliens." He thinks he has run out of rocket fuel.

You are challenged to  make a rocker or space buggy using objects in your home or garden. The additional challenge is to make it have moving parts or to travel along the ground or into the air!!!

Send your photographs to Mrs Dowker and Mrs Patel on year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and we will share these on the website.