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Dinosaur Dance 

We enjoyed making different shapes and moving like some herbivores ; triceratops , stegosaurus , and brachiosaurus . We enjoyed working on a dance sequence where the proceratops was hunted by the velociraptor . We worked on different speeds ,levels and pathways . Look at our expressions - can you tell which dinosaur we are? 

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)

We danced to this as a great warm up for our dinosaur dance class in year 1!

Dinosaur Detectives

It's been a busy half term in 1S. Miss Birkett and the children have been learning about all things dinosaur. It all started with Mrs Penney's dog sniffing out a nest of giant eggs and a surprising 'T-Rex' sighting on the school's CCTV. 

Were these really dinosaur eggs? Mrs Penney challenged us to find out more...

What Did Dinosaurs Eat?

We have been learning about herbivores and carnivores. We made veggie pizzas for herbivores and meaty pizzas for carnivores.

Where Did the Dinosaurs Live?

We have been investigating dinosaur habitats. We made our own habitats based on our findings. We made habitats for herbivores and carnivores. We also thought about whether dinosaurs liked to live near water, on grasslands or in forests.

Terrifying Pterodactyls!

We made our own flying pterodactyls. Miss Birkett was very impressed with our amazing designs and our very careful cutting skills.

Dinosaur Bones!!

Today, Miss Birkett set us the challenge of finding the length of some mysterious bones she had found! Could they be dinosaur bones...

We used rulers to measure how many centimetres long each of the bones were. We worked very hard to ensure our measurements were accurate.

We're Going to the Zoo...Zoo...Zoo...

What a brilliant day we had at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. We saw birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. There was so much to see and do!