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Edinburgh Challenges

You were due to go on our class residential on next week and I am still really sad that we had to cancel this. However, don't worry, with our class zoom this week, we will still be able to all get together and have some fun. As well as our zoom meeting, I thought I would include some challenges linked to Edinburgh. Maybe one day, you could visit with your family!

Challenge 1

Find out about your favourite animals at Edinburgh Zoo and create a Top Trump style fact file about two of your favourites. My personal favourites would be the blue poison arrow frogs and the squirrel monkeys. Which two animals are your favourite? I have included a top trump card template for you to use to complete this activity and you may need to do a little research to find out fun facts about your chosen animals. 

Challenge 2 - Famous Edinburgh Landmarks 

For this challenge, I would like you to research famous landmarks in Edinburgh. What is the history behind each landmark? Why are they so significant? Can you locate the landmarks on a map of Edinburgh? Can you plan a route to walk to all your chosen landmarks on your own little tour? 

You could present this information in a variety of different ways:


 - Write and record a sightseeing tour - giving details to the tourist about each landmark you visit.


- Create a map with your chosen landmarks clearly visible and include fact boxes about each landmark.


- Create an Edinburgh Landmark information page for a tourist guide. 


- Write a postcard from each landmark giving details about each one.


- Create 3D models of each landmark with information cards attached.  


- any other creative way of your choice 


I would love to see your Edinburgh work so please email it to the usual address.

Challenge 3

Staying away from home skills! 

- Make your own bed. Put your own duvet cover and pillow cases on your bedding correctly and neatly. Put the dirty ones in the wash!  


- Make your own meal - this could be one of your family favourites or you could try some Scottish delicacies.wink